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Interview with Disfigured Dead done by Patrick 10-29-13

Metal Hails!
If you are a fan who enjoys old-school brutality similar to early 90's  death metal gods like cannibal corpse,Morbid Angel,Suffocation etc. then you should defintly  take  the time to check out New York's Disfigured Dead's second cd "Relentless" which was a split release between the mighty Butchered Rec. and Sevared  Rec.
Enjoy the madness and metal  until next time

Interview with Kyle drummer and vocals for Disfigured Dead done by Patrick

1.Hello Kyle how are things in New York these days?Please tell the readers a little about yourself.
Hey! Thanks for doing the interview! New York, well its a place to live haha. I'm one of the founding members of Disfigured Dead, and will have been playing drums for ten years this upcoming January.

2.When did you first  discover metal  music?Who were some of the  first bands you listened to? Who are some of the current bands that have  caught your attention?
I actually was introduced to extreme metal, and more specifically death metal at a very young age. It was the summer in between my 3rd-4th grade in school. I had to be around 9-10 years old, and the first band I heard was Cannibal Corpse. Of Course I had already heard Slayer and other like bands while still in the 3rd grade. First death metal album i bought in 1999, so i had to have been 9 years old, was Cannibal Corpse "Bloodthirst"! What an introduction! haha Then bands like Morbid Angel, Deicide, Sinister, and Nile all just came right after! As for bands that have just been coming out well there are always great bands it seems like everyday haha. SepticFlesh are an older band but since they came back in 2007 they have been making amazing albums! Well they just hit the studio to record the follow up to The Great Mass which will be super good! New Ulcerate "Vermis"!!! The band Hour of Penance is a band I've watched for awhile and their newest album Sedition is fucking heavy as hell! Also really loving the new Fleshgod Apocalypse and Svart Crown albums!

3.At what age did you become interested in playing the drums?Are you self taught or did you take lessons at first?
I've wanted to play drums since i was 5 years old. I asked my mom every year for Christmas for a drum set haha but she thought it was a phase. So when I was 13 I got one. I am self taught. I always wanted to be the one to push myself and be responsible for where i took my playing. Actually in 2012 i really started pushing myself a lot more and have pretty much played 2.5-3 hours a day for the last year and a half working on speed and other things i wanted to expand. The new music we have made since Relentless is a good showcase of the results for sure haha.

4.Who would you say are some of your influences/favorite drummers?Do you play any other instruments?
I get influenced from all sorts of players. Big fan of Derek Roddy and George Kollias. Would say they have drove me to push myself a lot. Tom from Meshuggah truly amazing player! I really dig the style of Jade from Hate Eternals playing. He puts a lot of groove in the music yet keeps it so extreme. Krimh ex Decapitated has a style a lot like mine so i like his of course haha. There is the jazz/progressive/fusion player Gil Sherone who is just insane who I like a lot. Man I could just go on for hours! As for other instruments no i don't play any others. I spend a lot of time humming riffs to the other members while making new songs haha but they still don't see my talent haha.

5.You  also do handle the vocals for Disfigured Dead when did you become interested in singing?Who are some of your favorite vocalists?
I have actually sang in every band I've been in since i was 13 starting out. Always wanted to really. My first influence and probably the person who influenced my sound has to be George Fisher of Cannibal. They were such a huge band for me, i see them still today as one of the templates for death metal. He has a great voice and i wanted to sound more in that range. Also Frank from Suffocation, just a punishing voice. I also really like ATF Sinner's voice from the band Hate.

6.Do you do anything special to keep your  throat/voice healthy when when recording or preparing for a live show?
We use to always sing at practice back in the day so there was no need to do anything. As we've grown and changed we actually never sing at practice now sad to say, but we just work on playing the music. So before shows we will all get together and perform the set straight through with vocals so we can get our voices back in check. Actually the reason we started recording our own vocals is because of this as well. After we wrote all of Relentless we had 2 months before the studio to just practice the songs. Well we did get them very tight and down but never sang during any of this period of time. So after we tracked all the instruments we went to do vocals and my voice sounded like shit! I knew the only fix was to go home and start singing everyday and get back in the swing of things and then track vocals. So after we got home we bought pro recording software and i spent a month singing to the disc everyday then recorded. Think we did one or two songs a day and it turned out great. So that was a good reminder to why you need to try keeping everything together and not forget about certain aspects of the music for sure.

7.When  did you and the other members of Disfigured Dead first meet?What is the current line-up for the band?For the readers who have never heard Disfigured Dead's music how would you best describe it?
Well the original line up of Dave, Everette, and myself all went to school together. Dave and I have actually been in bands together since I started playing drums. After our first record Everette has parted ways with us, and my brother Ryan has come in playing second guitar. We did have a new bassist, Nick, but he left after Relentless. With each album we like to embrace new elements and progress musically and vocally. We don't want to just get stuck in a rut and keep turning out the same release each year or so. The first record is very old school death metal. So if you are into the early Death, Cannibal Corpse, Deicide you will definitely like the music. We wanted to keep that eerie sort of vibe we heard in those early days of death metal and incorporate it into our music. As for our second album Relentless we took what we had and tried to push further. We were influenced by different bands and albums. We wanted to try and make the structures not so straight forward, different ways to start/end songs, cooler vocal patterns. We were more into the styles of Suffocation, Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel, Sinister. Not that these albums sound just like those bands but thats the type of feels we tried to capture. We wanted this record to be heavier, more brutal, and not so straight forward and we definitely achieved that i'd say! Since then we have wrote and recorded all but vocals for our third record, and yet again the influences have changed. We wanted to make things faster, more extreme. We added some cool atmospheric elements and riffing. As before the drumming has really been pushed to a new high for the band. And we are super excited to finish this up and get it out hopefully next year sometime!

