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Interview with Impiety done by Patrick 8-6-13

Metal Hails!!
It is with great honor that I present and post this interview with Singapore's Impiety!! I have been a "fan" of theirs for quite a few years now so I was excited to get the chance to interview the mighty Shyaithan and the legendary Impiety.If you have never heard them and you enjoy violent,barbaric blackend death metal with a lot of originality within their viciousness then don't wait another day and head over to Hell's Headbanger's web-site and order the New Mcd and LP.
enjoy the interview and thanks to everyone who supports the zine!!
Patrick and Primitive Ways

Interview with  Shyaithan, (vocals/guitars)  for  IMPIETY  done by Patrick  
1.Metal  hails Shyaithan!  Thank you for doing this  interview with me.When did you first become interested  in playing metal  music?
End of 86/start of 87 metal domination of my soul began. I was in high school when a friend put a Slayer Show No Mercy tape in my hand and said, “I know you’re gonna go crazy over this!”. And that was history. I took that giant leap straight into hellfire. From then on I began writing fanzines/bands/tape trading/buying LPs,etc. I was writing a lot of bands back in the day, from Mayhem, Sarcofago, Sepultura, Grave, Imperator, Treblinka, Hellwitch,etc… it was good fun. And then later I decided to cover some bands by slowing learning covers etc. It was sometime 88 I formed my first band playing a lot of covers, from Sodom, Destruction, Possessed, Hellhammer, Sarcofago,etc. We had 4 original songs recorded in a reh/demo format which I never released. Only end of 89 I decided then to take things more seriously, adopting a more darker approach and IMPIETY officially formed January 1990.
2.You handle the guitars for the band at what age did you start playing guitars?Are you self taught or did you take lessons when you were younger?
Yes I play guitars and at times you’ll see me on stage with bass or guitar, I’m versatile for those roles. Self taught back then and as the years went by, just kept practising and playing more and more. Of course I share techniques with guitar players over the years and it’s good to be able to consistently progress as a musician.
3.Who  are  some of your influences/favourite  guitarists? Do you play any other instruments other then the guitars?
Only the bass guitar, I can’t play drums or rather, I would destroy drums because I am beyond control. Too much adrenaline rush and over excitement takes control, if I am sitting behind the kit. I would just want to DESTROY!!! Haha. But honestly I love  drums a lot, it isn’t easy as one thinks with a lot to coordinate hand and feet. Every time I’m at a concert and if a band is playing I’m always watching not the guitarist, but the drummer. Total respect to all great drummers out there. There are many good guitar players in metal these days, I am more into Quorthon (early works of Bathory), Trey Azagtoth, especially his older material with Morbid Angel and Chuck Schuldiner from older Death releases, also early Sarcofago and Possessed really inspired. Recent would be Eric Rutan and Karl Sanders as well, really extreme players with a maelstrom of techniques and ideas. 
4.Impiety was formed in 1990 when you formed the band so many years ago did you ever dream it would still be going strong over  twenty years later? What is it that has kept you and the band motivated to keep moving forward all these years?
I can’t stop even if I tried and just because it’s become my life, IMPIETY is my full time work now, I do other jobs/work part time if I want or when I want.
Sure it isn’t easy but I’m violent, hate fuelled, passion driven for Metal. So it has kept me alive, been great touring all around the world, meeting diehards from every corner of Satan’s planet. But for how many years more, that is hard to say. But as long as I can write good albums and keep the energy all time high, I’ll still go on shredding metal, kicking down the false, spitting in the face of society and ripping up stages.
5.I am sure by now everyone reading this has heard at least one or two impiety songs. But for the new fans who may not know about your band's music how would you describe Impiety's music? Do you have  a personal  favourite impiety song and release? If yes which one is it and why?
