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Interview with Poland's old-school death metal band Eteritus done on 8-7-16 by Patrick

Here  is   a   new  interview with  Poland's  Eteritus   who  have  recently  released their  debut  cd  "Following  The  Ancient  Path"  through the  Polish  label  Godz Ov  War.If you  are  a  fan  of  heavy,old-school  death   metal  then  be  sure to  buy  the  debut  cd  from   Eteritus.

Interview  with  Eteritus  done  by   Patrick  

1.Hello   when  did  you  all  first  meet? Was  it  long  before  you  all  formed   the  band? How  did you  all  choose the   Eteritus  as  the  band's  name  and  does  it  have  a  special  meaning?
We've actually met while forming the band, so no close prior acquaintances.
The bands name comes from the latin "Praeteritus" - neglected, ommited.
2.What   is  the  current  line-up  of   Eteritus   and  for  the  readers  who   have  never  heard the  bands  music  how  would  you  best  describe  it?
We've got Nitro waving the sticks in the general area of drums, Greg is the one with the van (bass player), Winter doing the actual fucking job (guitar), and Liam Tailor standing in the front trying to look nice (guitar, vocals).
Our style is probably best described as "Oldskull as fuck". Just listen to our promos and EP on Bandcamp for free, and You'll know what i mean.

3. Eteritus  is    getting  ready  to  release their  debut  cd "Following The Ancient Path"  through  Godz Ov  War Prod.  how  did you  all  come  in  contact  with  this  label?
Through sending lots of e-mails and CDs to every label possible. That's how it's been always done, and that's how it's done now.
4.When  writing  new  material  does the  whole  band  work  on  the  music  or  does  one  member   usually  write  everything?
The latter, but not quite. While most of the writing is usually done by one person, the lyrics are always written by a different one, and the drum lines and some riffs sometimes change during the rehearsals.
5.Who   usually  takes  care  of  writing the   lyrics  for   Eteritus  and  what  are  some  subjects  the band  writes  about?
Nitro and Liam Tailor write all the lyrics, with some input on verse placement from the rest.
We sometimes write about he philosophies of life and death, other times about mythical characters (e.g. - "Elder God" from EP "Tales of Death" is about C'thulhu). There are also some more generic topics like fear of dying/of living, basic instincts and emotions.

6.Does    Eteritus   get  to  play "live"  very  often?  What  have  been  some  of  the  bands  most   memorable  shows to date?
We seem to have a tendency for oscillating between a period of playing some gigs for a couple of months, and not playing any gigs for a couple of months. Nevertheless, we keep rehearsing and composing regulary, so You can expect new stuff coming up regularly ine the future. And the most memorable show is porobably the one in an actual, big bunker.

7.Are  there  any  shows  or  tours  coming  up  that the  readers  should   watch  out  for? If  yes  where  are  some  places the  band  will  be  performing  and  who  are  some  bands  you  will  be  playing  with?
There are any to announce as of yet. Like us on Facebook and check our profile from time to time to keep up with the news, and maybe read some reviews or listen to some tracks in the meantime.
8.Besides  the  debut  cd   "Following The Ancient Path"  does  the  band  have   any other  merchandise   available  for  the  readers?  If  yes  where  can the  readers  buy  it? check out this site for the current stuff and this one, if You want to get a physical copy of the "Tales of Death" EP
9.In  your   opinion   what  is  the  best  and  worst  thing  about the  underground  scene  today?  And  what  does  Underground  metal  mean  to you?
 Underground is just the long way to mainstream.
Some bands want to be mainstream, some of them not. In nowa days underground is simple different thing that it was in 1980, 1990.
And this is the worst thing about underground scene today...

10.Besides  working  in   Eteritus  are    any  of  the   members  currently  work  with  any  other bands?  If  yes  please  tell the  readers  about  the  bands?
Nope. None of us dare to veer of the Ancient Path.
11.Eteritus  comes  out  of   Poland's   old  school  death  metal  scene  what  is your   opinion  of  Poland's   metal   scene?
 Polish metal scene is one of the biggest and most powerful in the world. Since many years it grows and a lot of polish bands are best and most known in hole fucking world! And i mean real fantastic bands in thrash, death, black metal and grindcore.

12.Who  are  your  all-time  favorite  bands  Polish  bands? And  are  their   any  new  bands  you  feel  the  readers  should  watch  out  for?
Well, there are the obvious favourites like Vader, Behemoth, Vesania, Pandemonium, Armagedon, Christ Agony, Decapitated, Unborn Suffer  and Lux Occulta. There are also few good new bands like Gnida, Offence, Dead Goats etc.

13.Besides  bands  are their  any  good   labels  or  distro's  you  feel  the  readers  should  check  out   soon?  What  about  fanzines  or  web-zines  are their  any  you  can  recommend  to  the  readers?