8.Disfigured Dead just released their second cd "Relentless" as a co-release between Sevared rec.and  Butchered Rec. how did you come in contact with the two labels?Do you feel it is better to have two labels spreading your music/release as it helps get it out to more people around the world?
Yeah i do think two labels releasing your album can help spread the word more. In this specific situation both labels appeal to different subsects of Death Metal fans. So opposed to just getting heard by one audience we are also exposed to another, who might never have checked us out other wise. The way i met Patrick Pagan (Butchered Records) is kind of a funny story. My brother Ryan (Guitar), Nick (ex-bass), and myself went to see Deicide in Rochester on their To Hell With God tour, and Pagan was there passing out show flyers. Well he came over to us in line and asked if i knew the band Nunslaughter. Well I've known of them for a very long time and i told him yes we also are on the same label. He asked who we were and turns out he actually was a fan of our first record. Barrett, the owner of Sevared we actually met at a Dying Fetus show. haha funny in a way.

9.How long did it take the band to write the songs  on  Relentess?Does the whole band usually work on new songs/material or does one,two members handle all the writing?
We actually started writing Relentless right after recording our first record Visions of Death for Hells Headbangers. We wrote probably 5-6 songs, but at that time we needed a break. We had been writing/recording for two years straight and lost a member so we took what ended up being a year break. When we came back adding my brother on guitar and Nick on bass we started writing immediately. We kept a few songs we had before the break (Deranged Consecration, Self Dissection, Cauterized) and actually re-worked another Baneful Barbarity and then wrote the rest. In the past Dave and I wrote most of everything, but with Relentless we did a lot of all sitting in the same room making the songs. It was fun and different for a change. My brother kicked in and made riffs/deciphered the riffs i'd come up with haha. I remember working on Summoning Execution and how we tried doing various approaches. When one person finally understood one part they forgot another haha. So overall things took a bit longer then they usually do but it was something new and i'm glad we did it. Since we recorded Relentless we did write and have mostly recorded our third record. With this Dave and I wrote everything in about 4-5 months, so again each album is a little different in ways of writing.

10.How  has the  response  been from the metal fans and the metal press so far?
So far i actually haven't heard anything bad. With our first record we had mixed reviews, but so far so good with Relentless! It's really great how much some fans have responded to the record. Reviews are starting to come back and they are all about the same ratings and i think we really achieved exactly what we aimed to do with this one. Its catchy, heavy, and just unrelenting haha.

11.Does Disfigured Dead have any upcoming shows/tours in support of the new cd?If yes where are some places you will be playing and who are some bands you will be  touring with?
We already did a Tour with the band Sapremia back in June but unfortunately we had car troubles in Milwaukee and had to miss the rest. At the moment we have just a few shows we are playing around New York before the end of the year, and we are talking over the idea of doing a smaller 5-10 day tour in the spring/early summer.

12.In your  opinion what is the best and the worst thing about the underground today?And what does the term Metal Underground mean to you?
Good question. Well the best would have to be the loyalty of the fans. They in general really love the music and actually support the music. Now for the downside. I don't like alot of the pre-conceived notions that come along with a band being an "underground band". I've heard people talk shit about bands selling out or loosing sight of their roots because they try to naturally progress as musicians and writers. Some people think you need to have these terrible sounding albums/productions and look a certain way. It's a small way of thinking really for some. Just put your head in a box and just look for a band to put out the same record every year or two. Like Slayer i'm so glad they never tried to write another Reign in Blood. Why the hell would i want them to? They already did it and it is great, but now i got all the other great records to listen to that all offer different emotions and feels. The word progression shouldn't be initially associated with being a negative aspect, but yet an exciting one. As for the term itself, it means more to me of a passion for the music. It's really loving what you do and not doing it or changing it for anyone but yourself. We will always change/progress. We love to add in new elements and get better playing our instruments, and we do it because we love this music. We don't love putting out records to hear what review sites say or if people think we are underground we do it because we just love making music. Underground is just a true love for music to me. I mean death metal as a genre really has always gotten media exposure from the very beginning. Radio stations play it, death metal albums are not rare to see in the billboard top 200 charts, among other charts, in major blockbuster movies. It is honestly everywhere. You don't need to be less progressive to be underground, you don't need to follow the pre-conceived notions to be underground. I think if you just love this music and embrace it for yourself then your as underground to me as anyone haha.

13.I saw on the bands bio that I received that you guys have already started working on songs for the third Disfigured Dead release.Is their any information you can share with the readers so far?How many songs have you guys written?
We have! The record is actually already written and mostly recorded. We honestly started working on songs the day we got back from the studio. I actually wrote lyrics for that album while at the hotel during the week we spent out recording Relentless. I don't want to give away much bit can spill the little i have in other interviews. We always have and always will be writers first. It comes very natural to us. This time just Dave and I wrote everything. Nick had already stepped down from being a member and my brother was busy with restoring a classic truck. Dave and I had so many new elements we wanted to explore and we were really influenced by different things. The third record isn't as brutal as Relentless but it is way more extreme. We were more influenced by bands like Hate, Decapitated, Behemoth, Lost Soul. We put alot of feeling into the songs, and they are a lot faster. We started writing in about February 2012 and were all done in about June. The plan was to record in Oct but we got pushed back to March of this year. So far we have all the drums, guitar, and bass recorded. We have to just finish up the vocals and sound clips/effects at our home studio!

