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Interview with Nekrofilth done by Patrick 10-7-13

Metal Hails!
Thanks for reading  the latest interview in Primitive Ways! this time we have a chat with Ohio's Nekrofilth! if your a "fan"  of   bands that  mix   thrash,heavy metal,old-school punk,hard-core and grind  mixed with a warped/twisted sense of humor to their lyrics.Then defintly check out Nekrofilth's debut Devils Breath on Hells Heabbangers Rec. {both on cd and LP for you vinyl fanatics!}
enjoy the interview and watch for more reviews,interview be coming soon!!!
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Interview with Zack Rose vocals,Guitars for  NekrofiIth done  by Patrick
1.Hello Zack thanks for taking the time to do this interview with me,well I guess we'll start with a easy question what gave you the idea to form/start up Nekrofilth?How did you come up with the name of the band? Did  it take you long until you met the same individuals that shared your musicial tastes and visions for the band?
 - We started in February of 2008.  A couple of us were just jamming in the basement and none of us took showers for months.  A couple months later we recorded a demo tape in that same basement and started doing shows.  Somehow we are still doing it, and five years later after a bunch of releases we finally have a full-length album.
2.What is  the current line-up of the band?For the readers who have never  heard Nekrofilth's music how would you best describe it?
- Right now lineup consists of Tony DaPrano on Bass, Jon B on Drums, and myself on vocals and guitar.  All I can say about our sound is that Jon’s grandmother really doesn’t like us very much.
3.Nekrofilth just released their debut cd/LP "Devils Breath" through Hells Headbangers Rec.How did you and the band come in contact with the label?
- I have known the Hell’s brothers for over a decade, back when they used to sell CD’s from their distro at death metal shows in the late 90’s.  They are true cretins, deviants, and total metal freaks.  It makes perfect sense for Nekrofilth to release our first album on their label.
4.How long did it take you guys to write the songs for Devils Breath?How has the response been from the fans and the press?
- The oldest song on the album, “Death Rush” was written at the start of 2011.  The newest one, “Lead us to the Dead”, was written a few days before recording.  So I guess you could say it was two years.  It is a bit early yet to get a good gauge on the reaction, as the record isn’t actually out yet, but seems like people are digging it.
5.Does Nekrofilth have any upcoming shows or tours in support of Devils Breath the readers should be aware of? If yes where are some places the band will be playing?
- As a matter of fact, we will be playing a ton of places for the first time in November for our first tour of the west coast.  Denver, Vancouver, Portland, Bay Area, and Los Angeles will be on the tour, in addition to many other dates in Oregon, California, Arizona and New Mexico.  The tour will be three and a half weeks and will end right before Thanksgiving.  After that we are gonna do as much touring as possible in the US and elsewhere.
6.Who are some bands Nekrofilth  has  shared the stage with? If you could set up a dream show who are some bands you would love to play/tour with?
- We have played with a ton of bands here in Cleveland and elsewhere.  A few that come to mind are Midnight, Vomitor, Bone Awl, Portal, Wehrmacht, Inquisition, Perversion, Toxic Holocaust, Shitfucker, Speedwolf, Metalian, Napalm Raid, Organ Donor, Superchrist, Embalmer, Party Plates, Incantation, Masakari, Mausoleum, Bad Noids, Wastelander, Crucifist, Apartment 213, and most importantly, Mr. California.
7.Nekrofilth's music is so extreme, violent I was wondering have the "live" shows ever gotten very crazy or out of hand? what's the craziest thing you've seen at a Nekrofilth show?
- One time we agreed to play a show with some really lame bands from Philadelphia.  No one was in the club because there was a crazy house show nearby.  Late that night the punk show was over all the drunk punks showed up.  For some reason punks seem to really like Nekrofilth.  Well anyway I was setting up my amp and look down to a stream of piss hitting the stage. The guy was smiling so I kicked him in the stomach and face with my boot until he got away from me.  Then I looked to my left and another guy had his cock out and was ready to join his friend.  I jumped off the stage and punched him in the face a few times before he got dragged out.  Then I got up and we did the most fucking angry set we have ever done.  The place was packed and everyone was on drugs and going absolutely wild.  A girl took a shit on the bar and a couple people vomited.  A couple fights broke out and one dude had his face cut open with a beer bottle and I never saw him again.  I think he died.  Pretty sure we’ll never top that one but we can always try.
