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Interview with Lenny vocalist,guitarist of Dustbolt done by Patrick

Metal Hails
here  is  a  new  interview  with  the German thrash band  "Dustbolt" has released their  2nd  cd "Awake The Riot" through  Napalm Records.the  band  draws  inspiration  from  the  U.S and German  thrash  scene's   plus  their  own  talent and  great  writing  skills
enjoy  the Interview and  defintly  pick  up a  copy  of Awake  The Riot  today.
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Interview  with  Lenny  of Dustbolt   done  by  Patrick

1.Metal  Hails!  Lenny  please  introduce  yourself  to  the  readers ?When  did you first discover  metal?

 Hey! I´m Lenny , singer and guitar player for DUST BOLT. I actually grew up in a musician´s family but no one of my family had anything to with metal music. I really explored it on my own when I was 11 years old I think, something around that. I already listend to lots of Rock music and grunge and all that stuff and I was always looking for somethin heavier until I saw a metal video clip on TV and a friend gave me a Pantera CD. From that on it was over haha ;-) It was that best of called Reinventing Hell and it also contained video material. When I saw the live 1992 clip from Cowboys from Hell, I knew what I wanted to do and from that on metal music really became my passion.

2.Who  were  some of  the  early bands you  first  listened to? Who are  some  of  your  current  favorites?

 It´s hard to point out certain bands.. I´m a huge music fan and I listened to music several hours a day.. I still got an oldschool Mp3 Player which I put on as  soon as I go outside the house haha
So I´ve always been more into oldschool bands and I started listening to the classic Thrash Bands but also bands like Maiden, Priest, Rainbow , Mötorhead etc of course!! Today I´m still listening to that stuff very often but there are also some great new bands coming up that have that old school spirit. As far as I´m also a fan of harcore punk/ crossover Thrash Dr.Living Dead would be a newer band which I really love for example!

3.When did  you  first meet  the other  members  of Dustbolt? How did  you all come  up with  the  name of  the band?

Benedikt, our bassplayer, and me started the band going to school together. We were about twelve or thirteen years old and wanted to play music and cover our favourite punk and metal bands . He lived in the same village as our drummer Nico and our other guitar player Florian and thatエs actually how we came together. We all live very close together, around the same small town and we also always hang out together in our free time. Before we put out our first demotape we had a pretty silly German band name and we were just looking for a new one. Someone of us just came up with Dust Bolt which we really liked and we just chose it because it sounded and looked cool and we kind of liked the idea of having a specific name that has not a certain meaning yet. So thereエs no big story behind, but maybe weエll find the meaning behind it one day.. hahah 

4.What  is  the  current line up  for  Dust Bolt?For  the  readers  who  have  never heard  the  band before  how  would you  describe Dust Bolt's music?

 We have me, Lenny as singer and guitar player, Florian also as guitar player, Benedikt on Bass and Nico on drums.
DUST BOLT is young, energetic, aggressive , oldschool but profound Thrash Metal. We try to capture the old school spirit and but in our own fresh and energetic style.

5.Does  Dust Bolt  have  any  tours  coming  up? Who  are  some  bands you all will share the  stage  with?

 We are going to start playing shows for the new record in May and from that on we do shows every weekend and some small tours as headlining act in small clubs and play at festivals, in large part in Central Europe at first. This will go on till the end of the year and then we will probably have a wide European Tour as support act, but I canエt tell any details on this one yet ;-) For next year we are aiming to do the big festivals and to play outside of Europe! A tour with Kreator would be very cool :)

6.What  are  some  countries you  all will  be  touring? If you  could  set up  a dream  show/tour  who are some  bands you would  love  to  share  the  stage  with?

 As I said we are now doing central Europe for this year but hoping to be able to come outside of Europe next year. A dream tour would probably contain all our friend´s bands with us on tour , worldwide!! haha ;-) That would be just awesome! But we probably also would be dead after this one because we drank way to much haha 

7.Dust Bolt  comes  out  of  the  mighty  German  scene  what  is  your  opinion  of Germany's  metal scene?