14.Any idea how many songs will be on the new release?Will it be through Butchered or Sevared rec.or has the band and labels had time to discuss this? Any idea when the new songs/release could be out?
I can say the record will have 8 songs on it. More aggressive and extreme. We put alot more atmospheric elements into the music. The lyrical approach has changed, no more blood and guts haha. We wanted the lyrics to fit the darker music we were writing and again not to get pinned down to a style where we felt we had to follow. So the lyrics are very dark and metaphorical. Anyone who reads them will find his/her own meanings and truths within. As for the label we haven't talked it over with the labels no, we are going to most likely go another route and find a different deal. We will have it all finished up by early 2014 so hopefully late next year it will be out! All depends on the set backs like art and label, and any negotiating that may happen. I'm sure we will have some of these new songs up by next summer for a teaser though!

15.Well  Kyle thanks a lot for taking the time to fill out this  interview with me.Do you have any final comments for the readers before we end the interview?
No thank you! it was truly my pleasure. I want to thank anyone who helps keep this music alive, and especially fans of Disfigured Dead. We have alot of exciting shit to happen in the future i can promise you that! Always feel free to contact us through facebook, www.facebook.com/disfigureddead or email me k406yle@yahoo.com . If you are looking to get a copy of the new record or shirt again hit me up and i'll send you the link. Thanks again and we will keep you posted with any/all news! -Kyle

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Interview with Per Valla Singer,guitarist for Vredehammer done by Patrick

Dark Greetings,
 Here is a new interview I recently conducted with Per Valla {guitarist,singer} of Vredehammer if you enjoy the early nineties black metal with a touch of modern black and a lot of creativity {without loosing any of the aggression or darkness that goes along with black metal} then do yourself a favor and be sure to pick up the 3rd Mcd "Mintaka" through  the  mighty  Black Plague Records.  and check out the bands web-sites for all the latest news,updates  concerning the band.

1.Greetings Per Valla thank you for taking the time to do this interview how is your week going?Please introduce yourself to the readers.
Greetings Patrick! Thank you for the interest in us.
2.Before you formed Vredehammer you were a member of the legendary band "Elite" how long did you perform with this band?  Why did you end up leaving Elite?
I played with Elite from 2003 to 2010. There were several reasons for leaving the band, but the main reason was that I wanted to put all my energy in Vredehammer. I also felt we were growing apart as musicians in Elite, and there really wasn`t much left for me to contribute with in the band.
3.After leaving the band Elite you formed Vredehammer  in 2009 what gave you the idea to create this band?How did you come up with the name for the band?Does it have a special meaning?
The band was initially created out of boredom, but soon became much more than that so I started looking for a label to see how the rest of the world would appreciate this new project. I actually had 27 interested labels before the first release. The bandname means wrath-hammer and came to me one night I was walking home from the local bar.
4.What  is the  current line-up for Vredehammer? For the  readers who have never heard  the bands music how  would you best describe it?
Per Valla(songwriter, singer, guitarist), Kristoffer Hansen(songwriter, bassist) and Cato Skivik(drums). If you like Elite, this is what they would probably sound like if i stayed in the band. Only with alittle more speed and technicalities.
5.Vredehammer has just  released their  third Mcd "Mintaka" through  Black Plague Rec.How did you and the band come in contact with Mike and Black Plague Rec.?
It all started with Mike asking us if we had any copies of our previous releases, because he wanted to buy some for his label. After realizing what a great and professional guy he was, I asked if he might be interested in releasing Mintaka.
6.How long did it take the band to write the songs for "Mintaka"?Did the whole band work on the music or did one or two members write all the music?
Some of the songs on Mintaka were written years ago, and some were written just a few months before they were recorded. I wrote all the material for this release.
7.How has the  response  been from the  metal  fans  and the metal  press?
The response was good as always! We mainly received high scores in the reviews around the world. Also we gained a lot of new fans after the release.
8.Does  Vredehammer play "live" very often or do you prefer to only work in the studio? Who are some bands Vredehammer have shared the stage with? If you could set up a "dream" show who are some bands{past or present} you would love to tour with?
We just recently became a full band, so we have actually only played one live gig sofar. However we have an upcoming European tour this December where we will be doing ten shows in ten days. I would very much like to tour with Symphony X or Dream Theater. I think we could learn a hell of a lot from those guys as musicians! …but fat chance right?;)
9.Has Vredehammer ever gotten the chance to play outside of Norway? If yes where are some countries the band has played/toured? Are their any countries you have not gotten the chance to play/tour yet that you hope to play in the next year or two?
The last one pretty much answered this question. But we want to play anywhere we can of course!
10.Are you  or any member of Vredehammer currently playing with a side-band or project? If yes please tell the readers a little about  them.
Sure, me and Cato are both members of the band “Allfader”. This band has some great releases out there! Our bass player Kristoffer has his own band called “Imperial Guards” which I guess would fall under the category extreme metal.
11.Pervalla you live in the great country of Norway.Obviously one of the original places black metal started.So I was curious what is your opinion of the Norwegian black metal scene today compared to the early-mid 90's?
Sadly I live to far away from the places all the shit went down in the 90`s, so i`m probably not the best guy to ask about that. Personally i`m no fan of Varg and all the things that pull the attention away from the musicality, and starts focusing on churchburnings and religious bullshit. I`m a fan of good music and it ends there. I also prefer the modern black metal sound, not the necro stuff.
12.Who  are some of your  all-time favorite  Norse black metal bands?Are their any  new black metal bands you feel the  readers  should watch  out  for?

 There`s really only one norse metal band I listen to, and that`s Kampfar. Great band and great people!
13.Everyone has their own opinion/ideas on what black metal means,So I was  curious in your opinion what does "black metal" mean to you?
We all forge our own paths in life. Stand for what you believe in and fuck those who judge you for it! That is what black metal means to me;)
14.Coming back to Vredehammer you play the guitars for the band at what age did you start playing the guitars?Are you self-taught or did you take lessons when you were younger?

