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Infernal Curse Interview done by Patrick on 5-20-14

Metal Hails!!! 

here  is a new  Interview  with  the  Argentina band  Infernal Curse  the  band has a new  12inch MLP available  through  Iron Bonehead   Rec. hope you enjoy  the  new interview and more  Interviews and Reviews  will be  posted soon.

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Interview  with Nocturnal vocals and guitars for  Infernal Curse  done by  Patrick 

1.Metal hails Nocturnal  thank you for taking the  time to do this  interview.What is the  current line up for the band? How  would you  describe your  music to the metal fans who have not heard you yet?

Infernal Curse: The current line up is: Nocturnal Profaner: Guitar/voices. 

Bestial Offensor: Drums. Abominator: Bass. 

It´s not easy to describe a wave of sound separated from the entire band concept. But in a simplistic way we can label it as “black metal” in an intense, doomy and destructive way.




2.The band recently released their new release 'The End  Is Upon Us' through  Iron Bonehead Rec. How long did it take you all to write the music for this release? 

Infernal Curse: The composition work is what takes the most time, but since we have the same line up since 3 year now, we know each other more and more musically, so things are going much faster now. The studio time was less than a week.

3.How has the response been from  the  fans  and the  metal  press?


Infernal Curse: It varies, but in general, the people we are in contact with is people that understand our concept . Our music is not for everybody or for every moment.

4.When you all begin working on a new song how long does it usually take to complete? Who usually writes  the lyrics? What are some subjects you all write  about?

Infernal Curse: We cannot think that our music is separated from a concept, lyric, or even separated from the entire album or ep idea. So it is hard to calculate an exact time, but for sure it won´t happen in just a day or two.

I wrote the lyrics and the subjects varies. We use a metaphorical lenguaje to express our visions over a dismal, decaying existance and all it’s aspects.

5.Has the band begun writing new material for the  next release or are you all still promoting 'The End Is upon Us" ? 

Infernal Curse: We are already composing a new ep, before starting work on a second full lenght .

6.What  is the metal scene  like in Argentina?


Infernal Curse: The concept of “scene” is not appropriate because there is none. It is just a couple of people organising concerts here and there and a few record hunters.


7.Who are some of your all-time favorite argentina  bands? Are their any new bands you think the  readers  should check  out soon?

Infernal Curse: The metal in Argentina was always more focused on a hardrock/Heavy Metal style. Some of the records we dig are Bloke – Demolicion (1984), V8 first two LP’s (1983-1985), Hellion – Hellion 1984, Retrosatan demos (1987-1988) and so on.

8.Does  Infernal Curse  get  to play live very often or do you prefer the  studio? Who are some bands you all have shared the  stage  with?

Infernal Curse: We do not play very often, but we have done some tours in the past. Last january we went to play in some countries of Latin America, we shared stage with Ominus Crucifix, Abyssum, Goatsemen, Mortuario, Fallen Souls and others.

In other past tours, we played with some devastating acts like Pathogen, Ekron Cult, Coffins, Genocide Shrines, Orator, Karimlan, Anatomia, Tandus, Violent Attack, Balberith, Mantak, Master Of Cruelty, and so on.


9.If you could set up a dream show who are some bands [past or  present] you would love to play with?


Infernal Curse: Would of  been “nice” to attend some of the 80’s deathcore blackmetal shows in Brazil with Vulcano, Mutilator, Mystifier, Necrobutcher, Sarcofago and the like.

10.Are you  or any member of the band  currently  working with other bands or projects

Infernal Curse: Yes, we are.

11.In your  opinion  what is the best and worst  thing about  the  underground today? And what does the  term Underground Metal mean to you?

Infernal Curse: Underground for us is being real, being yourself, thinking by your own without caring about the cost.

Some people think underground is seaching  the Internet for “hype” bands of the month, which limiting the imagination and is just trying to get the applause from the others. An art that is  lead by money or the need to please the mass public is not free, not independent and not underground.

12.When did you first  become  interested  in playing  the guitar?  Are you self taught or did you take lessons?

Nocturnal Profaner: I started when I was 13 and in the begining I took lessons with a friend, later I went on my own.

13.Who are some  of your influnces/favorite  guitarist? Do you  play any other  instruments?

Nocturnal Profaner: I don´t usually focus on a musician but more on an entire band and their concept. But if I have to name one genious mind it will be Quothon

14.You also do the vocals  for the  band when did you  start  singing ? Who are some of your  favorite  singers?

Nocturnal Profaner: I started singing for Nocturnal Evil , then other Projects, until Infernal Curse rised. As for singers I would mention again Quothon and add Paul Baloff, Wagner Antichrist and Attila Csihar. 

15.Thank you  Nocturnal  for taking the  time to do this  interview do you have any final comments before we close the interview?

Infernal Curse: Thank for the interview and interest in the band.

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