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Interview with Dirgiri done by Patrick

Metal Hails 
here is  a new  Interview  I have done  with   Gene  and Dirgiri   hope you check out  the Interview and  hoe you  enjoy it.

1.Metal Hails Gene!  how is  life  going in Texas for you  these days?  Please introduce yourself  to the  readers?

   Life is great the weather has been very bi-polar here in San Antonio,Texas but now its just plain hot!. Hello everyone out there reading this im Gene Olivarri i play lead,rhythm guitars for Texas based band- Dirgiri outta San Antonio,Texas 


2.When  did you   first  discover metal ?Who were some of the first bands you listened to?  Who are some of your  favorite bands today?

Metal has always been in my life really i was a child in the 80's but i had older siblings that loved Thrash,Punk, 70's rock,NWOBH,Black metal,Death metal and early 80's Grindcore.  In reality i had a library here in my home of vinyls of all these underground genre's so for me as a kid its like when you see a kid spin the tires of his new hot wheels car and stays mesmerized and being so infatuated with it this is the same way metal made me feel as a child when i first heard it in the 80's.  The first bands i was exposed to was Tygers Of Pan tan, Diamond Head,Deep purple,Autopsy,Possessed,Morgoth,Dark angel ,Destruction,Venom,Bathory,Angel Witch.  My favorite bands of today are M-Pire Of Evil,Toxic holocaust,Ghoul.

3.When did you and  the  other members of Dirgiri first meet? how did you all come up with the name of the band?  What is the  current  line up of the band?

Me and Dirigiri Drummer Omar Guerra met in 2004 we went through a few people and met our singer which when he joined Dirigiri was first our bassist Derek Dishner in 2006 i believe and then shifted to vocal's when we found out he could actually sing and gave the music justice with his vocal's. The way came up with the name of the band was we wanted to call the band Dirge but then the name Dirigeri came up in latin it mean Hymns of Death so we ultered the name a bit and came up with Dirigiri



4.For the  readers who have never heard Dirgiri how would you  describe your sound?

 I would say imagine Death metal mixed with Thrash and late 80s Hardcore punk. Our sound has simplicity but has that little something extra behind it for all the different types of metalheads out there the music is very high energy sounding Death/Thrash metal with pounding drums and,riffs and powerful Death metal vocals with great hig to low growls.

5.Dirgiri  self released their  new cd how long did it  take you  all to write the  songs for the CD?And where do you  get inspiration  for the lyrics?


It took us really not a lot of time we have great chemistry together all the inspiration came from life really stuff i have read about in news papers on tour about untimely things that have happened in people lives and how others have had their loved one's taken out of it because if death and murders and addiction

6.How has the response  been  from  the fans and the press?

Th E.p. has been accepted so well here in the states and across sea's so well i couldn't ask for anything more all the writers that have heard the cd really like the catchy tunes so all that means well i'm doing my job right.  I want to thank you Patrick, Paul Caravasi-Soulgrinder Magazine, Dave Wolf AUTOEROTICASPHYXIUM Magazine, and Lady Chaos Kat of Obscure-Chaos Zine, Charlie Jj Kruger and every writer out there taking the time and wrtting about Dirigiri wether it be reviews interviews etc Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Thank You.

7.Has the  band started writing new  songs for the next release? Any ideas when it might  be out?

Yes the new songs are done for the next E.p. the next Dirigiri E.p. will be called Hacking It Up For Texas Barbecue this album is more heavier than the first E.p. and more grittier we should be going into the studio in a few months and it should be out in 2015.

8.As I mentioned  in question 5 you  all released the cd yourselves.Are you  looking  for a label  or do you  prefer to release everything on your own?

We have very much gotten use to doing everything ourselves with musical instrument endorsements, press packing, Sales pitching etc. i'm not into a label coming in and telling me i will sign you and take what your already doing for yourself that you put your heart and soul into and your own money and what little success you have take it away all that you put in and give you 20% of what your already doing for yourself that would be really stupid of me to do so.  If labels want to sign us they have to offer us something that we really couldn't do for ourselves and that we haven't done for ourselves as of yet so yes we choose to do it ourselves the old school way of things.

9.Iremember hearing DJ.Resiistance  and VX.from the radio  show  Planet Resistance  radio show  talk to you about the old horror movies from the 70's and 80' your opinion  what makes a good horror  film? And what are  some of your all-time favorite  horror movies?


 For me i think what made those older horror movies great was that they had actual villains and actual good actors that were  unknown that added the fear to those movies in todays standards they wanna put these high profile actors in these types of movies so there's no fear anymore. my favorite all time movies are The Burning ,SleepAway camp,Maniac cop,NightBreed

10.What is your  opinion   on all the horror re-makes  that have been  flooding the movie scene  over the last 10-12 years?  Do you watch any of the re-makes?

The new re-makes are just made for this new generation. It's to cross over the franchises and make new films to sorta re-vamp the old original movies but yes i have seen a few of the re-makes and was dissappointed cause of all the new rules that they cant be so rowdy like they were back then cause it'll mess up today's youth.

11.Coming  back to  the band  you handle the guitars  When did yiu first  start playing the  guitars? Are you  self taught or did you take lessons when first learning?

I am self-taught my mother and father bought me a guitar in 1989 for christmas when i was 7yrs old they would buy me VHS tapes of live concerts and i would see how they would move their hands and fingers and figure things out on my own and mimic them then i started playing the actual songs at 7 yrs old. I was taken to some nuns to show them what i had learned on my own they told my mother and father wow how did he learn that and they taught me chords and really influenced me to play what i loved which was heavy metal music and the rest is history. 

12.Who are some of your influences/favorite guitarist?  Do you play any other  instruments?

My favorite guitarist and influences are Micheal Schenker-UFO, Pete Townshend-The Who, Eric cutler-Autopsy, Larry Lalonde-Possessed, Lindsey Buckingham-fleetwood Mac i dont know how to play any other instruments i love playing the guitar that much
13.Are you  or any members  of  Dirgiri  play  in other  bands?

No we put all of our focus into this band its our baby. 
14.Well  Gene    thank you for taking the time to do this  interview  do you  have any  final comments for the readers?

 Thank you very much for the interview and for everyone looking for the dirigiri first debut self-titled E.p. Abyss records has em in stock and Murder records and New order records ,satanica productions have them as well please contact them for your copy. To the kids that are hearing undeground metal in their bedrooms keep playing and be persistant with it dont give up work hard i tell you what my parents told me as a child- i will never tell you to chase your dreams cause you'll spend a lifetime chasing them i tell you to go get them and give back to what you love to do so much which is playing music.

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