I started when I was about 15 years after messing up my knee in a soccer-game. I took some lessons but I would definately consider myself self-taught.
15.Who would you say are some of your biggest influences/favorite guitarists?
John Petrucci and Michael Romeo of Symphony X have always been my personal Gods on the 6-string. They are both great guitarists and musicians!
16.You also handle the vocals for the band when did you become interested in singing? Is Vredehammer the first band you have sung for?Who are some of your favorite vocalists/singers?
I`d never sung before Vredehammer, so the interest for this came with the birth of the band. My favourite singers are Russel Allen, Sebastian Bach and Geoff Tate.
17.Do you do anything special to keep your voice/throat healthy  when recording or getting ready for a show?
Not really, I just do some throat singing for a couple of minutes, then i`m ready.
18.Well Per Valla  we have  reached  the end of the  interview thank you again for taking the time to fill this out.Do you have any final words for the readers  before we end the interview?
No words of wisdom right now sadly hehe.
Thanx for the interview and stay tuned for our upcoming full length album in the beginning of 2014.
Horns up!
Per Valla/Vredehammer
 To order a copy of  Vredehahammer's latest  MCD  "Mintaka" go  to the official  Black 

Plague Records web-site.

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Interview with D.J Heretic {BER} of Blasphemous Serenades,The Inquisition done by Patrick 10-14-13

Here is a new interview with a D.J Heretic from BER. after hearing his black metal show "Blasphemous Serenades" I knew I wanted to interview D.J Heretic and learn more about the man and his shows.Enjoy the interview and be sure to check out the BER site for showtimes and tune-in!! for all the quality metal you can handle.

Interview with D.J Heretic of Blasphemous Serenades and The Inquisition radio shows 10-14-13{on B.E.R} done by Patrick

1.Metal hails D.j Heretic How is your week going so far my friend? Please tell the readers a little about yourself.

It's Monday for me at the moment and I have the day off of work, so it's about as good as a Monday can be. Hahaha.

About myself, I'm 42 years old, married, kids, a house, a dog, a cat. I'm retired from the US Navy after 22+ years of active service and just really enjoying no longer being at the beck and call...

2.At what age did you first start listening to rock/metal music?Who were some of the early bands you listened to? Who are some of your current favorite bands?

I started listening to rock/metal in 1983, when I was 12. I started out with Van Halen, Ozzy, Judas Priest, Quiet Riot, Motley Crue, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, etc.

I'm pretty much into the majority of metal styles and bands I listen to a lot are Enslaved, Borknagar, Death, Aosoth, Gorguts, Vintersorg, Mayhem, Darkthrone, Emperor, Blut Aus Nord, Behexen, Iced Earth, Blind Guardian, Rainbow (mostly Dio era), Deep Purple, Dio, Whitesnake (yes, Whitesnake), Fleshgod Apocalypse, etc. I'm sure that's a good representation of my tastes.

3.When did you discover the internet-radio station BER? Was it long until you joined their ranks as a d.j? How did you come up with the name of your radio shows?

I started to listen to BER in May of 2010 after I went to Maryland Deathfest and met someone that was a DJ on the station. It was then August of 2010 that I started hosting "The Inquisition" on BER.

4.Are The Inquisition and Blasphemous Serenades the first shows you have ever d.j'd for?I believe you told me you did a college radio show as well.Is this something you thought of doing professionally when you were younger or more of hobby/just for fun?

Actually, No. When I was 17 in highschool (1988/1989) I was friends with a guy that went to college in my home town and was the student station manager of the college FM radio station. They were short of DJs to fill out a metal day, and my best friend Jess & I were asked if we'd like to try it out. We did and considering the size of the school, station and our town it was a pretty successful run for us.

After that, I was in the navy and did nothing radio wise, until I started on BER.

5.For the readers who have never heard your radio shows on BER. how would you describe. What styles of metal,music do you play on them?

We have a bit of it all (except Nu-metal) none of us seem to like that much. Death, black, power, symphonic, Brutal death, doom, sludge, stoner, pagan, viking and even punk are all represented on BER.

6.If any bands or labels,P.R companies etc.. are reading this where can they send you submissions for you possible air-play?

They can send it to me directly at Heretic@brutalexistenceradio.com or they can send it to submissions@brutalexistenceradio.com and it will then be forwarded to the DJs that it best fits their show(s).

7.What would you say makes a good radio show? Would you have any advice for anyone reading this who might be thinking of trying out their own radio show sometime soon?

The first and easiest answer is a love of the music you play. I've listened to a lot of radio in my life and if the DJ doesn't care or doesn't like what they're playing it's pretty obvious and that's a huge turn off.

After that, to do a show on a station like BER, you need a pretty good collection. We play what we own. There is no library of tunes like a big stations and not all of us have the contacts to get freebies from bands or labels. I have been lucky enough to make friends of some bands/band members and they graciously send me stuff to play, but I'd say about 90% of what I play on my shows is stuff I have bought myself.

8.I know you have been a "fan" of the metal scene since the eighties so I was wondering how do you feel the metal scene has changed over the years?Do you feel technology has helped the scene grow over the yrs. or do you miss the days of "printed" fanzines,tape-trading etc..?

Well, one way that technology helps is the world wide reach of the internet. There really is no more mystery in music buying. You can hear entire albums online before you ever buy it.

Of course, technology has also made it easier to steal music per se. I love being able to BUY digital downloads, especially when I want to debut something on one of my shows and can't run out to a store to buy it in time. I'm not a fan of illegal downloading though. That's not really supporting the scene in the right way.

Growing up, one of my favorites things was to run to the local book shop to pick up the latest Circus, Hit Parader, etc magazine (yeah, I'm dating myself...Hahaha). I'll be honest though, at this point in my life I'm just as happy to get all my news online. I have a family and kids and my house is already cluttered. Old magazines laying around is the last thing I need.