It’s hard to say really, our fan base has been there even though we never aim to please anyone other than the few believers and legions out there. It doesn’t matter to me if the fan-base doesn’t grow, but important that the few who have followed us throughout the long years appreciate our hellish music. Yes, primarily Black Death Metal is appropriate to describe the music, straight to the point. I think I have a few good releases I like a lot would be ‘Skullfucking Armageddon’, ‘Kaos Kommand 696’, ‘Paramount Evil’, ‘Worshippers of the Seventh Tyranny’, ‘Dominator’ EP, ‘Salve the Goat’ EP, ‘Advent of the Nuclear Baphome’ EP and so on…current favourite is the new one. It’s still playing in my car most days, really pleased with the material and effort that went into creating such a masterpiece. Ugghhh!
6.Impiety  recently  released their brand new  Mcd " The Impious Crusade" through  Hells Headbangers Rec.  How did you and the band come in contact with Hells Headbangers Rec.?
Yes 5 songs in total for the new mini album ‘The Impious Crusade’ released in limited DigiCD and LP vinyl as well. We left Pulverised Records end of 2013 and Hells Headbangers offered us a deal which we thought was the perfect one. Good timing for everything and I honestly think they are the perfect label to carry forward IMPIETY’s blasphemous flaming torch of damnation. Honestly they’re fast and efficient not to mention work with some of the finest bands out there.
7.How long did it take the  band to write and record the songs  for the Impious Crusade? Are you and the other members happy with how everything turned out?
I took more or less just 2 weeks for the song writing. Inspired by the crusades from the 11th and 12th century AD that took it’s toll on hundreds of thousands when the sword was used to spread the name of the false messiah and since little has changed even in the world we live in today,  I decided it was time; Only fair enough, to give new meaning, more heinous and twisted campaign where it was Impious Legions of death, launching their very own irreligious crusade upon the religious world. Overall, I’d say it’s a much more brutal follow up to ‘Ravage & Conquer’. We took our time crafting this release and the band is really pleased with the outcome. Recorded once again at studio 47 that belongs to Nizam Aziz our guitar player and he did a good job with the production. We spent 5 weeks in March nailing it all from rehearsals to recording and final mix and mastering. In short, a perfect Killer record, one that makes you crave for more. Yes the 3 of us are really satisfied.
8.How has the  response  been  from the press and the fans  so far?
So far really good, I am pleased. The support has been tremendous, that is something I really appreciate from deep inside. 
9.Besides the Impious Crusade Mcd Hells Headbangers  has also released  Vengeance Hell Memorial LP.which includes Impiety's earliest recordings. When did you and the label decide to put this compilation LP. Together?
I often receive a lot of mail requesting for the demo songs plus Eps that have been released in the past in limited quantities that have long sold out, so this is why I decided to release most of the past material Demo and Eps into 1 great compilation. All re-mastered from direct DAT. Sounds a ton better.
It was the same time end of 2012 we decided, but ‘Vengeance Hell Immemorial’ is actually independently released by Evil Dead Productions, Sabah/Malaysia on limited 1000 digiCD format and only the limited Vinyl version is licensed to Hells Headbangers. It’s easier now for fans to pick up either the DigiCD or Vinyl EP that contains most classic past releases of the demo and singles.
10.What are the demo's,EP's ,comp tracks etc.. that are featured on this LP?
Tracks from Ceremonial Necrochrist Redesecration Demo, Salve the Goat 7” EP,
Two Majesties 7”EP, Unholy Masters of Blackness 7’EP, Two Barbarians 7”EP, the digi CD also contains tracks from Funeralight EP. In total 18 tracks on the Digi CD and 15 tracks on the Vinyl version.
11.What does  the term  Underground metal mean to you?  