8.Zack I wanted ask would consider yourself an open-minded person towards music or atleast extreme music?The reason I ask is Nekrofilth seems to draw inspiration from old-school thrash,punk,grind,H.C.etc..
- I am indeed a big fan of music in general and I hate genre limitations.  We probably won’t release a jazz fusion record, but we will do what we want and I couldn’t care less what anyone thinks.  I’m glad no one can agree on what we are and hope to keep it that way.
9.Who  are some of your all-time favorite bands to listen to?Who are some of your current favorite bands you enjoy listening to?
- There are so many great bands out there and I’m always finding out about new music.  My good friend Grady (we also play together in a surf band called The Wingtones) recently turned me on to a band called THE MENTALLY ILL from Chicago who were active in the late 70’s / early 80’s.  Totally warped band with great riffs and lyrics.  Alternative Tentacles did a really cool release about ten years ago with a bunch of their singles and unreleased stuff on it.   Also lately really digging the new SATAN album.  Just saw them at the Wings of Metal fest and they absolutely killed.  As far as all time faves, fuck man that is so hard to concisely answer!
10.Zack you handle  the  guitars for Nekrofilth, when did you first become interested in playing guitars?Are you self-taught or did you take lessons when you first started out?
- I became interested in playing guitar when I first heard Kill Em All at age eleven.  I jammed those riffs over and over.  Then the bad kid in school told me about Slayer and that was it.  Didn’t really get deep into punk until my early twenties but that has had a hug impact on my guitar playing as well.
11.Who are some of your influences,favorite guitarists?Do you play any other instruments?
- Love Tony Iommi of course, although no one can debate his influence on guitar playing in general. Also James Hetfield’s razor sharp picking was a big early influence on me.  Also I am a huge fan of the late Vince McAllister of PENTAGRAM.  Really awesome phrasing on his leads and he played those early tunes in a really weird way that wasn’t replicated as well on later recordings.  Also Malcolm Young, Angus Young, Robert Johnson, East Bay Ray, Jeff Hanneman, Uli Roth, Wino, Dick Dale, Glenn Tipton + KK, George Harrison, Dave Murray + Adrian Smith, Eddie Bertrand, Chuck Berry, Fast Eddie, Richie Blackmore, and Tom Warrior are some of the very many guitar players I admire.
I can play the bass pretty well but never did so in a band, only on recordings.  I’ve always wanted to learn to play drums but never had the time.  So yeah pretty much a one trick pony!
12.Besides the guitars you also handle the vocal duties for Nekrofilth when did you start singing?Who are some of your favorite singers?
- I love Klaus Meine, Chronos, John Brannon, Jello Biafra, Dio, Ozzy, the dude from NME, Brian Ross, Tom Warrior, Bobby Liebling, Killjoy, Paul Dianno, Patti Smith, Scott Carlson, Bon Scott, and Lemmy of course.  Again too many others to mention.
13.Do you do anything special to keep your throat/voice healthy when recording or getting ready for a show or tour?If yes what is it.
- Does whiskey and beer help?
14.The band comes out of the great state out of Ohio so I was curious what is your of the metal scene in Ohio these days?
- Not too many new metal bands in Cleveland these days.  Really more of a traditional punk town as far as what the young people are into.  Lots of great bands are forming all the time though and no doubt there will be another ripper very soon.
15.Who are some of your all-time favorite bands from Ohio?Are the any new bands you feel the readers should  check out soon?
- BLACK DEATH and BOULDER are huge for me, and also classic bands like The Dead Boys naturally. 
All in all WETBRAIN is the Cleveland band to watch these days.  Features Shaun Filley, who played in Midnight and NunSlaughter, in addition to a ton of great punk bands like Gordon Solie Motherfuckers and Annihilation Time.  The other members played in some other notorious bands from this region such as The Darvocets and Nine Shocks Terror. They have a new LP coming out and it fucking destroys.
16.Well Zack we have reached the end of the interview,thanks again for doing taking the time to do it.Do you have any final words for the readers of Primitive Ways web-zine?
Get fucked!  Later --Z
To  order a copy  of  "Devil's Breath check out Hells Headbanger's Records web-site/shop here.

To keep up to date with all the latest news,tour dates etc.. about Nekrofilth check out the bands site.

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