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Interview with Septekh done by Patrick 8-18-13

Metal hails!
thank you for taking the time to check out this interview with Sweden's Septekh, I first discovered them when I  got the promo for their debut Mcd  "The Seth Avalanche"{availbe on Abyss Records}  a great debut of dirty,vicious thrashing death but it wasn't until this years "Apollian Eyes"Mcd also released through the mighty Abyss rec. that I really became a  "fan" of this bands great style mixing raw,speed and thrashing guitars with heavy powerful death metal.
Enjoy the interview and buy the bands two new E.P''s and expect  a full-length very soon.
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Interview  with  Staffan  Perrson  Drummer  for  Septekh  done  by  Patrick

1.Metal  Hails  Staffan!  how  are things going in  Sweden for you this week? Please tell the  readers a little about yourself.

Hail  my friend! Things are going pretty well at the moment. We have just released our monumental video to Burn it to the ground (
) and had a really cool premier at the Swedish Army Museum appropriately enough.

2.When did you first become interested  in playing the drums? Are you self taught or have you taken lessons when you first stared out?

I think it was when I was around 12 or so... i can't really remember. I got my first drum kit when I was 14. The deal was that I had to go and take lessons which I did for half a year. But since the teacher could not learn me any double bass drum techniques or other typical metal chops I continued on by myself as usual. So I am self taught for better AND worse! And I had a long break for about seven years when I hardly played drums and instead focused on guitar.

3.Who would you say are some of your biggest influences and favorite drummers ?  Besides the drums do you currently  play any other instruments?

Some of my favourite drummers are: Jimmy Chamberlin; He's got such an awesome groove and personal style. Can really throw down some chops and is a big part of the sound for whatever band he's playing in. Frost; Also a very unique style and his dedication to the craft is beyond comparison. The passion he puts into his playing is incredible, nobody plays blast beats like him. Such force and aggression! He also writes really good and interesting drum lines. Others I could name as an influence are perhaps Fenriz and Adrian Erlandsson. But there are really too many to mention!
I play guitar quite well but really think that I might be a bass player at heart! I love writing for and playing the bass.

4.When did you and the other members of Septekh first  meet? What is the current  line-up of the band?

We met in 2008 through flux and a mutual friend. We have kept the same line-up since day one!

5.For the  readers who have not had the chance to hear Septekh's music how would you best describe it?

"An elegant wave of devastation"

6.The  band recently released it's second Mcd  "Apollian Eyes" through Abyss Rec.  how  long did it take the band to write the  songs for this  release? Do you have a personal favorite song off the new E.P?  How  has the response been from the press and the fans?

Not too long. We are always writing material and just had to choose which songs to focus on when we were to record this EP. The response has been really good I think, both to the record and live shows we do. I think the track Vlad Tepes is a favourite of mine. It's always very giving to play it live and is one those songs that takes you and the crowd on a journey to... Somewhere else.

7.In  your  opinion  what is the best and worst thing  about the underground today?And what does the term underground  metal mean to you?

It does not mean much to me since in a way we are as underground as one can be in a way. What I mean by that is that we are really isolated from all kinds of scenes and other bands. Again for the better and the worse. When it comes to the term underground it really meant something else before. The underground bands where hard to find and played a kind of music that was new and exciting. There was a lot of mystique surrounding it. That's something I can miss but I also realize it wasn't meant to last forever.

8.I  read that the band has made a video for the song  "Burn It To The Ground"  how long did it take the band to shoot the video
We are VERY proud of the result. It took us two days of shooting and another half day for completing some scenes with the horse and flamethrower. The editing and post production of course took a bit longer than that.

9.Why did you all pick this particular  song to make the video for? Did you and the members of Septekh enjoy making the video? Do you all plan to make more videos in the future or was this a one time thing?

We will surely make more! How ambitious they will be and what direction they will take is anyone's guess but we really enjoy making them. We choose this song because it was best suited for a video and fitted well with some of our visual ideas.

10.Septekh  comes out of the  legendary  Swedish  metal  underground   so I was curious of your  opinion of your countries metal scene?

Well it has a very strong tradition of good metal bands. Our past is nothing but glorious one could say. I still think that there great bands appearing here now and then but would not know how it compares nowadays to other countries scenes. But all in all I'd say it's pretty healthy at the moment.

11.Who are some of your all-time favourite  Swedish metal  bands? Are  their  any new  metal  bands you feel the readers should check out  soon?

Bathory, At the gates, Dissection. All timeless according to me. There are of course many more. As for new bands I don't really know... Haven't really been totally blown away by anything fresh and new lately... Will get back to you on that one!

12.When  not working  on band  music or  business what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Nothing! By that I mean just relaxing doing nothing. Fishing is a thing that I enjoy but sadly don't get to do that often. I may also add that I have recently begun to dabble in the wonderful world of anvil shooting!

13.Are you or any of the members  of Septekh currently  working  with any side-bands or  projects? If yes please tell the readers a little about the bands.

Not really. That means NO. But some of us write some music on the side and we are known to participate in dubious jam sessions sometimes. But nothing serious that will be released.

14.Well Staffan  thanks  a lot for taking the time to fill out this interview for Ungovernable Resistance web-zine. Do you have any final comments for the readers before we end the interview?

Thanks for the interview. Please check out the video  (
We will also appear with an exclusive track on a 7" vinyl through the cool project Elemental Nightmares ( so please support it!
New shirts are coming and a full length is done so the future is not without it's glimmers of hope :)
Read on readers!

To order a copy of  "Apollian Eyes" Or "The Seth  Avalanche" check out the "official" Abyss Records web-site here.

To keep up with all the latest updates  and news from Septekh be sure to check out the bands web-sites!!

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