It means everything from keeping it low and limited within the few in the circle, never the need to over expose, or even the need for others in society to appreciate. Raw, Brutal, Dirty and Vulgar, these are the attributes always associated with the real Underground tradition and spirit. There are today many who claim to be underground, but lead a different hypocritical lifestyle. Maybe it’s some kind of retarded ‘fashion statement’ to them just to look underground in metal when they are with their friends, but to the few true believers, it’s a life long commitment and passion we never want to outgrow. Few of us left who prefer bullets, chains, blood, and leather 24/7. Diehards constitute the few who choose to defy all odds and triumph challenges faced keeping everything raging with pure energy and violence, covert within the abyss. IMPIETY has grown but the spirit and identity is very much in the Underground vein. Born from the Underground and shall Die in Underground. That’s the way it will be my friend. 
12.The band comes out of  Singapore's metal underground scene. What is your opinion of the metal scene in Singapore?
The Metal scene/underground incepted 85 already with the advent of the first speedmetal band False Melissa and then shortly after came thrash/death bands like Nuctemeron, Stukas, Dread, Infidel, Abhorer, Demisor, Bestial Colony, Profancer, etc. It has steadily grown and glad we’ve had a brilliant past of great bands - but even if today there are more metalheads, Singapore is still a very small nation. Small meaning just 5.5million population and the metal community I see is still the more or less the same size. Fans come and go, over the years. Few diehards have prevailed now into their late 40s-50s. Anyways, a lot of International black and death metal concerts these days in Singapore and with mostly good support from the fan base here. I would say healthy at present but I don’t think it would get bigger as pop music dominates the land. This the usual case for most countries. Fuck Techno, RnB, Rap Bullshit. Music for the weak, even my 2 cats will not even listen to that – thankfully.
13.Who are some of your all time favorite bands  from Singapore? Are their  any new bands you think the readers should check out  soon?
A good number bands from Singapore. We have frequent concerts these days. Many international black/death/thrash touring bands as well compared to the 90s. Yes,  I would recommend, Infernal Execrator, Demisor, Rudra, Battlestorm, Tormentress, Purbawisesa, Cardiac Necropsy, Imperial Tyrants, Draconis Infernum, Istidraj, Nocturnized, Wormrot, Ilemauzer, etc…these are some cool bands everyone needs to follow up on. All time just personal favourites of mine are bands like Nuctemeron, Abhorer, Stukas, Infidel, Black Christ, Belial, Crucifucktor, Messerschmitt, bands from the past that exist no more but just brilliant demo releases, timeless raging death metal!
14.Does  the band  play "live" very often or do you prefer to work in the studio? Where have been some of your favourite places to play over  the years?
We’ve done many tours. Many good concerts definitely, so it’s hard to remember a good one. I feel Mexico could be the best, also Asia recently Australia we also enjoyed last year. These are plentiful violent that European or US tours definitely. Best places in Europe I find really killer would be Poland or France. We played a show in Laos last year, first time and it was hellish. This and more, hard to remember exactly each one because it has mostly been good if not great. 
15. Who  have been some of your favourite  bands to play with over the  years? Are their any bands you have not had the chance to play with you that would love to share the stage with? 
We’ve played with many bands from Nile, Kreator, Enthroned, Absu, Goatwhore, Gorgoroth, Belphegor, Funerus, Defiled, Sodom, Archgoat, Setherial, Surrender of Divinity, Rotting Christ, Suffocation, Infernal War, Forgotten Tomb, Watain, Nifelheim, Enslaved, Immortal, Inquisition, etc,etc..The list is endless. I honestly since you asked me, would kill to play at the same festival as Venom or King Diamond. 2 all time favourites of course. 
16.Well Shyaithan we have  reached  the end of the  interview. Thank you for taking the time to fill this out do you have any final comments before we end the interview?
Thanks for the talk Patrick, for everyone else out there - fucking Dive into the chaos and fury of the new mini album ‘The Impious Crusade’, just released August 6th on Hells Headbangers. Keep the spirit of the fucking underground alive, Salve the Goat!!!!!!
To order the new Mcd and LP go to Hells Headbangers web-shop here:
and to keep up with all the latest Impiety news,updates check out their sites:

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