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Interview with Triumph Genus done by Patrick 11-12-13

this has been a busy but good week here at Primitive Ways web-zine! here is a new interview with the Czech Republic's Triumph Genus the band plays black metal with some really original ideas and amazing playing  while keeping the true heart,and sound of  early nineties black metal alive and well.If you are a "fan" of  black metal then  defintly  check out their debut  LP ""Vsehorovnost  Je  Porazkou  Prevysujicich" on Iron Bonehead  Rec. today!
thanks again to the band and Nathan B. for setting up the killer interview!
Patrick and Primitive Ways web-zine.

Interview with  Svar  all instruments and song writer for  Triumph Genus  done by Patrick

1.Hello Svar  how is your week going?Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with me.Please introduce yourself to the readers. 
Hello. I´m very well. I´m the drummer of SATOR MARTE and KULT OFENZIVY, with a strong interest in metal music, physics, and modern sciences.

2.When did you and Jaroslav{vocalist}  first meet?When did you guys decide to form Triumph Genus?How did you all decide on the band name does it have a special meaning?
I first met Jaroslav about 8 years ago. He had ideas about the KULT OFENZIVY project.  I liked his philosophy and specific vocals, therefore I accept his offer..
The idea of TRIUMPH,GENUS was born 3 years ago when I didn´t have a group of musicians. The band name is representantive of Jaroslav´s philosophy: growing of quality genes (genus). There is only one subject in the lyrics: man and the processes of his growing and falling.
 3.At what  age  did you become  interested  in  playing music?What was the first instrument you learned to play?What do you feel was the easiest instrument to learn to play? what was the hardest to learn?
I started listening to music when I was about 11 years old, and 2 years after, I started playing guitar. Drums as an instrument are harder on the technique and your muscles. It takes a long time before you can play fast and right.

4.Do  you have a certain instrument that you feel is your "favorite" to play?Are their any instruments you have not learned to play that you would like to learn someday soon?
Training on drums is like doing some sport. After that, you clean up your mind and feel very good.  So, it is  my favourite instrument. One day, I would like to learn on double-bass, haha.

5.Triumph Genus debut LP ""Vsehorovnost  Je  Porazkou  Prevysujicich" was recently released through Iron bonehead rec. how long did it take you to write the songs for this release? Are you happy with how everything turned out?

The material for the album was completed during April and May 2013. The lyrics were written after the music was complete. It is two months after recording now, and I´m totally satisfied with finish sound.
I´m glad that Iron Bonehead Records, WTC Productions, and Hexencave Productions offered to us so quickly a good release.

6.How has the response been from the metal fans and the metal press?
It´s really too early to be talking about responses. I have read a three positive reviews on the internet so far. I hope that others will be positive, too.

 7.Triumph Genus is just a two man band with yourself doing all the instruments and Jaroslav handling the vocals and lyrics.Have you guys discussed possibly adding more members to play some live shows or do prefer to only work in the studio?
T,G is only a studio project without a live show. Even if I would like playing gigs, Jaroslav prefers singing and presenting his philosophy only through recordings, and without Jaroslav it isn´t T,G.
I'm playing gigs with SATOR MARTE again, and I´m fully satisfied by this.
8.You live in the great country of Czech Republic,their has always been a good metal scene coming from your country would you agree?What is your opinion of the Czech Republic's metal scene?
I don´t think that we have many good black metal bands in this present era.

 9.Who are  some of your all time favorite Czech Republic metal bands?Are their any new bands you think the readers should check out soon?
I don´t have a favourite band from the Czech Republic. But readers will be pleased with new KULT OFENZIVY, TRIUMPH GENUS and SATOR MARTE releases, haha. And INFERNO and SEKHMET, of course.

 10.Everyone has their own opinions and ideas on  what "black metal" means to them.So I was  curious what does Black metal  mean to you?
It´s my favourite music style, but it isn´t my way of life. I´m influenced by a special freezing atmosphere and lyrics against religion and the human mass, but the most important thoughts I find are in the literature of great men of history. However, the connection of furious, fast black metal with good ideas offers a magnificient feeling!
11.When not writing or playing what do you enjoy doing in your spare time for fun?
I´m interested in physics, philosophy, my friends, good movies, and travelling to the Czech countryside.

12.Well Svar thank you for taking the time to fill out this interview  with me.Do  you have any final  comments  for the readers before we finish  the  interview?
Readers, keep your minds without gods.

To order a copy of the Debut LP go to the Official  Ironbone Head Rec. web-site here.

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