 German Metal Scene actually is great! You always find lots of Metal fans in every corner of  the country and you have many good clubs you can play shows but also watch shows! The other thing is that the amoung of festivals is just insane! You have so many festivals here with brutal lineups, it´s amazing!

8.Who  are  some  of  your  all-time  favorite  German  bands? Are  their  any  new  bands you can recommend  to  the  readers?

My all time favourite German metal band would probably be Kreator! I just love their music and their attitude, and I really go with Mille´s lyrics. We already met the guys and they are all great people, still on the ground and very very friendly!  Yes there also some new bands! If you have time check out our friends from Battlecreek, Toxic Waltz or Exxperior for example! They kick ass!

9.In your  opinion  what  is  the  best  and  worst  thing  about  the Metal underground ?And  what  does  Underground  Metal  mean  to you?

 Oh that´s a hard one.. You know, I think it really depens on how you define Underground. One could definitely question if there still is a real underground, as far as metal music gets more and more attention even in the middle of society and in normal media. But the thin about Underground and what it means to me is probably the spirit and the friendship within the scene. I think , especially in small club shows, there is a great exchange between the audience and the musicians and no one really feels like a stranger or something like that. It´s all like friends you haven´t met yet and you all share the same passion and this kind of connects people and that´s a thing I really really love about underground! The worst thing`? Hard to tell..  there is just one example coming into my mind (not sure if this is only the case in Germany) that more and more often some right wing idiots are planting themselves into the undergound metal scene and that´s a thing that really pisses me off. Music is something to connect people, not to divide them. There is no place for any racists or fascists, neither in Metal, nor anywhere else!

10.Lenny  you  handle  the vocals  for  the band  when did you  start  singing?Who  are  some  of your  all-time  favorite  singers?Do you  do anything special  to  keep your voice/throat  healthy  when  recording  or  on  tour?

I actually always sang, since I was young – but I never did in front of people. I still don´t do, except for Dust Bolt , where I´m actually more screaming than singing haha ;) I practised a lot the last year and tried to learn some techniques and it really helped! Especially being on tour can be very hard as a singer, because you always have to take care of your voice. Once it is gone, you have a big big problem. I even (nearly) stopped smoking cigarettes for the upcoming shows and tours ;-) The thing you have to take care of most when you´re on tour , is just to keep in mind not to drink too much , because then you start going outside in a shirt although it is cold and you start screaming around, to make sure you have enough sleep (which is one of the most important things for the voice and always a good argument to get up late) and do some warmup before the show. 

11.Lenny  you also  play  the  Guitars  for  the  band  when did you  become  interested  in  playing  the guitars? Are you self taught  or  did you  take lessons?

I started playing as a youn kid but I got my first Electric guitat on my thirteenth birthday. My dad also played guitar for example. Although I wanted to become drummer for a  certain period of time, guitar is the instrument I really love most. I actually never took lessons for the first years, so I´m actually self taught yes. Two years ago then I took some lessons by Jan Zehrfeld , who plays in Panzerballet and I visited a Jazz school for some months but I had to quit. This also brought me to play other styles on guitar and improvise a lot, which a can also use for Dust Bolt. Most of my solos on the album are actually improvised and I try learn  them again after we recorded.

12.Who  are  some  of your  influences/favorite  guitarists? Do you  play  any  other  Instruments?

 I´m able to play a little bit of drums and bass of course but actually there is no other instrument I´m able to play apart from that. So my main things are guitar and singing.
Favourite guitar players: Chuck Schuldiner, Gary Moore, David Gilmour, Prince, Dimebag Darrel, just to name a few

13.Are you  or  any of  the  members  currently  working with other  bands? If  yes  please tell the  readers  about  them?

 Not seriously. Our drummer Nico and I we have two fun projects wich we sometimes do in our freetime. One is calles Punk 9 from outta space and we play crazy spacepunk and the other one is Wayne, where we just meet , get wasted and jam some stoner music .;-)

14.Well  Lenny  we  have  reached  the  end of  the  interview  do you  have anything  you would  like to  add?

 Thanks for the interview and thanks for the support! Hope to meet some of you live at our shows ! Take care and cheers! ;)

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