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Shrapnel Storm Interview done by Patrick

Metal Hails!!!
Here is a new interview  with the  Finland death/thrash band  "Shrapnel Storm"  they have released a two song  demo and anyone into death/thrash  should  defintly  check this band out as soon as possible
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nterview with Mikko drummer for Shrapnel Storm done by Patrick

1.Metal Hails Mikko how are things going in finland these days? Please introduce yourself to the readers?

Hello Pat. My name is Mikko, and I´m battering the skins in Finnish old school death metal outfit called Shrapnel Storm.
Things are going brilliant right now. We´ve done lots of shows in last months and about to start the preparations for our debut album. The stuff we´ve written last days is quite massive!

2.When did you all form Shrapnel Storm?

We had some precursors to the band with my mate Matti in 2004-2005 or so. The musical style in those days was quite diverse, we were experimental guys, haha. The final lineup for the band was frozen late 2007, and that was the time we named the band.
What is the current line up for Shrapnel Storm?
Our lineup is:
Ykä - vox
Aki - gtr
Tohtori Makitalo - gtr
Pete - bass
Mikko - drums
The lineup has been quite stable, we´ve had only one change when Matti decided to quit and Ykä came in as a new member at 2011.
For the readers who have never heard Shrapnel Storm how would you describe your music?

Our music is based on 90s Florida midtempo death metal influenced by German thrash metal. Our influences come mostly from bands like Obituary, Bolt Thrower, Six Feet Under etc.

3.The new demo 'We Come In Peace' was just released how long did it take you all to write and record the demo?

The song demos were written by Aki early 2013. We started to formulate the songs during summer and recorded them during couple of weekends in September 2013.
How has the response been from the fans and the press?

It's quite typical that our music divides opinions strongly. The people who like, like it very much. Mostly the response has been positive. For example, the biggest metal magazine in Finland (called Inferno) featured us as "Band of the month" in February.

4.Who usually writes the lyrics? What are some topics/subjects you write about?

Ykä writes the lyrics. Usually we all have some thematic ideas basing on the song template. Ykä picks up the ideas and writes the lyrics. The subjects usually deal with war and its consequences.

5.Have you all started writing new songs for the next release? Any idea how many songs will be on the next release?

Yes we have. Currently we have approx. 90% ready of the songs for our debut album. We´re about to enter the studio next fall. The debut will probably include from 8 to 10 tracks.

6.Does Shrapnel Storm play live very often? Who are some bands you have shared the stage with?

Recently we´ve been playing 1 to 2 times per month. That´s quite optimal figure to us, because all of us have day jobs. To name some cool names we´ve shared stage with: Metalucifer (JPN), Purtenance (FIN), Spiritus Mortis (FIN)

7.If you could set up a dream tour who are some bands you would love to play with [past or present]?

Some of the names we've been growing up listening to. These were already mentioned, but a tour with Obituary, Bolt Thrower or Six Feet Under would be quite awesome!

8.In your opinion what is the best and worst thing about the underground today? And what does the term 'metal underground' mean to you?

In my opinion, the UG scene is not so tight as it used to be in the old days. I guess social media has something to do with it. On the contrast, finding new good bands is infinitely easier online. The term "Metal Underground" has always meant networking. Nowadays it is more literal, if you think about it, haha!

9.Shrapnel Storm comes out of the mighty Finland scene what is your opinion of Finland's metal scene?

Mostly Finland has been known about melodic metal scene, but there is a strong death metal underground brewing. To name some interesting artists we've played with: Purtenance, Lie in Ruins, (Psychoparalysis), Refusal, Skirmish, Corpset. Check them out.

10.Who are some of your favorite metal bands from Finland? Are there any new bands from Finland you think the readers need to check out?

There was some names answered in the last question. All those groups are worth checking out. To add some of my personal favorites: A.R.G., Pain Confessor, Anger Cell. These are also definitely worth checking out.

11.Mikko you play the drums for the band when did you start playing the drums? Are you self taught or did you take some lessons?'

I started seriously around my twenties, so I guess I started quite old. I´m around 99% self taught, haha! Actually I took couple of lessons some years ago from my friend Heikki, who is a professional (plays drums in band called Diablo, check it out also!), but I got soon bored to the theoretical approach of playing. I think some of his teachings have certainly affected to my playing, but more or less I think I´m self taught.

12.Who are some of your influences/favorite drummers? Do you play any other instruments?

I think Charlie Benante from Anthrax is the one who got me hooked into drums, so he´s all-time favorite to me. I´ve tried to learn play some guitar but my fingers seem to be too sticky into it.

13.What Merchandise do you all have available for the fans and where can they get it from?

Right now we´re designing new Shrapnel Storm t-shirts. Those will be available on our gigs and maybe online.

14.Well Mikko we have reached the end of the interview thank you for taking the time to fill this out. Do you have any final words for the readers?

I'd like to thank you about this interview. If there is somebody reading who hasn't heard our music before, you can find our stuff for example from the following places in web:, and

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