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Sapremia Interview done by Patrick

Metal Hails  Everyone
   Here is a new  Interview  I have done with Lou from Sapremia  the American old-school band  if you  have not heard these guys yet what are you waiting for   if you love old-school death metal you will want to hear these guys  as soon as possible. 

Interview  with Lou  Ferrara  vocals and  bass  for Sapremia  done  by  Patrick

1. Metal  Hails Lou! how are things going with you  these days? Please introduce yourself to the  readers.

My name is Lou Ferrara, ive been the vocalist/bassist for the death metal band Sapremia since 1990.  We have put out several demos in the early 90's and have put out three professional releases in the mid 2000's til now.
2. When did you  first  start listening  to rock and metal?Who were  some of the first bands you  got into?

I listened to rock at a very age, there really wasnt "metal" per se in the late 70's, but i was listening to Van Halen, Journey, Rush when i was 6-7 years old. My first metal experience is when i found Iron Maiden, probably around 1982 when i was 9, the rest was history for me.
3.Was  it long until you  discovered the underground scene? Were you ever into tape-trading?  Who were some of the early underground bands you listeed to?

I started skateboarding at around 12 years old, so i learned about all the punk/crust stuff in the underground, which eventually led to grindcore and hardcore styles and beyond.  When Sapremia became viable, i was
definitely into tape trading, that was a big way to get your band around the world when there wasnt anything like computers or the internet to help fuel the cause.
4.What about favorite  zines? 

I used to read and be involved with so many true zines back then.  By true zine, i mean ones that were printed and put together, and then sold.  Not something online to can be downloaded. I cant remember many names
from back then, there were some many both locally to us (new jersey) and national/international.
5.What is your opinion on the scene today?Do you  feel it has gotten to big with all the one and two man bands?and small labels ? or do you feel the scene is just changing  with the times?

Interesting question and im not sure how i feel exactly.  I dont think it was gotten too big, but i do feel that there are way too many medicore bands and labels getting big exposure only because they
can with the help of downloading, internet, etc.  I do think it is necessary, an evolution to what the music industry itself has become.
6.What  does the term 'underground Metal'  mean to you?

Metal that isnt readily available to the general, casual metal fan.  Even a lot of extreme bands are pretty mainstream nowadays, so to be truly underground...bands need to be searched out and have that cult following.
7.What age did you start  playing the  bass?Are you  self taught or did you take lessons when you were younger?

I started on guitar, in a different band.  I did take lessons, but learned so much more just jamming with others than any teacher could provide me.  When Sapremia was forming, they needed a bass player, so i took that up.  I really play my bass much more like a guitar than a bass in reality.  I do write almost 90% of our material, and i write it all on guitar.
8.Who are some of your influences/favorite   bass players? Do you play any other  instruments?

Well Steve Harris is the best in my opionion, but i could never dream to play like him. There are so many really good players in metal and extreme metal, and the one thing that has evolved has been the skill set of these younger bands with the help of youtube and what have, some incredible stuff going on.  As i mentioned, i do also play guitar.

9.Besides   the  Bass you also handle the vocals when did you  start  singing for bands?Who  are  some of your favorite singers?

I started singing in the original band i was trying to form just before Sapremia, it was still death metal style vocals.  I can sing regular but actually never have onstage.  My major influences as vocalists are Johnny of Unleashed and David Vincent of Morbid Angel.  I like the brutal style of vocals but that are understable and pronunciate the lyrics clearly.

10.In 2013 Sapremia released their  newest cd 'Autmns Moon'  through Butchered Rec. how did you all come in contact with  the  label? Are you happy with the job they've  done so far?

We were touring in 2011 with a band called Visions of the Night from near Toronto.  They were friends with Pat Pagan of Butchered, who hold operations in Buffalo.  Pagan saw us a few  times live and expressed interest in releasing our material.  Once it became clear that Open Grave records did not want to release us again (they did Hollow in 2007 and With Winter
Comes Despair in 2008), we contacted Butchered and worked out a good deal.

11.How long did it take to write and record the  songs for Autmns Moon?When the band begins working on new music/songs.does the whole band take part in writing or usually one or two members do all the writing?

Recording took about four months.  The songs were written in about a year or so before that, we usually like to hone the tracks out live, in front of a crowd before recording them. Justin DiPinto of Malevolent Creation, Pyrexia, Mortal Decay fame was the engineer, so he had some touring involved while we were recording, it took a little longer than expected. I usually write all the material, then i bring it to our drummer Ryan and we hash out all the changes and whatnot.  Finally, our guitarist Brian gets involved and evoles the
songs further and adds solos or whathaveyou.
12.Who usually  writes the lyrics for the songs? Where do you all get inspiration for the  lyrics?

I do all the lyrics.  Inspiration could come from anywhere basically, but for Autumn's Moon i did a loose concept album.  My favorite horror is the early 30's through to the 50's with Hammer Horror.
I did each song about a different monster, mostly the ones that werent major players, like the Brides of Dracula, the Invisible Man, and Dr Jeckyll.

13.I know sapremia  have done a lot of shows and even a few tours the last few years. where have been some of your  most memorable shows?

We have been super busy since the start of 2007.  We have done a tour every year since then, including parts of Canada in a few of them.  There are so many memorable shows
to try to narrow them down, but last year was our first full US tour which included Las Vegas Death Fest.  That was an incredible experience all told.  Also we have played with
some many bigger bands that have meant so much to us like Unleashed, Grave, Nile, Gorguts to name a very few.

14.Who are some bands you've shared the stage with?  If you could set up a dream tour/show who are some bands you would love to play with?

Unleashes, Grave, Nile, Gorguts, Belphegor, Krisiun, Aura Noir, Suffocation, Deicide, Broken Hope, Atheist, Incantation, Acheron, Goatwhore, Exhumed, Cattle Decapitation, Brutal Truth...and many more.  My dream line up for us without getting out of hand would be...Unleashed, Grave, Vomitory, God Dethroned, and Us.

15.If anyone is reading this  what Sapremia merchandise  do you have availbe? And where  can they order it  from?

Merchandise is available through the band for either mailing or at gigs.  facebook.com/sapremia or reverbnation.com/sapremiaofficial are the two best places for contact, but we do have twitter, instagram, and myspace as well.  Butcheredrecords.com would also have our latest album.
16.When not working on new music or band stuff what do you  enjoy doing in your spare  time?

Personally, im in the gym working out almost every day and i love playing sports, mainly ice hockey and football.  I am getting older now, so not sure when that still stop, but im still plugging away.  We also have a plve for craft beer, our drummer Ryan home brews and will hopefully be able to take off with that and lauch  our own Sapremia beer someday..

17.Lou  thank you  for taking the time to fill this out. Do you have any final words for the  readers  before we end the  interview?

Thanks Patrick for supporting Sapremia and the underground in general.  Thanks for anyone taking the time out to read this.  Support your local scene and bands, go to   buy their tshirts/cds...there is a lot of hard work and sweat that goes into the local level of metal.



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