Labels: Godz ov War, Agonia, Pagan, Selfmadegod.
Zines: (some of them are not working/exist by now) Apocaliptic Rites, Vomitorium, Corpus Vermis, Killing Technology, Tribal Convictions.

14.When  not  working  on  new   music  or  band  business   what  do  you  all  enjoy  doing  in your  free  time?
We preffer to spend all of our free time on bettering ourselves, which is usually done by a deep introspective meditation, combined with some meaningfull social bonding and relation building for the best possible fulfillment of oneself. So - in short - chatting over beer'n'stuff.
15.Thank  you  for taking  the  time  to  fill  this   interview  out   do  you  have   any  final   comments  for  the  readers?
Support Death Metal! And check out Eteritus on Facebook and Bandcamp! Cheers!
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Reviews done on 8-7-16 done by Patrick

After  a   short  delay  I  am   back  with  a  new  blog  of  reviews  this  time  around  it  is  mainly  thrash,old-school  metal  with  a  few blackend  death  metal bands.
New  reviews  and  interviews  will  be  up  soon  so  keep   watching  the  site  for   more   updates.

Abigail--The Final  Damnation  cd,Lp  {Nuclear  War  Now}
The  Japanese  thrash,heavy  metal  masters  are  back  with their  fifth full length release  to date.Featuring  eight  songs of  traditional  heavy  metal  mixed  with  some  aggressive  thrash  metal.The   guitars are  played  with  a lot  of  skills  and  well  written  and  performed   patterns.The  guitarist  knows to  write  both  mid  paced  sections  and  some  lighntning  fast  guitar  patterns  mixed  into  the  music  are  some  well  played  solo's.The  drummer   is  extremely tight  and  can  play  both  chaotic  fast  patterns  to  a  more  mid tempoed     style.The  vocasls  are  done  with  raw  blackend thrashy  screams  mixed  with  more  traditional  heavy  metal  screaming and  vocal  patterns.If  you   are  a  fan  of  Abigail's   musicial  style  then  be  sure  to  buy  the  new release  The Final  Damnation  today.
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Bestialized--Termestella  Cvltvs  cd   {Satanath  Rec.}
Coming   out  of  the  Colombian   black death metal  scene  is  Bestialized With  their  third  full-length Termestella  Cvltvs. The  music  is  very  chaotic  and  violent in  nature.The  guitars   are  played  at  a  blistering,extremely  fast  speeds.The  guitars   are  played  at  a  very  fast  paced  speed  but  do  slow  to  a  mid-tempoed  paced  in  a  few  of the  tracks.The  drums   are  done  with  in  the  same  vein   with  blasting  drums  but  the  drummer   is  extremely   well  at  playing  the  kit  and  writes  and  executes  some  fantasic  drum  patterns.The  vocals  are  raw blackend  screams  mixed  in  with  some  dark  death  growls.If  you   are  a  fan  of  chaotic  blackend  death  metal   then  look  no  further   then   Bestialized new cd Termestella  Cvltvs. 
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Grond--Worship  The  Kraken   cd   {Xtreeme  Music}
Russia's  crushing   death  metal  band  Grond  return  with  their  second  full length  cd "Worship  The  Kraken"  coming  out  soon  on  Xtreeme  Music.featuring  ten  songs  of  heavy  and  crushing  death  metal  similar to  the  mid  ninties  death  gods. The  guitars  are  played  with  a lot  of   well  written  and  performed  patterns.Going  from   a  mid  tempo  to  a  faster speed  in  a  few  of  the  songs the  guitarist  even  writes  and  mixes  in  some  well  written  solo's  mixed  in  the  music.The  vocals  are   old-school  death  growls and  some  screams  mixed  into  some  of the  of  the  songs.If  you  are  fans  of  Bolt Thrower,early  Benediction  then  be   sure  to  give   Grond  a  chance  and  buy the  new  cd  today.
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Nunslaughter--The  Supreme  Beast  picture 7inch  {Hells  Headbangers  Rec.}
 Hells  Headbangers  is  getting  ready  to  re-release Nunslaughter's  2004  classic The  Supreme  Beast.Featuring  four  songs  of  mid tempoed  old-school  death  metal that  does  speed  up  in  a  few  parts.The  vocals  are  gruff growls with  some  screams   entertwined  within  a  couple  of  songs.The  guitars  are  played  mainly  in  the  mid  tempo  range  but  do  speed  up  to  a  faster   speed  in  a  few  sections.If  you  are   not  familiar  with  Nunslaughter's  sound  and  style  then  what  the   hell  are  you  doing  in  the  underground  metal  scene? but  if you  are  into  mid  ninties  death  metal  then  be  sure  to   pick  this  reissue  up  today  and  check  Hells  Headbangers  web-shop  for  other  Nunslaughter  releases  and  merchandise.
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Perverted  Ceremony--Demo  1  cassette{Nuclear  War  Now}
Coming  out  of  the  Belgium  blackend  death  metal  scene  is  Perverted  Ceremony.Their  debut  demo  Demo  1  will   soon  be  released  from  Nuclear War Now featuring  six  songs  and  a   outro.Playing  a  good  mix  of  early  ninties  black with  some  death  metal  elements  in  a  few songs.The  guitars  are  played  with  a  raw,dark  guitar  chords  and  patterns  similar to  early  Beherit  in  a few  of  songs.The  drumming  is  done  with  both  some  mid  tempoed  drum  patterns  mixed  in  with  some   crazed  fast  drumming.The  vocals  are  grim  and  deep  death  growls  that  really  fit  Perverted  Ceremony's   musicial  style.
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Porta  Daemonium--Serpent  Of  Chaos   cd  {I.B.D.C Rec.}
Chile's  Porta  Daemonium who  play  a  barbaric old-school  form  of  death  metal  have  unkleashed  their  latest   cd  Serpent  Of  Chaos.The  vocals  are mixed  with   low  death  metal  growls  and  some  blackend  screams  used  in  some  of the  songs.The   drums  are   played  with  a lot  powerful  drum  patterns  and  some  very  fast  and  chaotic  drumming   style.
 Porta  Daemonium   play  a  chaotic,vicious  old school  death  metal  so  if this  sounds  like  a  band you  would  be  into  I  defintly  recommend  this  band  so  pick  up  a  copy  of the   new release  today.
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Poland's Bestiality interview posted up on 7-6-16 done by Patrick