9.In your opinion what is the best and worst thing about the underground?And what does the term "metal underground" mean to you?

The term to me, means hard working musicians that are doing music that they love and just trying to fulfill dreams of being in a band. Growing up I wanted to be, but I was never able to succeed because of the amount of time the Navy took up in my life. I was briefly in a band that never made it out of the garage, but it was a great time and I’ll have those memories forever.

The best of the underground are the bands that do it because they love it. They write and record and just want nothing more than to get their music out to the world. I’ve had people that send me their music and when I play it on air on BER, they are just over the moon happy to know that the music is getting out there and it’s going to be heard.

The worst: that’s a more difficult question. I think to my mind it might be the attitude of “unless it’s underground” it sucks. The elitist mindset that if more than 100 people like it or listen to it at one time, it must be mainstream and suck. As an example, I’ve heard people say that Emperor only had one good album, and then they started to suck. Ok, why? Is it because after “In the Nightside Eclipse” they started to experiment and grow and mature as musicians? THAT is crap...any band that puts out the same album time after time after time...well, that’s what sucks.

10.Besides the radio-shows I know you enjoy reading books,is reading something you have always enjoyed?Who are some of your favorite authors? What about books?I know a lot of books get turned into movies do you usually watch the movie or do you feel they loose something from the print to big screen?

I've been an avid reader since I was around 8. I'm a fan of sci/fi & fantasy, Historical novels and philosophy. Favorite authors include: JRR Tolkien, Roger Zelazny, David Eddings, Jeff Shaara, Anne Rice (she's hit or miss with me, but I like a lot of her stuff), Dan Brown & Thomas Harris. I'm also a big, big, BIG fan of Star Wars and read a lot of the novels.

As for movies made of books, I will generally watch them, but I'm also almost always hyper-critial and hate when they take way too much artistic license. I enjoy the Lord of the Rings movies, but I also don't like how much they were altered (The Two Towers especially, it's nothing more than a decent movie VERY LOOSELY based on a good book).

11.Speaking of movies do you watch a lot of movies or mainly read and listen to music? what are some of your favorite movies of all-time? What makes a good movie in your opinion?

I listen to music & read much more than I watch movies, but that hasn't always been the case. Some of my favorite movies are Star Wars (all 6 of them...YES, even the prequels). Excalibur, Silence of the Lambs & Red Dragon, The Harry Potter movies, Dredd (the good one, not the one with Stallone, though that movie is a guilty pleasure of mine too, simply because I'm a huge fan of Judge Dredd), Lincoln, Gettysburg, Gods & Generals, The Lion King, Evil Under the Sun, Death on the Nile, Star Trek (most series & movies) and Cheesy 80s horror movies.

A good movie captures and holds my imagination and removes me from the real world for a time.

Also, my current favorite anything is Doctor Who.

12.Who are some of your favorite actors and actresses?

Oh wow, this question should be easy, but it's not. hahahaha

Gary Oldman is a huge fave...he can play just about any type of character with flare.

Christopher Lee, David Niven, Peter Ustinov (whom I share a birthday with), Maggie Smith, Diana Rigg, Alex Kingston, Billie Piper, David Tennant, Christopher Eccelston, Richard Harris, Clint Eastwood, Burt Reynolds, Sally Field. A lot of older ones as you can see...hahahahaha

13.Well Heretic thank you for taking the time to fill out this interview! keep up the killer work on the shows I've enjoyed them for awhile now.Do you have any final comments for the readers be we end the interview?

Thanks for taking the time to get to learn more about me. Thanks to those that have listened and will continue to listen to not only my shows but ALL the show on BER, we greatly appreciate it.

       to listen 24hrs a day,get show-times etc...just follow the link below.


If any bands,labels would like to contact D.J Heretic directly can contact him through this email.

OR if you play band more along the lines of a brutal death,grind,technical,doom etc... then be sure to send it to this email email and it will be sent to the d.j/show which it fits best.






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Metal Reviews 10-7-13

Metal Hails!
Thanks for checking out what I hope will  be many new blogs of metal reviews {we are currently working on new reviews as well as new interviews for Primitive Ways}
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Besieged-Victims Beyond All Help  cd {Unspeakable Axe Rec.}

