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Interview with Temple Desecration done by Patrick for 6-6-14

Interview  with   Temple  Desecration    done  by  Patrick

1.Metal  hails!When  did you   all meet each other? Was  it   long before  you all  started  Temple Desecration?

 Hails. We know each other for many, many years. Guitarist and drummer were playing earlier but with no serious results, around 2009 I joined them, and around 2011 our project evolved to Temple Desecration as you know it nowadays.

2.What  is   the  current line up for Temple Desecration?  For  the   readers  who  have never  heard the band  how  would you  describe  Temple Desecration's

Temple Desecration consist of three guys - vocalist, guitarist and drummer. I can describe our music as a death metal you'd like to listen to while desecrating burial ground and other sacred places. Once I heard that our music is perfect to assault someone, hehe.

3.How  long  did  it   take  to  write  the  songs on  "Communion Perished?  do  both memebers  work  on  the  music together or  does one usually  handle  everything?

It is hard question to answer directly because last year, when we were preparing material for this EP, we didn't play regularly due to our personal responsibilities. First track was finished at the beginning of summer, second around autumn. Without mentioned problems we would have this EP written in three months, I guess. Now we work on next material, and since we play regularly again everything is going really well.
Main goal in our songs is that each of us must be satisfied with them, so that no-one here is passive, even me as I'm not a musician. Guitarist bring his riffs, then we think about them if they need to be changed, how to put together with drums, link with next riff, etc. When song is technically completed I do vocals and that's all, nothing special.
4.Who  usually  writes  the  lyrics  for  the  band? What  are  some  subjects you  all write about?  
. I write all lyrics for the band. As I am not a philosopher I don't put any certain ideology or believes in them, I write about Satanism, devil worship, sacrilege and desecration itself as I see it.

5.How   has  the  response  been  from  the  fans?What  about   the  press?

  In Poland we are not very popular band, people here prefer another kind of metal. We didn't have any promotion done earlier, but some people heard about us and so it slowly comes further. But what is surprising is the fact that we received positive feedback mainly from western Europe, South America, Canada and Asia. I have no idea how they heard about us when even in Poland we are in deep underground.

6.Has  Temple Desecration  ever  played  "live"  before  or  is  this a studio only  band?
Yes, we are doing some rites. In the past we played with such bands as Proclamation, Bestial Raids, Tyrants Blood. In June we are doing next two rituals, and at the end of year we have some plans, but no more words for now.
7.In your  opinion   what  is  the  best  and  worst  thing about  the  metal  underground?And  what  does  the  term  Underground metal  mean to  you?
  The best thing in underground is that I don't have any problems with staying in touch with people I'd like to stay in touch. The worst thing is that I can't avoid people I don't want to stay in touch with such ease.
And what does the underground metal term means to me? The music comes from the inner self and stays true - for me these are important values. When money (I do not mean that band "asdf" takes 300$ for gigs while band "ghjk" plays only for fuel and hotel, I mean big cash) comes into circulations these values became forgotten. If you want to earn money on music you're not in underground.

8.Temple Desecration  come  out  of  the Polish  scene.What  is  your  opinion  of  the  scene in  Pland?
Well, I'm staying out of Polish scene for some reasons, I don't know it well, I'm not looking for friendships and I'm not following trends. 

9.Who   are  some  of  your  favorite   Polish  bands? Are  their  any  new  bands  you  feel  the readers  should  check  out?
 The best polish formations are Cultes des Ghoules, Bestial Raids and Kriegsmaschine, that's my opinion. Due to fact that I'm not deep into polish underground and new bands, maybe except Voidhanger, I can recommend only old and forgotten cults such as Xantotol or Imperator. New bands grow like mushrooms after the rain depending on the prevailing trends.

10.Are  you currently  working with  other bands  or solo projects?
No. Maybe in the future.

11.Thank  you   for   taking  the   time  to  fill out  this  Interview.Do you   have  any  final  words  for  the   readers?

Thank you for your interests. Keep desecrating.

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