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Interview with Per Valla Singer,guitarist for Vredehammer done by Patrick

Dark Greetings,
 Here is a new interview I recently conducted with Per Valla {guitarist,singer} of Vredehammer if you enjoy the early nineties black metal with a touch of modern black and a lot of creativity {without loosing any of the aggression or darkness that goes along with black metal} then do yourself a favor and be sure to pick up the 3rd Mcd "Mintaka" through  the  mighty  Black Plague Records.  and check out the bands web-sites for all the latest news,updates  concerning the band.

1.Greetings Per Valla thank you for taking the time to do this interview how is your week going?Please introduce yourself to the readers.
Greetings Patrick! Thank you for the interest in us.
2.Before you formed Vredehammer you were a member of the legendary band "Elite" how long did you perform with this band?  Why did you end up leaving Elite?
I played with Elite from 2003 to 2010. There were several reasons for leaving the band, but the main reason was that I wanted to put all my energy in Vredehammer. I also felt we were growing apart as musicians in Elite, and there really wasn`t much left for me to contribute with in the band.
3.After leaving the band Elite you formed Vredehammer  in 2009 what gave you the idea to create this band?How did you come up with the name for the band?Does it have a special meaning?
The band was initially created out of boredom, but soon became much more than that so I started looking for a label to see how the rest of the world would appreciate this new project. I actually had 27 interested labels before the first release. The bandname means wrath-hammer and came to me one night I was walking home from the local bar.
4.What  is the  current line-up for Vredehammer? For the  readers who have never heard  the bands music how  would you best describe it?
Per Valla(songwriter, singer, guitarist), Kristoffer Hansen(songwriter, bassist) and Cato Skivik(drums). If you like Elite, this is what they would probably sound like if i stayed in the band. Only with alittle more speed and technicalities.
5.Vredehammer has just  released their  third Mcd "Mintaka" through  Black Plague Rec.How did you and the band come in contact with Mike and Black Plague Rec.?
It all started with Mike asking us if we had any copies of our previous releases, because he wanted to buy some for his label. After realizing what a great and professional guy he was, I asked if he might be interested in releasing Mintaka.
6.How long did it take the band to write the songs for "Mintaka"?Did the whole band work on the music or did one or two members write all the music?
Some of the songs on Mintaka were written years ago, and some were written just a few months before they were recorded. I wrote all the material for this release.
7.How has the  response  been from the  metal  fans  and the metal  press?
The response was good as always! We mainly received high scores in the reviews around the world. Also we gained a lot of new fans after the release.
8.Does  Vredehammer play "live" very often or do you prefer to only work in the studio? Who are some bands Vredehammer have shared the stage with? If you could set up a "dream" show who are some bands{past or present} you would love to tour with?
We just recently became a full band, so we have actually only played one live gig sofar. However we have an upcoming European tour this December where we will be doing ten shows in ten days. I would very much like to tour with Symphony X or Dream Theater. I think we could learn a hell of a lot from those guys as musicians! …but fat chance right?;)
9.Has Vredehammer ever gotten the chance to play outside of Norway? If yes where are some countries the band has played/toured? Are their any countries you have not gotten the chance to play/tour yet that you hope to play in the next year or two?
The last one pretty much answered this question. But we want to play anywhere we can of course!
10.Are you  or any member of Vredehammer currently playing with a side-band or project? If yes please tell the readers a little about  them.
Sure, me and Cato are both members of the band “Allfader”. This band has some great releases out there! Our bass player Kristoffer has his own band called “Imperial Guards” which I guess would fall under the category extreme metal.
11.Pervalla you live in the great country of Norway.Obviously one of the original places black metal started.So I was curious what is your opinion of the Norwegian black metal scene today compared to the early-mid 90's?
Sadly I live to far away from the places all the shit went down in the 90`s, so i`m probably not the best guy to ask about that. Personally i`m no fan of Varg and all the things that pull the attention away from the musicality, and starts focusing on churchburnings and religious bullshit. I`m a fan of good music and it ends there. I also prefer the modern black metal sound, not the necro stuff.
12.Who  are some of your  all-time favorite  Norse black metal bands?Are their any  new black metal bands you feel the  readers  should watch  out  for?

 There`s really only one norse metal band I listen to, and that`s Kampfar. Great band and great people!
13.Everyone has their own opinion/ideas on what black metal means,So I was  curious in your opinion what does "black metal" mean to you?
We all forge our own paths in life. Stand for what you believe in and fuck those who judge you for it! That is what black metal means to me;)
14.Coming back to Vredehammer you play the guitars for the band at what age did you start playing the guitars?Are you self-taught or did you take lessons when you were younger?

I started when I was about 15 years after messing up my knee in a soccer-game. I took some lessons but I would definately consider myself self-taught.
15.Who would you say are some of your biggest influences/favorite guitarists?
John Petrucci and Michael Romeo of Symphony X have always been my personal Gods on the 6-string. They are both great guitarists and musicians!
16.You also handle the vocals for the band when did you become interested in singing? Is Vredehammer the first band you have sung for?Who are some of your favorite vocalists/singers?
I`d never sung before Vredehammer, so the interest for this came with the birth of the band. My favourite singers are Russel Allen, Sebastian Bach and Geoff Tate.
17.Do you do anything special to keep your voice/throat healthy  when recording or getting ready for a show?
Not really, I just do some throat singing for a couple of minutes, then i`m ready.
18.Well Per Valla  we have  reached  the end of the  interview thank you again for taking the time to fill this out.Do you have any final words for the readers  before we end the interview?
No words of wisdom right now sadly hehe.
Thanx for the interview and stay tuned for our upcoming full length album in the beginning of 2014.
Horns up!
Per Valla/Vredehammer
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