Originally self-released by the band in 2010 Victims Beyond All Help  is a roller coaster intense thrashing riffs with some crazy guitar patterns and solo's mixed in.The drumming is done  just as chaotic with crazy blast beats with some slower mid-paced beats in sections before picking up the pace again.the vocals are done extremely well and fit perfectly with music gruff screams and vocals.This is one of the best thrash releases I've heard in quite sometime if your a fan of pure aggressive thrash then buy this now!!
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Bombs Of Hades-Carnivores  7inch{Bloodharvest Rec.}
Bombs Of Hades is a band that has been making a name for themselves within the underground scene so I was excited to finally get the chance to hear them.Carnivores is actually a re-release from 2008 and play the style of death metal that is near and dear to my heart raw,unpolished Swedish death metal. Raw,fast guitars with unrelenting blasting drumming that is both vicious and uncompromising but also played very well with some well thought guitar and drum patterns.The vocalist uses some  deep death growls and raw screams fans of old Entombed and classic early Swedish death will love Bomb Of Hades godly sound.
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Craven  Idol-Towards Eschaton  cd {Dark Descent Rec.}
I have been reading a lot about this band's upcoming release so I was defintly eager to hear and I must it it defintly stands up to all the hype and then some.Craven Idol's debut is defintly a masterpiece of blackend thrash metal.Uncomprising fast guitars that are crazed all over the placed with riffs and solo's before being slowed to a mid-paced pattern the guitars do have some rawness within their tone for the blackend vibe which fits nicely in the bands sound.The drumming is a blazing storm of blast beats with chaotic drum patterns that are played to perfection while also being played at excess speeds. The vocals are harsh screams and raspy vocal patterns.Fans of uncompromising,aggressive  blackend thrash metal  will love Craven Idol's debut cd and also for you Vinyl lovers Dark Descent has made some vinyl available.
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Cvinger-Monastery Of  Fallen Mcd,Digital {Self-released}
 Slovenia's Cvinger  have unleashed their debut of raw,fast  blackness with some noisy harsh guitars and fast blasting drums.The vocals are  harsh,demon shrieks and screams that fit perfectly with the bands musicial style.Cvinger are not completely all harsh/noise black as the band does have have a couple of well played mellow,melodic instrumentals that show the band can play both styles if they decide to.As you can probably tell the review Cvinger are not trying to create any new musical genre or style  with their sound  but the trio are very good musicians and play black metal extremely well. And if your a fan of the more primitive,fast,chaotic black metal I would defintly say give Cvinger a listen you just might be surprised and enjoy yourself.
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Dirigi-Dirgi Mcd  {self-released}
San  Antonio's  very own  Dirgi  bring forth their debut of six songs of fast,unforgiving  old-school death metal.Furious,fast riffs and raging guitars solo's played with a lot of precision and intensity.The drums are done extremely well extremely fast blast beats to more heavier mid-paced drums. with some really memorable and well written  drum patterns.The vocals are a dual match of deep growls and vicious shrieks,sreams and fit very well with Dirgi's  vicious,old school sound and style.over all Dirgi  have written and released one of the best  death metal releases I have had the pleasure of hearing pure death metal perfection defintly worth checking out now!

Fear   Theories-So It  Begins Mcd {Self-released}
So it Begins is the debut release from the Norwegian old-school metal/rock band Fear Theories.Five songs of high energy rock with some thrash influence in the guitars.The vocals are screams but their are also some sing along choruses and gruff deeper vocals used in some vocal lines.The guitars are mid paced with some really memorable guitar riffs and patterns written.Fans of old-school rockNroll with slightly thrash influences in a few tracks should defintly enjoy Fear Theories Mcd debut release.
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Heretic Cult Redeemer-Heretic Cult Redeemer  LP {Iron Bonehead Rec.}
Greece's  Heretic Cult Redeemer  are a new band to my ears but after listening to the debut for about the fourth time it's safe to say this is a great band and release.Musically the band seem to be influenced by the mid-paced blackend metal scene with some faster crazed guitars entertwined.The guitars are razor sharp sounding  riffs and mixed with some fast blast beats that are really well played and some uncommon drum patterns not usually heard in black metal but Heretic,Cult,Redeemer make it work really well within their cold blackend sound.The vocals are semi gruff deep shriek and spoken type of vocals and some raspy vocals mixed in some of the songs.This is a black metal masterpiece and if your looking for something is pure black metal but doesn't follow any trends this is the release for you!
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Masada-Hideous  Rot  12"MLP {Blood Harvest Rec.}
 Masada is a new two man band featuring  Cazz Grant{Crucifier} on drums and vocals  and Chris Milwski on guitars and bass.Five tracks of  heavy,pure death metal with no gimmicks or trends.Cazz's drumming is done to perfection  ranging from aggressive and fast to more mid-paced and heavy paced patterns.As mentioned Cazz handles the vocal duties on Hideous Rot and they sound excellent with some low,deep growls that fit perfectly with Masda's raw,heavy death metal sound.Chris's guitar work  is excellent and well crafted  solo's and death and even some thrashy riffs mixed in.Defintly a must hear for all fans of old-school,raw uncompromising death metal
