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Cemetary Lust Interview done by Patrick

Interview  with  Andrew  Staub    Vocalist  for    vocalist   for Cemetary Lust    done by  Patrick  

1.Metal  hails  Andrew  Please introduce yourself to  the readers.

I am Andrew Angeldust of Cemetery Lust. I shriek howls of unholiness with the breath of rotting vaginal flesh, cheap cigarettes and cheaper whiskey.

2.When did you  meet  the other guys in  the band? What is the current line up? For the  readers who have never heard your music how  would you describe Cemetary Lust music?

I met Raypissed, bass and back up vocals, about 18 years ago. We were a couple of deviant minded bastards with the lust for metal and pornography. 10 years later, there was this mother fucker creeping around our parties, perving on chicks. It was Nasty Nate, lead guitars. And in early 2009 we met our drummer Disgustor and our other lead guitarist Crystal Seth at a party in a filthy fucking shithouse. We all got together and jammed and started what is Cemetery Lust. Everyone I mentioned is still in the current line up. And for those of you who haven't heard us, our music is fast, perverted and heavy. Not meant for wimps or the faint of heart.

3.Cemetary Lust is  getting ready to  release  their  second  cd,LP  "Orgies Of  Abomination"  through  Hells Headbanger's Rec.  how did you all come in contact with the  label?

Our drummer was lurking around at Maryland Death Fest and ran into a dude from HHR and they talked about our disgusting band. They kept in contact and HHR decided they want to release Screams of the Violated and our next album, Orgies of Abomination.

4.How  long did it  take the band to  write  the songs on  Orgies Of Abomination ?Does the  whole band work  on  the music or usually one or two members write  everything? Who usually
writes  the  lyrics what are some topics you all write  about?

 It took about a year to write songs for the album, we were slow moving. Sometimes every body contributes to the music writing, sometimes Seth will have a bunch of new riffs. I write all the lyrics. Sometimes they'll have all the music for a song and I'll word it around that rythym and timing. And sometimes I'll have lyrics all written out and they'll work their riffs around my timing. I like to write about sex, intoxication and death. All to the highest extremes. And ultimately, I write about the sickening ways of human nature. Humans are a disgusting species.

5.How  has  the  response  been  from  the fans? and  The press?

  Response from our fans has been fucking awesome. Our fan base is just starting to grow so it will only get better. We got an awesome response from the crowd in LA. Crazy bunch of mother fuckers. And response from the press, not too much. I guess we'll have to wait for the album to get out there a little more.

6.I Also  read  that  Hell's Headbangers  is going to   re-release  your  debut cd  "Screams Of The Violated"  when will this be available for  purchase?

It should be available later this year or early next year. So anyone who buys a copy, make sure you line your fucking drugs on the cover while you listen to it.

7.Does  Cemetary Lust   play live  very often  ?Are their  any tours/shows coming up that the  readers should watch out for? 
 We play in Portland a lot. We just opened up for Anvil, killer show. We have a rad show coming up on the 4th of July. It will be Black Death, Hirax, Wehrmacht with an appearance form Cryptic Slaughter, Witchaven, Spellcaster, Dead Conspiracy and others. Its gonna be fucking insane

8.Who  are  some bands you have  shared  the  stage with? If you  could set up a dream tour/show  who are some bands[past or present] you would love to tour with?

 We've opened up for some good bands but not many big ones yet. We've opened for Hirax, the Accused, Gravehill, Witchaven, Insanity, Sorcery, Watain and like I said Anvil. We've played with some kick ass local bands like Spellcaster, Raptor and Maniak. I guess a dream show/tour for me would be with bands like Morbid Angel, Sarcofago, Infernal Majesty, Possessed, Sadus, Razor and Sextrash.

9..In your  opinion  what is the best and  worst  thing about  the underground?  And what does the  term "Underground Metal"  mean to you?

All the underground means to me is not mainstream. Its a huge underworld of bad ass fucking music that most of the world doesn't even know about. The best part is the tight knit group of people that are true til fucking death to the genre and the bands that continue to make bad ass fucking music even when its not "cool". And the worst part is not being able to get paid much but that's how it goes.

10.Are you  or any of the other  members of the band currently  working with other bands/side projects? if yes please tell us about  them.
Our drummer Disgustor and one of our guitar players, Crystal Seth, are currently in a sleazy fucking grind band called the Nekro Drunks. These two degenerate scumbags have been at it longer than Cemetery Lust. And they have a full length release coming in June so fucking be prepared.

11.Andrew  you  handle the vocals for  the  band. When did you  start singing/screaming? 

 About 10 years ago, Ray and I started a little death metal project with a friend of ours. It was some vile shit. Didn't think I would ever sing but I did. And song writing became a great way to utilize my morbid imagination.

12.Who are some of your  influences/favorite  singers? Do you  play any other  instruments?

 Some my musical influences are Sarcofago, Sepultura, Sextrash, Sadus, Nasty Savage, King Diamond/Mercyful Fate, Infernal Majesty, Sodom, Coven, Possessed, etc. My favorite singers are Dio, Halford, King Diamond, Klaus Meine, Alice Cooper, Bruce Dickinson, Paul Diano, and Nasty Ronnie. My lyrics are definitely more influenced by horror movies. Some directors that inspire me are William Lustig, Frank Hennenlotter, Jörg Buttgereit, Dario Argento, Lucio Fulci, Joe D'Amato, David Cronenberg, etc.

13.What do you  enjoy  doing  in your spare time ?

In my free time I like to get stoned, watch horror/exploitation flicks, fuck my girlfriend, masturbate when she's not home, eat cheeseburgers, drink soda, drink beer, drink whiskey and act like a total fucking moron

14.Well Andrew  thank you  for taking the  time to  fill out this interview .Do you  have anything  you would  like  to add  before  we close  the interview?
To all my metal brothers, listen to our albums with your girlfriend, fuck mate or prostitute and fuck her afterwards. She'll probably be wet. And to all the ladies, if you thought you saw someone in your window, you did. It was me or my band. We jack off while you undress.
To Order  a  copy of  Cemetary   Lust  check out  the Hell's  headbangers web-s



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