Interview   with  Bestiality   done  by   Patrick

1.Hello  how  are things  going  with you  and  the  band  these days? Please  introduce  yourselfs  to  the  readers?
Hi there, thanks. Things are going quite steady for now, but consequently forward. The band is Vit Scumfukker on drums, Tom Cultcommander on bass, Alberth Dust on vocals and me, Galin Soulreaper on guitar.
 2.When  did you  all  get the  idea  to  start  the  band? How  did you  all  choose  the  name   Bestiality  for  the  band name?
The idea came up when Scumfukker and Cultcommander - the iniciators - met before Pentagram gig in Warsaw and instead of going to the show, they eventually ended up sharing a couple of beers, talking about music and spinning visions of making their own band. It happened during the spring of 2013, Alberth and I was invited few months later. We started as Mortalist and wanted for it to be a tribute to bands which always impressed us the most, which among others were Bathory, Sodom, Sarcofago, Destroyer 666, Imperator, Bestial Warlust. Apart from the moniker, the attitude remained the same to this day, I think. Very quickly we decided to change name to Bestiality, Dust came up with it and we 
thought that it fits better since we try to keep our music fierce and primeval from the very beginning.
3.Bestiality   released  their  debut  cd   in  2014  titled  "Stuck  In  Bestial  Vision"  How  long  did  it  take the  band  to  write the  music  
for this  release?
The songwriting and recording sessions took no more than two months, it was lightning fast for us back then.
 4.Who   usually  takes  care  of the  lyrics  and  what  are  some  topics  the  band  writes  about?
Lyrics are mainly written by Tom and the subjects they touch are mostly death, war, satan, etc. Stuff he writes consist of his and our common reflections on the world in it's present condition and all the fucked up things that surrounds us, things you can observe on daily basis given in a form of stories and metaphor.

 5.Besides  the  debut cd  "Stuck  In  Bestial  Vision"   does  the  band  have  any other  releases  or  merchandise  available  for  the  readers?
Currently if it comes to other releases, the only one except for "Stuck In Bestial Vision" is "Way Of the Cross" SP which I think there's a few copies left.
6.Has  the  band  started  working  on  new   music  for the  next  release and  will it be  a  MCD or  a  full-length  this  time? 
How  would  you  say the  new  music  is  different  from  the  songs off the  debut?
The main difference between songs from the debut and our current stuff is that the new ones are more considered and as a band we are more aware of what we play, I suppose. We started working on those new pieces quite a long time ago, and without any rush we're polishing it ever since. It had to be thought through on how we want them to sound this time. Actually, we're at the final steps on finishing the full-length material for the next release. If everything works out well with the recording process and other matters connected to it than probably whole thing will be done around winter.