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Nekrofilth-Devils Breath  cd/lp  {Hells Headbangers  Rec.}
Nekrofilth's name surely fits the bands  music and style perfectly.Thirteen songs of vicious,ugly and dirty cross over tunes.I wasn't sure at first if I was gonna like the band but honestly the band does a great job of mixing and creating the styles of thrash,old-schcool punk,old-school grind and a little death metal and mixing in their own warped sense of humor the band serves us Devils Breath! If you are a "fan" of  old-school punk mixed raging  thrash/grindcore you will love this band band.A must have if your looking for something different other then the normal black/death metal of the scene.
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Sapremia-Autmn's Moon cd  {Butchered Rec.}
 Sapremia from New Jersey are a band that have been around the death/thrash scene for quite a few years now and Autmn's Moon is the band second full length.Nine tracks of ripping,aggressive death/thrash metal.This is how it should be done fast,heavy guitars pummeling,pounding drums that are catchy as well heavy and blasting fast.Sapremia are not all brutal,speed as the band slows to heavy mid-paced riffs and heavy mid-paced drums before picking up the pace again.Lou's vocals are a perfect fit with Sapremia's music as he has a gruff,raw death metal growl  highly recommended to anyone and everyone who enjoys aggressive,catchy death/thrash metal.
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Sarcofago-INRI LP {GreyHaze Rec.}
GreyHaze has re-released the 1987 classic on vinyl for the newer fans who might have missed it the first time and it and if your one who missed it the first time defintly don't make the same mistake twice.If you have never have never heard this piece of blackend heavy metal the music is very raw and fast sounding in the beginning it goes from slower music that builds to a dark mid-paced heavy metal paced tone before cutting loose a fast all out rage blackend heavy metal attack {remember this was released in 1987 so what most of us know as black metal today wasn't created yet} fast,raw sounding guitars,vocals that range from deeper demon sounding growls and high pitched screams.This release and band and release are highly regarded by both black and death metal bands,fans world wide for putting South American blackend death metal on the map and one listen you will understand why! if you have missed it and worship the elder gods of the eighties like venom,Bathory,Slayer etc... then you Need this in your collection as well.
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Trials-Malicious  Arts  7 inch {Nuclear  Winter Rec.}
Malicious Arts is the follow up  to last years debut "The Primordial Temple" Malicious Arts features two songs of classic sounding heavy metal mid tempo guitars with some killer metal riffs and solo's mixed in.Vocals are done in the traditional higher pitched scream but sound really good and don't come off annoying and fit Trials music nicely their is also deeper more melodic voice that is used in a few of the lines.This is a great release that should appeal to fans who appreciate the more traditional side of heavy metal I am defintly looking forward to hearing what this Swedish band has to offer the maniacs  of the underground.
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Triumph,Genius-Vsehorovnost  Je  Porazkou  Prevysujicich  LP {Iron Bonehead Rec.}
The Czech Republic  has always had a strong metal scene and Triumph,Genius are just another fine example of this great scene.Triumph,Genius are a duo playing  cold,hateful black metal.Fast guitars that are semi raw but not horribly probuced with some chaotic riffs and solo's.Blast beats that do slow to a mid-pace for short periods of time so the drummer can catch his breath before going right back into the violent hyperspeed.Vocals are a mix of gruff growls and higher pitched screams entertwined.A great black metal release defintly not to be missed by the old-school fanatics of the underground.
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The True Endless-Legacy Of Hate cd {Paragon Rec.}
Italy's The True Endless are back with a new black metal masterpiece,the musicians have created  some of the best violent,cold,uncompromising black metal I have heard in quite sometime vicious but quality written and performed.fast,relentess drumming that is non-stop,chaotic and furious guitar riffs and some solos mixed in the insanity.The vocals are deep dark growls mixed with blackend screams that are a perfect match for The True Endless destructive,dark sound if you are familiar with this long running  Italian blackend horde you know what to expect but if you are new to The True Endless sound and enjoy  cold,violent straight forward black metal then The True Endless is a band you MUST hear.
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Vredehammer-Mintaka  Mcd  {Black Plague  Rec.}
Norway's  Vredehammer  are a band playing the classic style of early nineties norse black metal.The musicians Per Valla{guitars,drums,vocals} and Kristoffer Hansen{bass}  took great pride in the writing of the songs on Mintaka as you will hear in their delievery.Mid-paced raw gutars and drumming that have the cold and desolate atmosphere that a lot of the early black metal bands possessed.Per Valla is extremely well played with the guitar going from mid-paced riffs to a all out crazed fast riffs.The drumming is done quite well with some aggressive blast beats that slow to more controlled beats with the guitars. The vocals are extremely well done black metal screams and harsh,gruff screams.Vredhammer have created some of the best black metal to come out of Norway in quite a few years taking some of the influences of the early norse gods and combing it with their own ideas and ability to write memorable  black metal.
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Interview with Nekrofilth done by Patrick 10-7-13

