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Interview with Atavisma done by Patrick on 7-15-14

Here  is  a  new  interview   with   Atavisma  from   France's    underground  death  metal  scene.If  you   are  into  old-school  death metal  with some doom influence  you  will need to  get  a  copy  of 
Atavisma   demo   "Where Wolves Once Dwelled   through    Nihilistic Holocaust.
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Interview   with Lucas  vocalist  for  Atavisma   done  by  Patrick

1.Hello  Lucas  please  introduce  yourself  to  the  readers?

Hi Patrick, as you said I'm the vocalist and founder of Atavisma. I'm nearly 20 years old and live in Paris area.

2.When did  you  first  meet  the  other  member's   of  Atavisma? How  did you  all come  up  with  the  name  of 
the  band? 

At first I met Giorgio (the guitarist and composer) and after some discussions we have decided to make a band. We
stayed just him and me for the demo because we haven't find yet a drummer who is now Charlie.
The name Atavisma came to myself as an evidence very quickly after the decision to make a band. Atavisma itself
does not signify anything and at the same time the notion of atavism carries a lot of meaning, whether an historic point of view, cultural or biological. I like very much this name.

3.What  is  the  current line-up? For  the  readers  who  have  never  heard  Atavisma   how  would  you  describe 
the  music?

Currently, as I said before we are three: Giorgio, Charlie and me. We still search for a bassist, we have maybe a
possibility with someone, we'll see that in summer/autumn. For the future shows, if we still haven't find a bass
player, I have a good old friend that could help us.
Describe the music seems to be easy and hard a the same time ! At first we wanted to play old school death metal,
but as the band advance, the doom aspect came to us naturally. We loved all kinds of doom and we saw that the
doom side includes itself well to our universe. Our lyrics are of course around the notion of atavism, but also about
colonialism, ancestral/pagan traditions and the deep ecology such as the norwegian writer Arne Næss.

4.Atavisma  has  released  their  debut  demo "Where Wolves Once Dwelled" through   Nihilistic Holocaust.How  did  you all come  in  contact  with  the label?

Actually, the "Where Wolves Once Dwelled" has been released at first through Dead Center Productions on MCD. But
we had at heart to release the demo on tape. We knew Nihilistic Holocaust before, because Gabriel (the owner)
emailed us after that we released the demo. So we trade some CDs of our demo with him ! Later he proposed to us  to release the demo on tape.

5.How  long  did  it  take  to  write  the  music for  the  demo? Does  the  whole  band take part  in  the  writing  process or does  one member  usually  write  everything?

Writing a track can take some hours or some months according to inspiration. Sadly I'm unable for writing music, Giorgio must compose everything but I know to tell what I want !

6.Who  usually  writes  the   lyrics for the  band?Where do you  draw  inspiration  for the  lyrics?

Most of the lyrics are usually writes by me but Giorgio bring also his ideas.

7.How  has   the  response  been  from  the  fans? What  about  the  press?

Pretty good I must say ! We have now some fans around the world and that's very great. The press is generally
agreed to tell that we have potential but the sound of the demo is a bit dirty. Most of the critics we received was in
this idea. For me it's only positive, we can only make better

8.Has   Atavisma  started  working  on  new  songs  for  the  next  demo  or  full-length?

Of course ! We will not stand doing nothing. I have some lyrics aside and new music is currently writes. We hope to  record again in august and if possible with a better sound. We should release two split-albums before the end of  the year. The full-length should come the next year, I say no more...

9.What does  the  term  Underground Metal  mean to  you?

That's a big question ! For me, the underground scene should stay more "true". I don't like to use this word   because everybody claims himself "true". But the underground scene keep more the spirit of metal like any other   scene. A little taste of old school

10.Atavisma   comes  out  of  France's  metal  underground  scene.What  is your  opinion  of the  scene  in France?

With good and bad as elsewhere I guess. But I have to say that we a huge and good black metal scene in France.

11.Who  are  some of your    all-time   favorite  bands from  France? Are  their  any new  bands you   feel  the   readers  should  check  out soon?

 My favorite band is and will remain Peste Noire, all the discography is excellent ! I'am a big fan of this band. In  good bands in France we have also bands like Belenos, Ataraxie or more recently Necrowretch. Sadly there is not a  death/doom scene.

12.Lucas  you  handle  the vocals for  the  band  when did you  first  get  into  singing/growling?

A very long time ! I imagine that my first growling was so crappy ! I think I've improved since then.

13.Who  are  some  of your  influences/favorite   singers? Do  you  play any other  instruments?

When I was younger I tried to copy the growls of Chris Barnes from Six Feet Under ! But now my favorite singers are  from like Coffins, Ataraxie, Archgoat, Eye of Solitude or Hamferð.

14.Lucas  are  you  or  any of the  members  currently  working  with  other bands? if  yes  please  tell  the   readers   about  them.

 Giorgio is in a thrash metal band and a progressive metal metal band, I don't know more about it. For my part I  would like to found an another band as a second project. Atavisma stay the priority. I have the idea of another band  near of Atavisma but more focus on the melody and the slowness such as Hamferð, Shape of Despair, Eye of  Solitude or The Slow Death.

15.Lucas  we  have  reached  the  end  of  the  interview  thank  you for  taking  the  time to  fill this  interview   out.Do you   have  any  final  comments for  the  readers?

Thanks for your attention Patrick. We will ensure that we will publish new music soon and play at some gigs. Cheers
from Atavisma !

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