7.Will   Bestiality     work  with  Old  Temple  Rec.  for the  next  release  or  have  you  all  discussed this?
We haven't really thought about what label we want to get involved, at the moment we're focusing on what's best for the recording since we are about to start very soon. We're in touch with Eryk from Old Temple, we talk to each other from time to time, we'll see how the things will develop in the future.
 8.Does   Bestiality   play  live  very  often  or  do you  prefer to  work in the studio?  What   have  been some  of the  bands  most  memorable  shows  to date?
We play live as often as it's possible, to me the most memorable shows so far were in Wrocław and Katowice several months ago, gig with Hobbs' Angel Of Death in Bielsko-Biała was great too. About stage and studio - those two are complete different realms to each other. You're asking what do we prefer, so I'll tell you it depends on how it is running. Sometimes things are working well and enjoyable with both or just one of those environments, and sometimes this whole stuff can be a pain in the ass, but I guess it's nothing extraordinary after all, that's how everywhere it goes.
 9.Are  their  any  upcoming  shows  the  readers   should  watch  out  for?
We play gig in a few weeks with Necrosadist, Excidium and Sacrofuck in local place called Voodoo, apart from that we have nothing set.
 10.In  your   opinion  what  is  the  best  and   worst thing  about  the  underground   metal   scene?  And  what  does   underground  metal   mean  to you ?
With no doubt the best in the UG scene is that it gave birth to the best bands ever made and being a part of underground is definitely not something that strips from quality, quite opposite for those who's really into it I would say. The worst perhaps is rather low frequency during concerts and maybe those people who simply don't get it or treat this as some sort of trend, but nobody cares for them anyway.
 11. Bestiality   comes  out  of  Poland's  black,thrash  scene   what   is  your   opinion  of Poland's   metal  scene?

I think Polish scene is growing strong if it comes to black, thrash and death metal. There's something in us that doesn't let that flame get burnt, especially if it's delivered in the oldschool formula. Once in a while there's a great new band around that came literally out of nowhere. Not to mention the crowd, I think in Poland we have one of the most dedicated fuckers out there.
12.Who   are  some  of your  all-time  favorite  Polish  bands? And  are  their  any  new   bands  you  feel  the  readers  should  check  out?

We all share love for Polish classic metal acts such as Imperator, Magnus, Vader, Kat, Turbo from mid to late 80's, Thrasher Death, and so on. 
About the new bands, if you haven't heard about them yet you should definitely check out for Ragehammer, Gallower and Morthus - those guys really deserve some solid support.
 13.Other  then  bands  what  are  some of your  favorite  labels and  distro's   from  Poland?
Old Temple, Malignant Voices, Godz Ov War, Under the Sign of Garazel, Pagan Records, Third Eye Temple - pretty cool labels.

 14.When  not  working  on  new  music  or  band  business  what  do you   all enjoy  doing  in your  free time?
Listening to music, hanging out with people we like, other kinds of regular stuff.
15.Thank  you   for  taking  the  time  to  fill this   interview   out.Do  you  all  have  any  final  words  for the  readers?


Brand new blog of reviews done by Patrick on 7-6-16

Hope  everyone  is   having  a  good  day here  is  a   blog  of  reviews  for you to  check  out  and  hopefully  find  something to  your   metal  tastes.

Nox----Ancestral  Arte Negro  7inch  {Forever  Plagued}
Colombia's  black  metal  beasts   are  back  with  a  brand  new  four  song  seven inch  put  out  by  Forever  Plagued.The  seven inch  as  stated  contains  four  songs   of dark  and  aggressive black metal   played in  the  traditional  way.The  guitars  are  played  with  both  mid  paced  and  some chaotic and  faster  sections  mixed  into  the  music.The  drummer  knows  how  to  write  and  perform  fast almost  blast  beat  speeds  but  the  drummer  can  create  some  well  played   mid  tempo  drum  patterns  mixed  into the  songs.The  vocals  are  done  with  harsh  black  metal  screams  and  some  screechy  vocals  are  also  used  in  a few  of the  songs.If you  are  a  worshiper  of  South American  black  metal  then  do  not  miss  the  new  release  from  Nox.
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Sewercide--Immortalized  In  Suffering  cd  {Unspeakable   Axe  Rec.}
Sewercide  come  out  of  the  Australian  thrash  metal  scene.Their  debut release Immortalized  In  Suffering.The  debut   release  features  nine  songs  of   aggressive  thrashing  mayhemThe  guitars  are  mainly  played  in  the  fast,chaotic  style  of  early  thrash  bands  but  the  guitarist  does know  how  to  write  and create  some  well  written  and  performed mid  paced  guitar  sections before  going  full force  with the  crazed  guitars.The  drumming  is  done  with  both  hyperspeed  drumming  and  some  slower  drum  patterns  are  used  in  a few  of  the  songs.The  vocals  are  a  mix  of  death  growls  and  some  old-school  thrashy screams.If  you  are  a  fan  of  well  written  old-school  thrash  metal  then  be sure  to  pick  up  a  copy  of     Sewercide's  debut  today.
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Stormvold--IV  Kataklismo  cd   {Xtreem  Music}
Spain's Stormvold  have  unleashed  their  debut  full length  cd  containing  eight  songs  of  tight  and  heavy blackend  death metal.The  band  knows  how  to  create  and  play  a  vicious  form  of  mid  ninites  black,deth  metal.The  guitars  are  played  with  a lot  of  speed  and  crazed  guitar   patterns.The  drums  are  played  with  a lot  of  blasting  beats  and  some heavy mid paced  drums  entertwined  within  the  blast  beats.The  vocals  are  a  mix of death  metal  growls  and  some  whispering type  of  vocals mixed  into  a  few  of the  songs..If  you  are  a  fan  of   barbaric blackend  death  metal  then  be  sure  to  pick  up   Stormvold's  debut  today.
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Valgaldr---OsTenfor Sol  cassette  {Heathen  Tribes}
Valgaldr  are  a new  two man  band  coming out  of the  legendary  Norweigan  black  metal scene.Playing  the  early to  mid  ninties  traditional  black metal.The  guitars  are  played  with  raw  and  cold  feeling  that  ranges  from  a  faster  tempo  but  can  play  a  good  mid tempo  range  within the  songs.The  drums   are  played  in  the same  style  going  from  a  mid temped  style  to  a  faster  drum  pattern.The  drumming  is  done  with  a lot  of  experience  and  well  written  patterns.The  vocals  are  traditional,cold  raw  black  metal screams  that  really  fit  this  bands  musical  style.If  you  are  a  fan  of  early to  mid  ninties black  metal  then  don't   miss  out  on  Valgaldr's  new  release.
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Bloodrain interview done on 7-5-16 conducted by Patrick

