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Interview with Italy's Morbo done by Patrick

Metal Hails 
hope  everybody  is having a good week  so  far?  here  is  a  new  interview  with  the  old-school  death  metal band  from Italy    "Morbo"  new  release  "Addicition  To Musical Dissection"  through Memento Mori  rec.
hope  you  enjoy  the  Interview 

Interview  with  Mirko  Singer  for   Morbo  done  by  Patrick 

1.Metal  Hails!  Mirko  How  are  things  going  in  Italy these  days? please  introduce  yourself  to  the  readers?

-Hi there! First of all, thanx for your interest!! Morbo is a death metal band born in 2009. While I was having a long vacation of 3 months in Australia back then, with a lot of time to kill. I had the chance in digging up new bands from the net, only to find out that there were so many interesting new acts that shared exactly the same vision of real death metal that I have. In the meanwhile, my good ol'mates Andrea Corpse and Antonio from Rome told me that they had in mind the idea to start up a project were all the love towards a band like Autopsy would stand quite crystal clear as a reference point. They asked me if I would be interested in taking over the vocal duties and the deal was done. We soon started to work on a few ideas and songs and after a short while David and Giorgio from Haemophagus joined. In about a couple of years our 3 songs-demo tape was out and soon after reprinted as a 7”. We soon realized that the project was evolving into a proper band as our enthusiasm increased every day more, thus we started to work on a full length album.

 2.When  did you  first  discover metal music? Who  were  some  of the early  bands you  listened to? Who  are  some  of your  favorite's  today?

- Being born in a healthy music environment, as my father being a huge collector of 60's / 70's music, helped me to swap my toys from the childhood into music interest as a young teenager. By the age of 11 / 12 I would find myself embraced by this euphoric vibe that hard rock music would give me, discovering AC/DC, Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Manowar, Motorhead, Uriah Heep, Thin Lizzy, Ramones, Judas Priest, Motley Crue, Saxon and so on was a great deal to me and I started to look for more bands that would appeal me and I was always hungry for new discoveries. Then I got hit by thunder and lightning when I first listened to Metallica. My perception of life would have never been the same from that moment on. The flame of thrash metal started to burn inside of me with relentless fury and by 1991/92 my soul was ready to be raped and embraced by death metal. Morbid Angel, Death and Entombed were the new frontier for me, with Venom being the missing link between the styles, and from that point on, I never got back from that sinful spyral my stereo was spitting continuously. All the aforementioned bands, with the addition of Celtic Frost, Mercyful Fate, Bathory still rule my days and nights.

 3.When  did you  meet  the  other  members of  Morbo? How  did you  all come  up  with  the  name for  the band?

- Andrea and I know each other since the early 90's, always respected each other's work and had some collaborations through the years. I got to know Antonio a bit later, but them two have always been friends too. We were all involved in the roman death metal scene in a way or another; time passes by and so do posers, wannabes and fashions. I find amazing that after all these years we share the same passion towards a music style that went to wars, contaminations, misconceptions and finally a rebirth. The underground is our path and through its' caverns we met with David and Giorgio, and even if we all live in different cities/countries, we lead our passion inspiring us in creating music. Unfortunately Antonio's role in the band had to be put on hold, due to personal problems, but we want to believe that we will be able to work together again. Our monicker was chosen after considering a few, until we came across the idea of something like Morbus Dei or Morbus Mundi, soon shortened up to MORBO, as it reflects out vision of a decadent, pestilent and corrupted world.

  4.What is  the  current  line up? For  the  readers  who  have  never heard  Morbo's  music  how  would  you  describe  it?

- The album was recorded with me on vocals, Andrea on guitars, David on drums and Giorgio on guitars and bass. We play straight forward, untamed, organic, dynamic, real, posercrushing death metal. Love it or hate it.

 5.Morbo  recently   released  their new  cd  "Addiction  To Musical Dissection"  through Memento Mori. How did you  all come  in  contact  with  the  label?

 - It was Andrea selecting a few labels through his contacts, as this is his daily job with the label he runs, Despise The Sun Rec. They seemed to have a good deal for the cd release, so we took the chance.

 6.How  long  did  it  take  the  band to  write  the  songs  for  this  release?Does  the  whole band  work  on  the  music  or  does one or two  members  handle  everything?

- The album took A LOT to be written, recorded and mixed. If I am not wrong, we started working on the songs around the summer of 2012, with some ideas that we already had for a while, after the demo release. The recording sessions had a few delays due to different reasons, but we finally menaged to finish it off the first months of 2014. It's generally Andrea that comes up with some riffs or ''skeleton songs''. About the 70% of the music on the album it's his, and Giorgio writes riffs to incorporate in other sketches or writes full songs himself. I write the lyrics and fix the vocal lines to the intrumental patterns that we have. We then work all together on the arrangements, fixing the melodies, solos, changes of tempos and vocal lines, until the alchemy between all the instruments and vocals work the way we want. Once it is over, the song ''speak'' to us and we know it's done. It's like a painting basically, where all colors and armonies stick together and the final piece of art breaths in sinergy and power of expression.