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Thanks for reading  the latest interview in Primitive Ways! this time we have a chat with Ohio's Nekrofilth! if your a "fan"  of   bands that  mix   thrash,heavy metal,old-school punk,hard-core and grind  mixed with a warped/twisted sense of humor to their lyrics.Then defintly check out Nekrofilth's debut Devils Breath on Hells Heabbangers Rec. {both on cd and LP for you vinyl fanatics!}
enjoy the interview and watch for more reviews,interview be coming soon!!!
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Interview with Zack Rose vocals,Guitars for  NekrofiIth done  by Patrick
1.Hello Zack thanks for taking the time to do this interview with me,well I guess we'll start with a easy question what gave you the idea to form/start up Nekrofilth?How did you come up with the name of the band? Did  it take you long until you met the same individuals that shared your musicial tastes and visions for the band?
 - We started in February of 2008.  A couple of us were just jamming in the basement and none of us took showers for months.  A couple months later we recorded a demo tape in that same basement and started doing shows.  Somehow we are still doing it, and five years later after a bunch of releases we finally have a full-length album.
2.What is  the current line-up of the band?For the readers who have never  heard Nekrofilth's music how would you best describe it?
- Right now lineup consists of Tony DaPrano on Bass, Jon B on Drums, and myself on vocals and guitar.  All I can say about our sound is that Jon’s grandmother really doesn’t like us very much.
3.Nekrofilth just released their debut cd/LP "Devils Breath" through Hells Headbangers Rec.How did you and the band come in contact with the label?
- I have known the Hell’s brothers for over a decade, back when they used to sell CD’s from their distro at death metal shows in the late 90’s.  They are true cretins, deviants, and total metal freaks.  It makes perfect sense for Nekrofilth to release our first album on their label.
4.How long did it take you guys to write the songs for Devils Breath?How has the response been from the fans and the press?
- The oldest song on the album, “Death Rush” was written at the start of 2011.  The newest one, “Lead us to the Dead”, was written a few days before recording.  So I guess you could say it was two years.  It is a bit early yet to get a good gauge on the reaction, as the record isn’t actually out yet, but seems like people are digging it.
5.Does Nekrofilth have any upcoming shows or tours in support of Devils Breath the readers should be aware of? If yes where are some places the band will be playing?
- As a matter of fact, we will be playing a ton of places for the first time in November for our first tour of the west coast.  Denver, Vancouver, Portland, Bay Area, and Los Angeles will be on the tour, in addition to many other dates in Oregon, California, Arizona and New Mexico.  The tour will be three and a half weeks and will end right before Thanksgiving.  After that we are gonna do as much touring as possible in the US and elsewhere.
6.Who are some bands Nekrofilth  has  shared the stage with? If you could set up a dream show who are some bands you would love to play/tour with?
- We have played with a ton of bands here in Cleveland and elsewhere.  A few that come to mind are Midnight, Vomitor, Bone Awl, Portal, Wehrmacht, Inquisition, Perversion, Toxic Holocaust, Shitfucker, Speedwolf, Metalian, Napalm Raid, Organ Donor, Superchrist, Embalmer, Party Plates, Incantation, Masakari, Mausoleum, Bad Noids, Wastelander, Crucifist, Apartment 213, and most importantly, Mr. California.
7.Nekrofilth's music is so extreme, violent I was wondering have the "live" shows ever gotten very crazy or out of hand? what's the craziest thing you've seen at a Nekrofilth show?
- One time we agreed to play a show with some really lame bands from Philadelphia.  No one was in the club because there was a crazy house show nearby.  Late that night the punk show was over all the drunk punks showed up.  For some reason punks seem to really like Nekrofilth.  Well anyway I was setting up my amp and look down to a stream of piss hitting the stage. The guy was smiling so I kicked him in the stomach and face with my boot until he got away from me.  Then I looked to my left and another guy had his cock out and was ready to join his friend.  I jumped off the stage and punched him in the face a few times before he got dragged out.  Then I got up and we did the most fucking angry set we have ever done.  The place was packed and everyone was on drugs and going absolutely wild.  A girl took a shit on the bar and a couple people vomited.  A couple fights broke out and one dude had his face cut open with a beer bottle and I never saw him again.  I think he died.  Pretty sure we’ll never top that one but we can always try.
8.Zack I wanted ask would consider yourself an open-minded person towards music or atleast extreme music?The reason I ask is Nekrofilth seems to draw inspiration from old-school thrash,punk,grind,H.C.etc..
- I am indeed a big fan of music in general and I hate genre limitations.  We probably won’t release a jazz fusion record, but we will do what we want and I couldn’t care less what anyone thinks.  I’m glad no one can agree on what we are and hope to keep it that way.
9.Who  are some of your all-time favorite bands to listen to?Who are some of your current favorite bands you enjoy listening to?
- There are so many great bands out there and I’m always finding out about new music.  My good friend Grady (we also play together in a surf band called The Wingtones) recently turned me on to a band called THE MENTALLY ILL from Chicago who were active in the late 70’s / early 80’s.  Totally warped band with great riffs and lyrics.  Alternative Tentacles did a really cool release about ten years ago with a bunch of their singles and unreleased stuff on it.   Also lately really digging the new SATAN album.  Just saw them at the Wings of Metal fest and they absolutely killed.  As far as all time faves, fuck man that is so hard to concisely answer!
10.Zack you handle  the  guitars for Nekrofilth, when did you first become interested in playing guitars?Are you self-taught or did you take lessons when you first started out?
- I became interested in playing guitar when I first heard Kill Em All at age eleven.  I jammed those riffs over and over.  Then the bad kid in school told me about Slayer and that was it.  Didn’t really get deep into punk until my early twenties but that has had a hug impact on my guitar playing as well.
11.Who are some of your influences,favorite guitarists?Do you play any other instruments?
- Love Tony Iommi of course, although no one can debate his influence on guitar playing in general. Also James Hetfield’s razor sharp picking was a big early influence on me.  Also I am a huge fan of the late Vince McAllister of PENTAGRAM.  Really awesome phrasing on his leads and he played those early tunes in a really weird way that wasn’t replicated as well on later recordings.  Also Malcolm Young, Angus Young, Robert Johnson, East Bay Ray, Jeff Hanneman, Uli Roth, Wino, Dick Dale, Glenn Tipton + KK, George Harrison, Dave Murray + Adrian Smith, Eddie Bertrand, Chuck Berry, Fast Eddie, Richie Blackmore, and Tom Warrior are some of the very many guitar players I admire.
I can play the bass pretty well but never did so in a band, only on recordings.  I’ve always wanted to learn to play drums but never had the time.  So yeah pretty much a one trick pony!
12.Besides the guitars you also handle the vocal duties for Nekrofilth when did you start singing?Who are some of your favorite singers?
- I love Klaus Meine, Chronos, John Brannon, Jello Biafra, Dio, Ozzy, the dude from NME, Brian Ross, Tom Warrior, Bobby Liebling, Killjoy, Paul Dianno, Patti Smith, Scott Carlson, Bon Scott, and Lemmy of course.  Again too many others to mention.
13.Do you do anything special to keep your throat/voice healthy when recording or getting ready for a show or tour?If yes what is it.
- Does whiskey and beer help?
14.The band comes out of the great state out of Ohio so I was curious what is your of the metal scene in Ohio these days?
- Not too many new metal bands in Cleveland these days.  Really more of a traditional punk town as far as what the young people are into.  Lots of great bands are forming all the time though and no doubt there will be another ripper very soon.
15.Who are some of your all-time favorite bands from Ohio?Are the any new bands you feel the readers should  check out soon?
- BLACK DEATH and BOULDER are huge for me, and also classic bands like The Dead Boys naturally. 
All in all WETBRAIN is the Cleveland band to watch these days.  Features Shaun Filley, who played in Midnight and NunSlaughter, in addition to a ton of great punk bands like Gordon Solie Motherfuckers and Annihilation Time.  The other members played in some other notorious bands from this region such as The Darvocets and Nine Shocks Terror. They have a new LP coming out and it fucking destroys.
16.Well Zack we have reached the end of the interview,thanks again for doing taking the time to do it.Do you have any final words for the readers of Primitive Ways web-zine?
Get fucked!  Later --Z
To  order a copy  of  "Devil's Breath check out Hells Headbanger's Records web-site/shop here.

To keep up to date with all the latest news,tour dates etc.. about Nekrofilth check out the bands site.