Here   is  a  second  interview  with  Russian   blackend,thrash  band  "BloodRain  who  have   just  released  their  new  cd  "Bloodrain V:Adorae Satanae"  through   Possesion  Rec.For  more  information  on  the  bands  past  and  present   plans  be sure  to  read the   interview  and  buy  the  new  release  today.

Interview  with  Jan  vocalist, guitarist  of  BLOODRAIN   done  by   Patrick

1.Hello    Jan     when  did  you  first  discover  metal  music and  who  were  some  of the  first  bands  you  listened  to?

It was approximately in 1986-1987 year when I was in the first grade of primary school. My classmate was familiar with one student, who was older than us, so all together we listened to such tapes as W.A.S.P., ACCEPT, RUNNING WILD, MOTORHEAD and other old bands.

2.  Jan   you  formed   Bloodrain  in  1995   when  did you  get  the   idea  to  start this band?

In 1993 or 1994 I played bass in thrash metal band DISASTROUS SOUND, but I had to leave because the other guys were much older and more experienced than me and I played on a very low level. Then I decided to create my own band in February of 1995 and it is interesting that both musicians of the first BLOODRAIN line-up were also 10 years older than me but less experienced in terms of playing instruments.

 3.What  is  the  current   line-up  of   Bloodrain ? And  how  would  you  say   Bloodrain's  music  has  changed  since the  beginning  til  present  day?

At the moment line-up is: Jan – guitar/ vocals (since 1995), Set – bass (since 1996), R666 – guitar (since 2008). We do not have a permanent drummer now and we use a drum machine for our rehearsals. It is very hard to find a drummer corresponding to our musical level who would share our views and satanic ideology. Again, he needs to understand our twisted sense of humor and be able to drink with us.
Of course, the music has changed a lot. Let's not talk about the demo, it was still raw material, especially the first two. Our debut album «De Vermis Mysteriis»  (2001) was created under the influence of scandinavian bands, especially MAYHEM (old) and DISSECTION, but on the second hand we have already found our own style I guess. Although there is a view that it is not necessarily good to play this style of music, we believe that musical and lyrical parts are equally important.

4.How  did  you  and  the  band  come  in  contact  with  Possession  Prod.?

Anatoly from Metal Race Records wanted to release our new CD but couldn't do it alone and he offered to make a joint release with Possession Prod. We thought why not? Possession Prod is an old and respected label, in addition, a few years ago they released our compilation «Ultimatum / Nomen Nostrum Legio» together with Satanath Records. However last time all negotiations with Possession performed Alexey from Satanath Records. I exchanged a few emails with Possession after the release of the new album.

5. Bloodrain   is  getting ready  to  release  the   newest release  "Bloodrain V:Adora  Satanae"   How  long  did  it  take  the  band  to  write  the  music  for the  new  release? Does  the  whole  band  work  on  the  music  or  does  one  member  usually  write  everything?

It could be recorded much earlier but we changed four drummers in  the last 4 years and each of them threw the group a few steps back. One retired from music, the other was killed and the third was just a fucking wimp. Our last drummer Ruslan left due to health problems but not everyone in the group believes that… Generally, the problem with the drummer is the eternal scourge of our band. But we do not lose hope. All to the will of Satan!
I write almost all music including the drum parts, then each musician makes arrangements and complications as well as reprises the lines of his own instruments. 90 to 10 percent approximately…

 6.Who   usually  takes  care  of  writing the  lyrics  for the  band?  It  seems  the  band  is  inspired  by  Satanism, occult  themes  what  are  some  topics  you  write  about  on  the  newest  cd  "Bloodrain V : Adora  Satanae"?

