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Interview with Darkmoon Warrior done by Patrick 11-11-13

Violent Hails,
Germany's  Darkmoon Warrior  released their second  assault "Nuke Em All" earlier this year through W.T.C Prod. and what a release!! this is what black metal should sound like violent,unrelenting and uncompromising black metal.So take a few min. to check out the interview with A.K Krieg and pick up a copy of  Nuke Em All from  World Terror Committee..

Interview  with  A.K  Krieg  vocalist,Bassist  for Darkmoon Warrior  done by Patrick

1.Hails A.K Krieg!  How is life in Germany these days?Thanks for taking the time to do this interview with me.Darkmoon Warrior formed in 1996  what gave you guys the idea to form the band?How did you come up with the name of the band?

 - Wet, it is raining.
We are all good friends, and we were just into the same music. So it was an obvious thing to happen. At least between us two creators of the band, being me AK Krieg and Grommon.
The truth ?! we were sitting fucked up drunk in the rehearsal room and it just popped up. No clue why we chose it.
Was good because we thought no one would come up with a similar name. Reason why we did not change it later on. 

2.What is the current line-up of the band?For the readers who have never heard Darkmoon Warrior's music how  would you best  describe it?

-Grommon and Greifenor on guitars; L.V.X. on drums and AK Krieg on vocals/bass guitar.
Black Metal!
3.Darkmoon Warrior's second cd "Nuke Em All" was just released through W.T.C Prod. How long did it take the  band to write the   songs for this release?  How has the  response  been from the metal fans and the metal  press so far?
-Me (AK) took about 2 weeks to do the base of the music and all together worked on it for 2 or 3 months. Arrangements and lyrics and so on. 
There was 4 years in between albums, we had no clue where to go, and we were busy with other bands. We take our time, no need for pressure.
Truth ?! surprisingly good!
4.Does  Darkmoon Warrior play "Live" very often or does the band prefer to work in the studio only?Which  bands haveDarkmoon Warrior shared the stage with?
- We prefer to play live, that is the whole essence of the band. Studio work is needed but gladly avoided.
You know we are German right ?! so between so many gigs and fests there has been a few hundred we have shared stage with. 
5.Where have been some of the bands most memorable  shows? If you could set up a dream show who are some bands you would love to play with?
- Every show is memorable in its onw way, I cant recall any real bad gig from us thus far.
Now that is a good question. I think we have shared the stage with the bands we truly like.
6.Everyone has their own opinions,ideas on what black metal means,stands for. so I was wondering what  does "black metal" mean to you?
- Perfect audio blast for getting out my true self.
Black Metal has no limits, so you can express your way in whatever way possible. I think that is truly especial.
7.Are you or any of the members of Darkmoon Warrior currently playing with  any side projects or bands? If yes please feel free to tell the readers about   them.
- Greifenor plays in GRÄFENSTEIN and I (AK) play in ETERNITY and ANTI.
8.Darkmoon Warrior Comes out of the German black metal underground scene.So I was interested in your opinion of Germany's black metal  scene?
- Like any other country these days. You have amazing bands and then utter crap.
9.Who are some of your  all time favorite German metal bands?Are their any new German  metal bands you think the readers  should watch out for soon?
- Sodom; Macbeth and some more... 
Hey, I will forget some band for sure, friends and so. Do you really want them to come to me and piss me off because I forgot to mention them ?!
10.You handle the vocals for the band when did you become interested in singing? Who  are some of your favorite vocalists?
-  I never chose to be a singer, I was asked by a guy to sing in his band back in 93 and I said yes. It was my first try, it went pretty good so it stuck with me.
Attila; (early)Paul Dianno, Tom Angelripper; Nocturnus Horrendus...
11.Do you do anything special to keep your throat,voice healthy when  recording  or preparing for a show?
- I drink red wine!
Through the years you learn naturally the techicks how to use the voice to not fuck it up.
12.Besides the vocals you also play bass for the band when did you start playing bass?Are you self taught or did you take lessons when you were younger?
- I started around 94 or so but never did have lessons. I just practiced. 
13.Who  are some of your influences,favorite bass  players? Do you play any other instruments if yes which ones.
- I always liked to watch Pete Steele playing and his bass sound. But sincerely I never did care for technical bass players or so on. 
Yes, I play guitar, for I tend to be the main composer of DarkMoon Warrior. Prefer to do it on the guitar.
14.Well  A.k  Krieg  thanks again for taking the time to do this interview with me,do you have any final comments for the readers before we end  the interview?
- Thanks for the interview and support! We truly Hail to all the people that believe and has supported Darkmoon Warrior. 
BUT fucking buy the albums and dont be lazy fuckers at gigs. We are not making money, we are trying to keep the bands up and running and for such we need YOU 
to not be fucking lazy cunts and just download the music.
To  order a  copy  of Nuke  Em  All  from  W.T.C  check out the labels  web-site here.


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