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Interview with Hellpreacher Johnny d,j of Merciless Onslaught&Pestilential Rites Radio shows. done by Patrick 7-28-13

Metal Hails!!
Here is a interview I have conducted with a guy from Texas d.j HellPreacher Johnny! who does the radio shows "Merciless Onslaught"{which is a mix of black,death,thrash and random styles} and a second show called "Pestilential Rites" {which is mainly supports old-school black metal!!!} both are excellent shows and can be heard on Brutal Existence Radio you can get the show times for the shows as well many other of BER'S shows at the BER web-site. {Link at bottom of interview!}
hope you all enjoy the interview,keep supporting the true warriors of the underground scene

Interview  with Hellpreacher Johnny d.j Of Merciless Onslaught and Pestilential Rites radio shows on BER.done by Patrick

1.Metal hails  Johnny! thanks for taking the  time to do this  interview with me.How is  life treating you in Texas? Please  tell the readers little about yourself.
Hey Patrick, no problem glad to do an interview. Life in Texas is hot as fuck! but still fucking great. Well I'm HellPreacher from San Antonio. TX and I host 2 shows on Brutal Existence Radio and always looking for killer bands to play on them.

2.When  did you first discover the music  we all know and love known as metal? Was it long until you discovered  the  underground?
Damn discover wouldn't be the word cause my family kind of played lots of Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Mercyful Fate etc. etc. my whole life including lots of other non metal stuff as well but the metal was always there so I guess we can go with 8 years old when I first got an Unleashed in the East cassette from my uncle for my birthday. It took me awhile to dig deeper for other killer shit probably about 5 years or so. Think listening to a college radio show called Thursday Night Metal Show helped me with some bands.
3.Who  were  some of  the first metal  bands that you  discovered? Who  are some of your  current favorite bands?
Hmm was already listening to the usual growing up like Deep Purple, Celtic Frost, Mercyful Fate, Venom, Metal Church, Motorhead so on and so on but out on my own venture searching for bands at local record shops I found bands like At War, Nuclear Assault, Satan, Hallows Eve and of course Sodom, Destruction & Kreator. As for current favorite bands just too many to list but here are a few: Witchaven, Ketzer, Power From Hell, Mongrel's Cross, Weaponizer, Whipstriker, Bestial Holocaust, Moon, Children of Technology man I could just keep listing bands but I'll stop there. People will have to just tune into my shows for more of my favorites.
4.I  believe you told me this August will be the  third year  anniversary  for your show  "Merciless Onslaught" on Brutal  Existence Radio.  What  gave you the idea to try your  hand at  being a radio dj?Is Merciless Onslaught your first show?  How did you come across Brutal Existence Radio?
Yes you're correct, August 13 marks my 3rd year with Brutal Existence Radio and is my first ever show. Earlier I mentioned that Thursday Night Metal Show on KSYM (college radio) well at that time Tone Control was DJing and he played so much great bands, made me want to do the same and now I am but Jeff Wirth from the band Iniquitous is the one that helped with pushing me to do a show. He introduced me to Brutal Existence Radio in 2010 and said I should DJ for them, I was always promoting bands on my "Band of the Day" no one even heard of so doing the DJ thing would help spread the bands I liked to others that enjoy blasting killer metal at maximum volume. Didn't even listen to any online radio ever but BER just had me hooked with its awesomeness I had to do a show.
5.For  the  readers  who have never had the chance to hear Merciless Onslaught yet what styles of metal do you mainly play on your show?
Anyone that hasn't heard my show yet I play almost every style of music either it be Black, Death, Thrash, Grind, Doom, Hardcore etc. etc. but mainly I play a lot of Black/Thrash Death & Thrash you know to give that true punch to the face a Merciless Onslaught haha!

6.Also  on  Merciless Onslaught you have a really cool segment where you pick a "classic" demo and play it in it's entirety  when  did you start doing this? How has the response been so far? Who are some bands you have featured so far?
Yeah just recently decided to do that segment on the Onslut, started on June 21st but did play some last year (Sextrash & Incubus). So far its been old demos but I will also be featuring new bands, already did Womanthrower but that was before the segment. It has been good response so far since some demos you can't find online anymore and listeners rare shit. As this demo feature continues the rarer the demos and EPs get. So far I've only featured Fleshgrind, Corpse Molestation, Vader, Hobbs' Angel of Death & Preacher
7.In your opinion what makes  a good radio show? And what would you say are the easiest and the hardest things about  running your radio shows?
Good radio show huh? um I wouldn't know since I have a shitty radio show but I guess it depends on what type of show you do, DJ probably has to be funny and interesting and talk about the band with info on tours new albums and whatnot be the news for the listeners that are too lazy to search haha! Easiest thing doing my show is waiting for it to start and hardest would be preparing and talking on air cause I really don't like to talk (yes I don't like talking but became a radio DJ){ha,ha Johnny I agree I Hate Talking as well so that's why I do zines-patrick this is why you get more music and less of me talking. oh also uploading the show is a bitch sometimes hahah!!