I write all lyrics, but on the album «Ulimatum» (2003) there's one song co-written with Uglook from Black Metal band NIGHT REICH. This is the song «Let The Blood Spills!»
Our lyrics mainly affects Satanism, darkness, evil, hatred of mankind, but not the occult…Now it's too trendy and uninteresting for me. I can find inspiration in books, movies (and it doesn't have to be something terrible or evil), conversations with friends or just in my sick imagination.
 For example on the new album there's a song «By The Owl Creek». It is inspired by the story of Ambrose Bierce and tells about the experiences of a person before execution. Or take the song «Beyond Law, Beyond Morals». It's about a shitty time in which we live when in fact reviving the new inquisition and under the guise of support of the authorities trying to suppress any nonconformity. «My Hell» is about the life of a Satanist in a society when every day you get to see around only stupid bastards concerned about their fucking problems of money, work, children and TV…Fuck them! Here are a few examples…

7.Besides  the   newest  release  does the  band  have  any  past  releases  or  merchandise  available  for  the  readers? And  if  yes  where  can  the  readers  buy  it?

You can find it in different distro. Red Stream, Negative Existence, Deathgasm, Paragon, Hells Headbangers, Morbid Winter, Fog Of The Apocalypse ,Obscure Abhorrence, Old Temple, Seven Gates Of Hell, Propaganda, Todestrieb, Northern Heritage, Hammer Of Damnation, Cold Breath Of Silence, Possession, Primitive Reaction and others.

8.Does  Bloodrain   get  to   play  "live"  very  often  or  do you  prefer  to  work  in  the studio?  What  have  been  some  of  the  bands  most  memorable  shows  over the  years?

We like to play live but we prefer to give 2-3 concerts a year that is infrequently. We played about 130 concerts or more over the years, some were better some worse. The main thing is  not to drink a lot of alcohol before the show, otherwise everything will be very poorly performed, by the way it happened often enough, ha-ha…It was a good performances at Helvet.Ru Fest in St.Petersburg  (2008) with GRAMARY and others, at Volh Fest in Moskow (2010 or 2011) with URGEHAL,BLACKDEATH and STURMKAISER, with BLACKDEATH and NARGAROTH in Moskow in 2014, many concerts in Tver with local friendly bands, such as IN DEATHS EMBRACE, SMERTOKREST and  GODHATER…

 9.Are  there  any  upcoming tours  or  shows  the  readers  should  watch  out  for?

As I said we have no drummer right now, so until the concert plans. Although it is possible we will play all the same with the use of a drum machine.

10.Jan   in  your   opinion  what  does  Underground  Metal  mean  to  you?

Underground is not an empty phrase. It is extremely anticommercial position and the principle which we have been maintaining for more than twenty years. We never got money for your recordings and concerts but nobody tells me what to do and how to compose music and create lyrics. Now I see a lot of young bastard bands who are trying to climb on large commercial labels. For this they make compromises in their creativity. They call their style different stupid names and it pisses me off. Remember! There is no sympho, depressive, melodic, depressive and other Black Metal. It is either «True Black» or «wimp black». In summary, if you play in a Black metal band, you can't earn the living with music, you don't get money, you don't receive support or attention (if only the police)… Do you think a lot of groups decide to go this way?

11. Bloodrain    comes  out  of  Russia's  blackend thrash  scene  what  is  your   opinion  of  the  Russian  metal  scene from the  mid  ninites  to  present  day?

I like the old Soviet heavy and thrash bands from 80-90, such as ARIA, MASTER, SHAH, TRIZNA, HELLRAISER, IRON STREAM, JOKER, ASPID, E.S.T., BLACK OBELISK, HARD DAY, KORROZIA METALLA (only old), KRUIZ, KLINIKA, TRUPNY YAD and others. They managed to create masterpieces in absolutely intolerable conditions. In those difficult times, all kept on enthusiasm and had a lot of talented musicians and especially original and charismatic vocalists. Unfortunately now most of these bands either split up, or produce crap, but some are still producing killer material, for example, ARIA…Nowadays, even the worst musicians can afford good instruments and studios, also appeared internet, where they can share their shitty records, so the quality of metal music has fallen dramatically. You can not say about the quantity... However, this does not apply to the Black metal scene, who did not find the strength to survive, was eliminated in the late 90s or early 2000s...

12.Who  are  your  all-time  favorite  Russian  bands?  And  are their  any  new  bands  you  feel  the  readers  should  watch  out  for?


13.Besides  playing  in   Bloodrain   do   any  of the  members  of the  band  currently  work  with  any  other  bands  or  solo projects? If  yes  please  tell  the  readers  a  little  about  them?

