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Interview with Profanatica done by Patrick 11-11-13

Dark Hails!
A New Profanatica release is upon is the world in the form of cd,and vinyl the newly released  "Thy Kingdom Cum" through the great Hells  Headbangers Rec. defintly  a must have for die-hard fans as well as a must hear for new fanatics of late 80's,early 90's raw,blasphemous black metal.  
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Interview  with John Gelso  guitarist,bassist  for Profanatica done by Patrick 

1.Greetings  John  thank you for taking the time to fill out this interview with me.At what age did you first become  interested in playing  music?

I was very young when I first started playing music on my parents stereo, perhaps 4 years old. My parents played music often, so my interest in it developed at a very early age.

2.When did you first learn to play  the guitars? Did you take lessons when first learning or are you self-taught?Who  are  some of your  influences,favorite  guitarists?

I started playing guitar when i was 14. I did take a few lessons on theory, I was mostly self-taught. My influences came mostly from music of the early 1970's Jimmy Page, Mick Ronson, Ritchie Blackmore, in addition to Wolf Hoffman, and Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein (from the late 1970s early 1980s). Favorites are Page for his production, Ronson for how his use of dissonant tones, Blackmore for his use of exotic scales, and Doyle for his aggression.

3.Besides the guitars you also handle the bass in Profanatica when did you start playing the playing the bass? out of the two instruments which do you like playing  the best?

I would often play Aragon's bass when I was 14 and onward. I prefer guitar.

4.Other then the guitars and the Bass do you currently play any other instruments?Are their any instruments you would like  to learn  how to play?
I can play drums, though not well. I plan to learn how to play the violin.
5.When   did you and Paul Ledney.{vocalist,drums for Profanatica} first meet? What gave you guys the idea to creat such a vile,raw,blackend band such as Profanatica? Did you ever dream it would still be going after all these years?

I met Paul in High School. At first we started a punk band, within a few months decided to play Death Metal and formed Toten. We recorded 2 demo tapes as Toten and disbanded in 1988. Paul and I didn't talk again until autumn1990 soon after Aragon asked me to join Profanatica. In the early 90's very few people liked black metal in the US. It's interesting to me how the support for it has grown over the years.
6.You and Paul formed Profanatica in 1990  way before black metal got trendy or even a little well known.How well accepted was the band in the early days? Who were some of Profanatica's influences when first starting out?

Most people hated it. There we only about 8 or 9 people who where really supporting us (going to all the live gigs, etc.). Although, with each time we played interest in Profanatica would grow and it became the norm for people to drive 14-18 hours to see Profanatica live. While our audience was small they where brutally into it. Our influences where Sarcófago, Hellhammer, NME, Possessed, and Nercovore.
7.I read  that you and Paul split up the band in 1992 why did you guys break up the band originally?Did you  guys talk at  all between 1992 and 2001?

I left in 1992, I had a lot of shit going on and wasn't in the right mind-set to continue. Paul and Aragon continued with Ixithra, though that only lasted a few months and then it all fell apart.
8.What made you all decide to reform  the band in 2001?

I started writing new music and needed someone to do the vocals. I started talking to Paul again and asked him to do the vocals. We added a few more songs and this became Profanatitas De Domonatia.

9.John you and Paul formed Profanatica long before U.S.B.M {or B.M in general} was accepted.I was curious what drew you to this form of music in the first place?What has kept you motivated to keep going in the scene after so many years?
For me it was always about the aggression of the music. In the early years, Paul and Aragon would come up with the song titles and lyrics. A big part of it for all of us was to do something deferent and explore. We wanted to do the opposite of anything typical. Musically, I believe the same thing drives us today.
10.Profanatica has just released their newest release "Thy Kingdom Cum" through Hells Headbangers Rec.How long did it take you to write the  songs  for this release? Are you guys happy with how it all came out?
The album took about 6 months to write and record. It accomplished everything we were going for. Though the new album is finally released, we've moved on to the next album. Music has been completely written and Paul is working on lyrics/titles.

11.Your bandmate Paul usually handles the lyrics for the songs does he usually have the lyrics done before or after you finish with the music writing?
We write all the music first.  

12.How has the  response  been from  the metal press and the metal fans  so far?
 I don't pay too much attention, the feedback I've heard has been positive.
13.Everyone  has their  own opinion,ideas on what black metal stands for.So I was wondering what does the term black metal  mean to you?
Standing up against the lies and hypocrisy of religion. I've studied world religions for many years and in at its core you'll find corruption. The universe is made-up of energy, both positive and negative. Neither is good or bad, the challenge is learning how to harness both. I believe this is the law early cultures practiced, until christianity and other "organized" religions abolished it through acts of genocide.
14.Besides  Profanatica you are also in a side-project,band with N.Imperial{krieg} "The Royal Arche Blaspheme" when did you first get the idea to create  this band? How did you meet N.Imperial?Was it long until he joined the band?
Prior to resurrecting Profanatica with Paul, I had many songs written. Some sounded like Profanatica and where added to Profanatitas, the others appear on both RAB album: Jahbulon, Via Cruis, Resurrection of Depravity, and Vama-Marga (which was originally a Toten song titled Dreary Proximity). RAB provided an outlet to try things that wouldn't work within Profanatica. I was familiar with N.Imerial's work with Kreig and met him at a fest in Texas. He gave me a copy of March into the Sea and from one listen I knew i wanted to work with him, so I called him and he agreed to collaborate on the project.
15.I know you are busy with Profanatica and N.Imperial with Krieg  but have you guys had much time to begin work on any new material for the next release?
I have 6 new songs written for the next RAB album, it's only a matter of everyone being available.
16.Well John  thanks again for taking the time for filling this interview out. Do you have any final words for the readers before we finish the  interview?
thanks to those who support.

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