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Interview with Ensnared done by Patrick 8-18-13

Metal Hails!
Here is a new interview {second for this Sunday} with the new but mighty Ensnared! for those who don't know Ensnared hail from Sweden but mix old 80's style blackend thrash with a south American chaotic style with a lot of originality and metal passion. If you have never heard this band and enjoy old-school black metal from the eighties and early nineties then defintly pick up the bands  self-titled  debut MLP or if you prefer Mcd which can be found from the mighty  "Nuclear Winter Records"
enjoy the interview and thanks to everyone who supports the zine and true underground metal in general!!
Metal Hails to you all!!
Patrick and Primitive Ways Web-zine

Interview with H.K guitarist for Ensnared done by Patrick

1.Metal hails H.K! Please introduce yourself to the readers.When did you
first start listening to metal?Who were some of the first bands you
listened to?Who are some of your "current" favorite bands?

Hello and thank you for this interview. I am the guitarist and
soon-to-be singer of Ensnared. I started to listen to metal when i was
about fourteen if i remember correctly. I mostly listened to bands like
Iron Maiden, Motörhead, Alice Cooper, ZZ Top, AC/DC etc at that Point,
as well as listening to punk.

I'd say that my favorite bands are Rainbow, Fields of the Nephilim and
The Rolling Stones.

2.When did you first become interested in playing the guitars?Are you
self taught or did you take lessons when you were younger?

Probably around the same time when i started to listen to Heavy
metal/rock 'n' roll, so about fourteens year of age. I took some lessons
here and there, but it didn't give me that much. I've taught myself
for the most part and learned from others in the band.

3.Who are some of your influences/favorite guitarists?Do you play any
other instruments?

All my influences cannot be named, since there are so many , and since i
cannot put any names on some of them, but if we speak in musical terms
i'd say Morbid Angel, Mayhem, Grotesque, Bathory, Necrovore and so
forth. This is what influenced me when i was younger, and the band was
younger as well. Today, i don't get influenced in the same way. I get
influenced by myself, by the rythms and ideas inside of me, and those
which come from the other members of the band. Our former guitarist DÖ
influenced me a lot, and so does the current members as well.

Another thing that influences me is the competition from really
good bands that are Active now as well.

I can manage to play drums and bass as well, but i'm not any good at it.

4.When did you and the other members of Ensnared first meet?What is the
current line up of the band?For the readers who have never heard the
band how would you describe Ensnared's music?

I met JK for the first time in 1991, when he was born, since he's my
brother. I can't remember when i first met AJ, because i was drunk when
i met him. The same goes for AE.

The line up of Ensnared is as follows: JK - drums, HK - guitars and
vocals, AJ - guitars, AE - bass.

I'd describe it as Death Metal, but i would rather tell them to listen
to Ensnared instead, since i Think our Music describes itself. Thus can
people make their own opinion on how we sound.

5.Ensnared has just released their debut MLp/Mcd through Nuclear Winter
Now Rec.How did the band come in contact with this great label?

It will be released the 6th of September, yes. I Think our former member
e-mailed Nuclear Winter, asking if he would release our first demo-tape
(this was in 2010) and he agreed to this proposition.

The cooperation bore fruit, and it continues to do so.

6.Did it take thee band long to write the songs for the MLp?Did the
whole band take part in the writing process or did one or two members
handle all the writing process?

Yes, it took a long time. Some of the songs has been worked on since
2010, but with other members. I wouldn't say that the whole band took
part in Writing the songs, but there's been a lot of

bandmembers involved in the Writing. The songs has passed Three line ups
of Ensnared, but most of the songs on the Mlp are written and
arranged by me, DÖ and JK. AE joined after the Mlp was recorded, so he
didn't have the possibility of having any input.

7.Which usually comes first for the new song the music or the lyrics?Who
usually writes the lyrics?What are some subjects the band write about?

Normally the Music comes first. Everyone contributes to the
lyrics in one way or Another i Think, but on the Mlp, the lyrics are
witten by me, JK and a person outside of the band.

The lyrics on the Mlp involves occultism, alchemy, Death, darkness and
doom. Personally, i like to write lyrics in a poetic and metaphorical

8.Ensnared come out of the legendary Swedish underground so I was
wondering what is your opinion of Sweden's metal scene?

I like some of the Swedish metal bands, but not a lot of them. I don't really
care that much either to be honest, so i don't really have any opinions
on the scene per se.

9.Who are your all-time favorite Swedish metal bands?Are their any new
metal bands you feel the readers should check out soon?

That's a difficult question to ponder upon, but I'd say that Bathory and
Grotesque are my favorite metal bands from Sweden.

Anyone who hasn't, should check out Irkallian Oracle.

10.What about fan or webzines are their any good Swedish zines you could
recommend?What are some of your favorite worldwide zines?

The best zine from Sweden is Tombs Zine. I don't have any favorite
zines other than Tombs Zine. I mostly read books.

11.In your opinion what is the best and the worst thing about the
underground today?And what does the term "Underground metal" mean to

The best thing about the underground is that the good bands leave it and
becomes recognised for what they truly are. The worst thing about it is
that it still exists, since underground for me personally means a bunch
of half-assed bands that stays in "The Underground" because their lack
of quality, Hence feeling a certain Connection towards eachother, and as
a selfdefence mechanism, accuse bands who leave it and become "big" of
being sellouts and posers. Underground metal to me means metal of poor

12.well H.k we have reached the end of the interview,thank you for
taking the time to fill this out.Do you have finaal comments for the

Thank you for the interview Patrick.

To order your copy of the Self-Titled debut MLP/Mcd go to the official label web-site here.

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