None of us are involved in other groups, all of our time is BLOODRAIN. In 97-98 I was the vocalist in the Black metal band ISCARIOT, also R666 prior to joining us not for long was in Black metal band THALARION LATI. There were no other projects.

 14.When  not  working  on  new   music  or  band  business  what  do  you  enjoy  doing  in your  spare  time?

 We all work at different jobs. R666 is an engineer at the factory, and I’m  with Set work in the door business. We rehearse 2-3 times a week. If there's no rehearsal, we spend evenings going to each other's homes, watching movies and chat about different things. Sometimes we just go out to the countryside and drink some beer or vodka…In winter it's mostly cinemas and cafes. Also, we all enjoy reading various books and then discussing it…So, music and literature are our main interests.

 15.Thank  you  Jan   for  taking  the  time  to  fill  this  interview  out. Do  you  have  any  final  comments   for the  readers?

Thank you, Patrick for the interest and good questions. Stay Satanic and metal ! 

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Suppremative interview done by Patrick on 7-5-16

Here   is  a   new  interview  with  Spain's  Supremative   who  will  be re-releasing  their  demo  "Servitude  Of  The  Impurity"  on  7Inch  vinyl  through  the  mighty  Bloodharvest  Rec.If  you  are  a  fan  of  this  band  you  should  act  fast  as  I  think this  is  a very  limited  release.

Interview   with   Supremative   done  by  Patrick
1.Hails  when  did  you  two  first  meet? Did  it  take  long  before  you  decided to  form  the  band? How  did you  all  choose the  name  of  the  band  does it  have  a  special  meaning?

Salute. We were in conspiracy with the impurity since long time ago , then, we started to spit our blasphemies together as an offensive weapon called SUPREMATIVE, it means the supreme and evil power above all.
2.What  is  the  current  line-up  of   Supremative ?  And  for the  readers  who   have  not  heard  the  bands  music  how  would  you  best  describe  it?

INSTIGATOR OF THE SEVEN DEMONS AND INEXORABLE NECROMANCER is the only active musician right now. There is nothing more to describe than we are disciples of the real cult. 
3.Supremative   is  getting ready to  re-release  the debut  demo   on  vinyl  through  Blood Harvest  Rec.  How  did  you  all  come  in  contact  with   Blood Harvest  Rec.?
Blood Harvest wanted to unleashed the impurity and we accepted.
4.Besides  Re-releasing  the demo   I  have  read  that the band  will  release  Supremative's  debut  through  Blood Harvest  Rec. how  many  songs  are you  planning  on  having  on the full-length?
This is something that I can't say at the moment.
5.Other  then  the  re-release  of  "Servitude Of The Impurity"  does  the  band  have   any  other  merchandise  available  for  the  readers and  if  yes  where  can  the  readers   buy  it?
All the merch is sold out right now.
6.Do  both  the  members   work  on  the  music  or  does  one  member  write  everything?

I wrote more than the 80%  on Servitude Of The Impurity. I'm the only one nowadays and I'll continue spreading the name of the impure messiah alone until I find somebody to desecrete live rituals.
7.Who   usually  writes  the  lyrics  for   the  band.What  are  some  topics  you  all  write  about?
I write all the lyrics and it's a declaration of war against the archaic doctrine and moral hypocrisy from Catholicism.
8.In  your   opinion's   what  is  the  best  and  worst  thing  about  the  underground  scene  today?  And  what  does  underground   metal   mean  to you?

I don't really care about any musical scene nowadays, I support real cult acts. That what they call "underground metal" is full of pc faggots, shit talkers and pathetic rock star attitudes, they're the lamest and I don't wanna be part of this.
9.Besides  working  in    Supremative    do  either  of  the   members  currently  work  in  any  other  bands?  If  yes   please  tell the  readers  a  little  about  them?

I play in a Putrid Death Metal project called Necroven.
10. Supremative    comes  out  of  Spain's  death,black  metal  scene  what  is  your   opinion   of   Spain's  metal   scene?

I'm  from Canary Islands and it's located 2000km away from the Spanish peninsula, I support and desecrate my brain with cult acts such as TeitanBlood or Proclamation (RIP) but I'm so far away from that what is called "scene".
11.Who   are your  all-time  favorite  bands  coming  out  of  Spain? And  are  there  any  new  bands  you  feel  the  readers  should   watch  out  for?

My all time favourite Spanish band is Muro. I cannot mention any actual band as recomendation. 
12.Besides   bands  are  their  any  good  labels  or  distro's  you  feel  the  readers  should   check  out   soon?

There is some Spanish label as Deathrune records,Blackseed productions or Down with the most high releasing or selling interesting stuff. 
13.Thank  you  for  taking  the  time  to  fill  this   interview  out   do you  have   any  final  comments  for  the   readers?

