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Interview with Beyond done by Patrick 7-23-13

Metal Hails!!
This is a fairly new band out of the bowels of Germany's underground scene and what band!! playing HEAVY,intense old-school death metal that will crush any and all in their path but trust me it will be worth it one listen to their debut LP "Fatal  Power Of Death" on  the Mighty  Iron Bonehead Rec. and you will be hooked while most people are either trying to be the most technical or whatever or the other half the "scene" is  talking and complaing Beyond  just go  out and play!!  so if you enjoy heavy,crushing death metal with no  frills or complex shit just  PURE FUCKING DEATH then buy Beyond's  debut LP "Fatal Power Of Death" today!! also should be available on  cassette by the time you read this.
metal regards,
.Metal hails! Please introduce the members of the band to the  readers.How  would  you best describe Beyond's music  to the readers  who  have  never heard it?

We're currently only two guys in the band: Roland vocals/guitar and myself guitar/bass. That's pretty simple to describe: A raging intercity train that destroys everything in it's way. Fast and furious death metal the way it has to be played. Raw aggression and black morbid feel. Attacking the listener right into the stomach with real punishing manpower. Nothing less than that.

2.Beyond  just  released their debut LP "Fatal Power Of Death" through the Iron Bonehead Rec. how did the band  come in contact with the label?
Initially Beyond was supposed to record the „Enter Transcendence“ EP on Detest Records. The label sadly folded before anything was recorded. Since most if not all bands he had signed went to several accompanied labels, thus a continuative deal was established between Iron Bonehead and Beyond. We recorded and released both the EP and now the LP on Iron Bonehead.

3.How  long  did it take the  band to write the songs for the debut LP.? 

If you consider that we had re-recorded two demo songs and the fact that alot of the material was already old (i.e. the titletrack is like 5 years old already) – you can pretty much sum it up to half a decade. The newest three tracks were written in a few months and one song was thrown away before entering the studio.

4.When  the begins working on a new song how long does it take to usually complete a song?Does the whole band work one music or does one or two members handle all of the music writing?

Both of what you considered applies to our methods of songwriting. There were songs like the titletrack that were written both by the guitarist Nico and Roland way before Beyond existed and also bits that Roland completely created on his own. However all pieces needed to be rehearsed, completed and perfected by the whole band so even the most dictated songs have a lot of blood by the others in them.

5.How has the response been from the press and the fans to the  "Fatal Power Of Death" LP.?

Thoroughly great. Apart from some funny blog writing blokes who misunderstood the album for a modern technical melodic band with keyboards – we've received alot of praising.

6.Does  the band have any upcoming shows or tours in support of the new LP.  or do you all prefer to work in the studio?

Unfortunately not. We are working on a lineup and have to see how this works out.

7.Who  are  some bands that  Beyond  has shared the  stage with?  If you could  set up a dream show/tour  who are some bands{past or present} you  would love to share the  stage with?

I don't remember all of them. I don't really care that much for all the bands that we share the stage with. These guys may be cool fuckers but I don't have to like and watch every band musicially. We played with Nocturnal in Germany and did a farewell festival with lots of ex-Detest bands in Belgium. Take a look at the Hells Pleasure flyer last year, Beyond played there as well.
The second question is a real pain in the ass because there are way too many defunct bands. However I'd rather watch these just for myself than sharing them to others. I also don't have to share the stage with them. Perhaps NECROVORE or even SADISTIK EXEKUTION?

8.In your  opinion  what  does the term  underground  metal  mean  to you ?

I have a different definition to this than most people. My underground „scene“ if you will (I hate that word) are less than ten people that I can call either comrades or close friends. Anything else doesn't exist for me. People are people....

9.Beyond  comes out of  the mighty  German  metal underground so I was curious  what is your opinion of  Germany's  underground  metal scene?

There's nothing mighty about the German metal underground. With the internet and a lot of good festivals happening over here, people always seem to get the impression that this is the heavy metal capitol of the world. Indeed, it is not. Moreover, the underground is the same as in every country. Lots attention whoring, some good music. That's it basically.

10.Who  are some of your  all-time favorite German   metal  bands? Are their any new bands you think the  readers  should  check  out  soon?

If you ask me for a list of German classics, then so be it:
I've lost track on newer bands so you'd have to ask this question to someone else. I like to stick to what I know and most of it doesn't impress me anymore anyway. In my eyes most of these guys are playing way too normal riffs for my taste. I want to die when listening to something (!), not get bored by sad 08/15 attempts of trying to be Asphyx, Incantation or Autopsy. The packaging of all these bands look basically the same to me. I ignore all bands that play this style. We don't need the 3349873247th band that make stupid promo pictures with purple candles, plastic graves and skulls, dildos and whatever.

11.Coming back  to the band for  a moment I have read that Iron Bonehead Rec. will soon release a tape  version of "Fatal Power Of Death" and Necroshine  Rec. will release a cd version. Will these be available to metal fans? Are you happy to  see the release getting  released on these different formats? Do you have a personal favorite format for you enjoy listening to and collecting? cd,vinyl cassette etc.

Strange first question – but yes the album will be available to metal fans. All formats have their right to exist so I'm glad this album is released on every format. I love all formats (I listen to music, not to formats) but for old 80ies metal classics for example, I simply prefer vinyl, because of the sound, stench and the feeling of coming home from a 2nd hand record store and putting this old scary stuff on my turntable. For most new albums it isn't neccessary and only money-making to me. Vinyl these days are made from CD-R master copies and the mixing and mastering is done completely on digital equipment because nobody can afford doing it completely analogue. It's strange to record something completely analogue, promoting you'd only release it on vinyl or tape and yet send a CD-R to the pressing plant (or upload the files, it's the same). Also vinyl re-releases of old classics are useless to me because everything is done from digital source. In this case I rather have it on CD with tons of rare bonus tracks. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a collector whore, I own probably less than most of your readers but there's something wrong to me when I see the pricing of new vinyl these days. But each to his own, I listen to everything from demotapes, vinyl over cds and mp3s. Last but not least we're talking about music here - and at least our album is a real quality release done by Iron Bonehead on all formats and everyone can be glad about this.

12.Are you  or any of the members of Beyond  currently working  with any other bands or side-projects at the moment? If yes please feel free to tell the readers about them if you like

Yes, there's indeed something besides Beyond that had immense work to it for even a way longer time than Beyond actually exists. That's really all that can be disclosed at the moment for the sake of sanity.

13.Thank you all for taking the  time to fill this  interview  out, do you have  any final  comments for the readers before we  end the interview?

Not really besides - if you want to get blown away by a savage and real death metal record then go get your ass destroyed by a lethal copy of „Fatal Power of Death“
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