  7.Who  usually  writes  the  lyrics  for  the  band?  What  are  some  subjects you  all write  about?

-I generally take care of the lirycs; I love to play with words and draw images with it. My imagination runs free when I have an idea on something to work with, may it be a vision, a thought, a feeling or simply an inspiration coming from reality or another piece of art, found in a movie or a book, or simply from someone else's song. I am fascinated by the dark side of man and what leads him to extreme acts. I like to describe things around me in a eroded way, being our society a fallen point of no-return. Humanity is on its knees and Morbo's music and lyrics are chronicles of it. For as much as it's a cliché', I admire George Romero' s genius dispalyed particularly in his so called ''Trilogy Of the Dead'', where a post apocalyptic world sees no hope for a future ruined by our own hands, were it all goes beyond by the effective visions of zombies ruling desolate lands. The brainwashing of false moralities and corrupted governments is a endless source of inspiration, and so is the pathetic global views that we are forced to swallow every day, leading me to exalt the primordial instinct and prime evil, and the disgust towards the modern ways of futile lives that has lead humankind to the ruining of our pagan roots and true believes of man's will, nowadays lost in the monopoly of the material world

 8.Does Morbo  play  live  very  often ?  Who  are some  bands you  all have  shared  the  stage  with?

- We don't play live shows very often, due to the fact that we all live far away from each other. The only official show we had so far was last year's edition of the Inferno Festival in Oslo, Norway; now that the album is finally out we are planning to play live more than it's been so far. Some of the bands I would love to tour with would be Sadistic Intent and Obliteration, being a perfect bridge from the best death metal in the past and current scene.

 9.Are  there any  plans  for  a tour  soon? If you  could  set up a  dream tour {past  or  present}  bands  who  are  some  bands you would  love to  tour  with?

- See the preview answer above.

 10.What  does  the  term  Underground Metal mean  to   you?

 - Underground Metal means Underground Resistance, quoting the last Darkthrone album. We stay away from the over produced pop death metal that sells today, were an image and a fake sound is labeled to bands with no personality, ideas and lack of passion and true feeling. We worship the organic sound and creativity and we laugh at the supermarket rules that are imposed by the medias today and people that will be tired to play this style in a year or two, or that will feel free to keep for easy cash and non-artistic profits.

 11.Morbo  comes  out  of  the  mighty Italian  scene  what  is your  opinion   of  Italy's  metal  scene?

- Italy's scene has never been mighty to me, unfortunately. With the exception of the bands from the 80's, we suffered from a hole of quality throughout the whole 90's and some of the 00's. I am glad though that in the last years we finally saw the rise of bands with personlity, guts, balls and passion. To name a few, I want to thank the following for makin' a strong effort in putting in shame ''bands'' that we are often  known for, like Lacuna Coil, Linea 77 or Rhapsody (now, is that even metal?!?!): Blasphemophager, Barbarian, Children of Technology, Doomraiser, Abysmal Grief, Bunker 66, Noia, Haemophagus, Krossburst are just a few that makes me proud of what is the Italian scene today.

 12.Who  are  your  all time   favorite  Italian  bands? Are their  any  new bands you  think  the  readers  should  check  out  soon?

 - My all time favorites: Bulldozer, Death SS, Black Hole, Schizo, Negazione, Necrodeath, Jesterbeast, Monumentum, Fingernails, Sinoath etc. As for newer bands, see the answer above.

 13.Mirko  you  handle  the  vocals  for  the  band  when  did you  become  interested  in  singing/growling?Do  you  do  anything  to  keep  your  throat/voice  healthy?

 - I always admired frontmen, for the duty they have in spreading a message. Shame on the bands that have no attitude or a message/philosophy. I love to sing as it's my subconscious unleashed from the chains of morality and oppression. To keep my voice in shape, the best is always to practice in the reharsal room, plus breathing and vocal range excercises.

 14.Who  are  some   of your  Influences/favorite   singers? Do you  play  any  other   instruments?

- My influences go from different styles, I would quote Phil Lynott, Bruce Dickinson, Bobby Liebling, Chris Reifert, Jeff Becerra, David Vincent, Quorthon, Scott Carlson, Ron Reinart, Lars G. Petrov, Dan Beehler, King Diamond, James Hetfield, Cronos, Tom Warrior, Paul Baloff and Tom Araya. I also play bass, but my qualities are not that highly developped, so to speak...

 15.Mirko  thank  you  for  taking  the   time  to  fill out  this  interview. Do you  have  any final  words  for  the  readers?

- Thank you for your interest indeed!! My final words?!? Be natural, follow your instinct and your inner self, boycott the mainstream and the false music that medias want you to follow like sheep. Wander and lead your path like a wolf!!!

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