...Vi surgir entonces del mar una Bestia que tenía diez cuernos y siete cabezas, llevaba en sus cuernos diez diademas, y en sus cabezas, títulos blasfemos. Ella abrió entonces su boca para blasfemar contra Dios: contra su nombre, el de su morada y el de los que moran en el cielo. Se le permitió hacer la guerra a los santos y vencerlos; y se le concedió poderío sobre toda raza, pueblo, lengua y nación.  La adorarán todos los habitantes de la tierra cuyo nombre no está inscrito, desde la creación del mundo...
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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Hellsodomy interview done by Patrick is now posted up on 6-28-16

Here   is  a  new  interview  with  Turkey's  old-school  death band  Hellsodomy   who  add  some  very  well  played  thrash  and even  black  metal  elements  to  their  style  and  sound.If   this  sounds  like  a  band you   would  like  be  sure to  check  out their  sites  and  buy  the  debut  cd  today.
Metal  Regards

Interview  with  Hellsodomy    done  by    Patrick

1.Hails!  when  did you  all first  meet and  was   it  long  before you  all  decided to  form  this  band?
Hails Patrick! 
Our friendship is much earlier. We have been playing together in other bands and we are also close friends hanging out in the same crew. We decided to come together and made the decision of focusing the music we want to make in 2011.
2.  Hellsodomy    is  getting  ready  to  release  the  debut  cd  "Chaostorm"   how   long  did  it  take  to  write  and record  the  songs  on this  release?

All songs of Chaostorm were written before our EP. Generally we dont write our songs just for making products. We are writing all the time and at last we thought it was the time for an album release when we had enough songs to make one.. So actually i dont know how long did it take to write. Recording process took about a month. We could only record our songs in the evenings because of our long hour jobs.
3.Who   usually  writes  the  lyrics  for  the  band? What  are  some  topics  you  all  write  and  sing  about?
All of the members participate writing lyrcs actually. We love to talk abou anti-islam death and hate mostly.
4.What  is the  current  line-up  of   Hellsodomy ?And  for  the  readers  who  have  never  heard   Hellsodomy's  music  how  would  you  best  describe  it?
Nekro Kasil: Guitars - Vocals
Turbo Rodrigo: Guitars
Necrolepsy: Bass - Backing Vocals
Eren Steyr-Aug: Drums
We have been likened to many bands so far. We really dont care much about what genre we are in. Some say that we are death metal and the others say that we are black/thrash. We are all diehard death/black/thrash fans and it reflects on our music. All we want to do is aggressive, energetic, hateful , dark and morbid metal.. 
5.Besides  the  debut  cd  "Chaostorm"   does  the  band  have   any   other  releases  or  merchandise  available  for  the  readers. And  if  yes  where can the  readers  buy  it?

Our first demo and ep is still available at Deadbangers Records and Barbarian Wrath Records. You can also find our tshirt at Hammer Music Online Shop.
6.Does  the  band  get  to   play  live  very  often  or do you  prefer working  in  the  studio? What  have  been  some  of the  bands  most  memorable  shows  to date?

We prefer playing live but unfortunately we are not playing very often. Because of our shity jobs. We are playing a few times in a year in Turkey. But we played just 2 times on europe. finally we are going to our first tour on this october. 
Metal Magic Fest 2014 was our first show at europe.It was an unforgettable experience of us. Our Turkey gigs is also more perfect and sick than each other.   
7.Hellsodomy   comes  out  of  Turkey's   metal  scene   what  is  your  opinion  of the  metal scene  in  Turkey?
Pretty good last few years. New bands forming and new releases coming very often. Local gigs are very very powerful and perfect also. There is a really tight and supportive crew in here. The only problem for Turkish Metal Scene is not be able to play in Europe very often. 
8.Who  are  some  of your all-time  favorite   Turkish  bands?  Are their  any  new  Turkish  bands you  feel the  readers  should  check  out  soon?
In my opinion, Decaying Purity and Burial Invocation are the highest level of Turkish Metal Scene so far. In addition to that Diabolizer, who are going to release their first EP nowadays , is also one of our favorites and one of the best death metal  works in Turkey. 
9.In  your   opinion   what  does  underground  metal   mean  to  you?
Nothing. I dont believe  the concept of underground remain nowadays. 

10.Other  then  working  in   Hellsodomy   do  any  of the  members  currently  work  with  any  other  bands? If  yes  please  tell the readers  a  little  about  them?
We were playing together with Eren Steyr-Aug in Godslaying Hellblast previously. Me and Turborodrigo also were playing together before Hellsodomy formed. But now Hellsodomy is the only band we are playing in.
11.Thank  you  for  taking  the  time   to  fill  this  interview  out. Do  you  all  have  final   comments  for the  readers?
We thank you for your time for this interview.
Let them die in their own blood and enjoy the madness.
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