8.Would you have any advice  for anyone who  might be  thinking of trying to start up their  own radio show sometime  soon?
Not really but only start a show if you want to really do a show cause I've seen so many shows come and go and I've only done this for 3 years, most couldn't do it every week and they just end up quitting oh yeah also have a big collection of music not just a couple albums everyone already has. 
9.Besides  Merciless Onslaught you have a second  show dedicated to old-school,pure black metal "Pestilential Rites".When  did you  start up  this show?How  has the response  been so far?
Yeah the second show lol Pestilential Rites is the Black Metal show I decided to do cause I wanted to play the long ass 15 minute songs I didn't want to play on the Onslaught and perfect time cause it was last year right before my 2nd year anniversary when it started it as a gift to myself (being a dumbass). Turns out people really love the show and I'm surprised they did cause I wasn't playing anything too special just some killer BM songs new and old. It has given the bands Moon & Torture Chain new fans as those two are the most requested besides USBM songs from Rubin (Blitzkrieg in the chat) who has been there for all the shows.
I like to point out that Pestilential Rites will have an end cause I write down my playlists in a 70 sheet notebook and decided once the notebook is full I would end it. Right now as I do this interview 30 pages remain. Oh yeah last episode will be a 12 hour Ritual so don't want to miss that.

10.If any bands or labels are reading this and are interested in possibly  submitting promo's for air-play where can they send it?
bands and labels can send an email to me at
this also goes to anyone that wants links and playlists to my shows or info on bands I played
11.You live in the great state of Texas which has always had a great metal scene for both black and death metal scenes.But I was wondering what is your opinion of your  states  current metal scene?
Yep we have some of the most killer bands but usually always overlooked just like the old school Texas bands. Current metal scene in Texas is getting stronger with Houston putting out some of the most killer bands today, local shows seem to have a little less people than before cause of all their drama bullshit but hey less fun for you and more fun for me, also people should not get scared when a circle pit breaks out you fucking pussies. As I'm always told "Texas scene in the 80s was the best and will never be like that again". 

12.Who are some of your all time favorite Texas bands?Any new texas bands you feel the readers should  keep an eye out  for?
All time favorite TX bands for me would be Hellpreacher, Morbid Scream, Absu, S.A. Slayer, Fearless Iranians From Hell, Blood Spill, D.R.I., Apocalyptic Horror, Imprecation, Death Tripper, Militia and of course Necrovore!
For newer TX bands you sluts are going to like if you haven't yet heard checkout Plutonian Shore, Hod, Sturmgewehr, Emperial Massacre, H.R.A., Birth A.D., Morgengrau, Burial Shroud, Flesh Hoarder, Vaginal Bear Trap, Steel Bearing Hand, Hexlust & Satanik Goat Ritual. I know I could keep naming lots of bands cause we have TONS of them and if anyone wants more Texas bands just hit me up and I can continue this list.
13.In your  opinion what is the best  and the  worst thing about  the  underground today? And  what does the  term underground  metal  mean to you?
Best and Worst thing today is the INTERNET, yes we can find and hear bands faster than before but just like that they won't be "underground" you also get people trying to follow a trend and fit in with the crowd and thats not Metal at all. Underground is lost to the hipsters lol I don't know just seems like underground means shit and will be for awhile as nunthing is truly "underground". To me its a person underground metalhead the ones that are at every fucking show either it be a local show, house show, mini fest in a shitty venue not complaining about anything and just living and blasting music, Fuck Everything and Fuck Everyone

14.When you need to  take a break from your  radio-shows and th net.  what  do you enjoy doing in your  spare time?
Always listening to music on spare time, going to shows every time and playing Battlefield cause I like being antisocial most of the time. Friend of mine takes me hiking, those were cool times but fucking get tired going uphill. Getting back on drums to kick some ass soon I hope as that will be something to talk about next time.
15.Well  Johnny  thank you again for filling this out  hope it wasn't too long for you?  do you have any  final comments for the  readers?
No problem bro I probably could have kept going on some questions but I would go off topic haha! I had final comments but I forgoat what I was going to say so checkout Brutal Existence Radio and my show and hear some killers bands you might have not heard before and also the Merciless Onslaught facebook page for a new site TBA where everything from Merciless Onslaught, Pestilential Rites & Merciless Models will be at together in one place. Thanks again and everyone keep on desecrating.
to contact Hellpreacher Johnny via email
to  get the Show-times for Both of Johnny's great shows {as well as many others} check out the "official" Brutal Existence Radio web-site.

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