Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Some New reviews for 4-29-14

Metal Hails
Here are some  new reviews for everyone to check out  hope you see some bands to your  liking. If you do  be sure to support them  and buy  their merchandise 

Bleeding  Fist---Death's Old  Stench   cd  [Moribund  rec.]
Slovenia's Bleeding Fist  are one of my favorite  bands off of the  Moribund  roster.Death's Old  Stench  is a collection  of unreleased songs  the songs are still in the vein of Bleeding Fist but  seem to be more controlled and  grim with some faster parts.Guitars are more controlled with some occasional faster parts and speed while keeping the pace.The drumming is  top notch and done extremely tight.If you are a Bleeding Fist fan  defintly  check this  one out not as violent or chaotic  as past release but  still a great collection  of unreleased material.

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Demonic  Rage--Venomous Wine  From Putred Bodies  LP.[Iron Bonehead Rec.}
The Chilean scene strikes again  this time with Demonic Rage who play powerful death metal the way it is supposed to be played.Thunderous  drumming  with some fast blasting parts along with the more mid-paced  heavy drums.The vocals are done in the style of early death metal bands with death growls  and some gruff vocals.Demonic Rage are not creating anything new or innovative but they do  this style with a lot of  passion and  justice. Anyone who is into violent death metal  needs this releases today.
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Evil  Night--Storm Hymns  Of  Filth cassette tape {Hells Headbangers Rec}
Finland's Evil Night  have released their  new demo tape  through Hells Headbangers Rec.  black,thrashing metal insanity.The vocals  are  harsh screams and  some shrieks.Drumming is really well done with some extremely fast beats  but played with a lot of skill and talent.this  is a really  good band and release  if your a fan of  black thrashing metal then pick a copy up before  their  gone.

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Gravehill--Death curse  cd  {Dark Descent]
Gravehill  are death metal legends  playing the style they want  to and not following any trends.Vicious guitars  are played with fierce  heavy guitars with some killer drumming  is top notch  with some  chaotic heavy drumming.The vocals are done really well  death growls with some  gruff styled vocals in a few songs. This a death metal   masterpiece defintly  pick up a copy today.
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Infernal  Curse--The End  Is Up On US  {Iron Bonehead Rec.}
 Infernal Curse  release their  MLP "The End Is Upon Us"and what a release it is  dark mid-paced  mid paced blackend death masterpiece.Four songs of  mid-tempo death/blackend metal  semi-fast guitars with some great riffs and few solo's thrown in the mix.The vocals  are  rough death growls and some screams.with a lot of power  on them. Drums are done to a mid paced  speed but  do speed up on  some of the  tracks.Infernal Curse are one of the best  new bands I've heard if your a fanatic for death blackend metal then pick this  up now.
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Nervosa---Victim Of Yourself  {Napalm Rec.)
Nervosa  are a Brazilian Thrash band .But the one thing that sets Nervosa  apart from  most thrash bands is their all female but don't write these ladies off as they are  a powerful raging thrash  force.taking Influences from the the gods of the scene  and putting their own  brand of vicious  thrash. Thrashing fast guitars that  have some great riffs and  solo's.The drumming is equally as  godly  fast drums with some great  structures. The vocals are  thrashy screams  done excellent anyone who is a thrasher at heart  needs this release. this is a band that is a force to be  recond with.
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