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Interview With the band Lycanthropy {Russia/Ukraine} done by Patrick on 7-9-14

Dark  greetings 
Here  is a new  interview  with Lyncanthropy  from Russia/Ukraine  they  play a blackend style of  metal  that  does have  some death metal  influence.Their  newest  cd  "Totekranze"  through  Black  Plague  Records
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Interview with Gunner from Lycanthropy done by Patrick. Furious and Oleg. I also respond to a few questions.

1.Greetings  Gunner  when  did  you  first  discover  metal? When  did  you  first  meet  the   other  members  of   Lycanthropy ?How  did  you  all  come  up  with the name
 Lycanthropy   for the band name? 

Hails! As for extreme subgenres, it was Chuck and his Death – the very first band, and then I discovered Morbid Angel and Mayhem. 
Lycanthropy was started by me in early 2007. The title was inspired by  mystic eternity and occult power of the moon. At the beginning it was a one member project.  There were different lineups but the core of today’s Lycanthropy was formed when Furious joined the horde (summer 2010). He also recorded vocals as a session member on “The Right Hand of Darkness” demo (2009). We do know each other for a long while. During autumn 2013 Oleg I. joined the band – new important moment for Lycanthropy. 

2.What  is  the   current   line-up for   Lycanthropy ? For  the   readers  who  have  never  heard   Lycanthropy's  music  how  would  you best  describe  it? 

Furious – vocals
Gunner – guitars, bass
Oleg. I – drums

Our music is extremely brutal and fast. We use very high speed approach – 250, 260, 270 bpm. Different genres are combined in Lycanthropy – black, death, ambient, acoustic and doom elements sometimes. But we always have our own atmosphere and feeling. Sometimes we can do pure black metal and then develop it into the brutal death stuff. With Lycanthropy there is always something new, unpredictable. 

Furious: During all the work on Lycanthropy as a band we tried to make uncompromising, fast & very aggressive staff. So it’s better to describe that Lycanthropy is like a hungry wolf hiding in the trees of the forest in order to hunt down the victim. 

Oleg I: Fast, atmospheric and dark.

 3.The  band  released  the  new  cd  "totenkranze"  throught  Black Plague  Rec. how  did  you  come  in  contact  with  Mike  and Black Plague  Rec.? 

Originally album was released as a 180g Vinyl in Switzerland (Nocebo Records) – it contains the original mixing version. For the American market it was re-released as a CD by Black Plague Records/Metallic Media with a new mix, artwork and different song order. Mike is a nice guy. I wrote him about our album and he was interested to release it. He talked with Tim from Metallic Media (our “Dead Silence” MCD was released there) and they co-released it.

4.How  long  did  it  take  the  band  to  write  the  songs  for  the  new cd? Does the whole band   work on  the  music or does  one member  usually  handle  everything?

I am the main composer in Lycanthropy. Music for “Totenkränze”… I think I started to compose in October 2012 and finished in June 2013. As for arrangements – mainly we do them together. Ambient songs for this release were composed by Furious.

5.Who  usually  take's  care  of  the   lyrics?What  are  some  subjects you  all write  about?

It is almost always written by me and Furious. Our themes are: self-development, occult things, misanthropy, werewolves and other mythological beings. Our coming MCD contains a new lyrical subject – World War II. All lyrics for this release were written by Furious and it is really something new for Lycanthropy.

6.How   has  the   response  been   from  the  fans? What  about  the   press?

We are definitely bigger outside Russia, Ukraine. There are a few European countries in which we are very well-known. I don't know about States, but we released two CD's in America: “Dead Silence” and “Totenkränze”. Reviews are quite good, especially on the last album.

7.Does   Lycanthropy    play  "live' very  often or do  you  prefer  the  studio?Who  are  some  bands  you  have  shared  the  stage  with?

I think studio. We shared the stage with different hordes… but not with grands.

8.Have  you  all ever  played  outside  of Russia? If  yes  where are some  places  you all have  played?If  you  could  set up a  dream  show/tour  who  are some bands{past or  present}  you  would   love  to  share  the stage  with? 

No, we have not played outside Russia. We stopped live acts for a moment, but we constantly getting some offers, for example to open for Finntroll and so on. We do have some plans for touring, time will show.

9.What   does Black metal   mean  to  you  all? 

Self-expression, self-development, misanthropy, nihilism ... there are a lot of matching words.

Furious: Freedom of thinking & searches of hidden inside.

Oleg I: Favorite genre

10.Gunner  you handle   the  Guitars  for  the   band   when did  you  first  become  interested  in  playing  the  guitars? Are  you  self taught  or did  you  take  lessons when  first  learning?

I was 13 years old. First of all it was learning on the acoustic guitar in a music school. I even do have a diploma. Subsequently I wasn't very interested in playing guitar for a while, next step was electric guitar – it was a turning point.

11.Who  are  some  of  your  influences/favorite  guitarist? 

My biggest influences are Nornagest, Trey Azagthoth, Euronymous and Blasphemer, Lord Ahriman, Jon Nödtveidt. It’s extremely difficult to pick my favorite one. 

12.Gunner  you also  play   the  keyboards  for  the   band  when  did you  start  playing  the  keyboard? Who  are  some  of  your  favorite  keyboardist? Do  you  currently  play any  other  instruments?

I think I was 5-6 years old. Piano was my first instrument. I am not a fan of keyboards in Black Metal, so I don’t know who my favorite keyboardist in this genre is. I do play on bass guitar also. Currently all intros and ambient songs are done by Furious. I don’t participate in them; I think such scheme works since 2010. 

13.Gunner  are  you  or any of  the  members of  Lyncanthropy  currently   working  with   side  bands  or solo  projects? If  yes  please   tell  the  readers   about  them?

As far as I know Lycanthropy members don’t have side bands at the moment, at least something serious. Furious was active with Nosce Teipsum (war black metal), but the horde is on a hold. Oleg I. left The Konstellation (Hungarian Death/Black Metal). As for me – I am not a fan of side projects, but maybe someday. 

14.What  is  your  opinion  on  the  Russian  metal  scene?

 There are good and bad bands – like everywhere else, but speaking honestly I am not a big fan of Russian metal bands…. 

15. Are their any new bands you  feel  the   readers  should  check   out?

Furious: Unfortunately, no. Let’s better back to fuck’n 1994-1996, to the times of pure evil…

16.Thank  you  for    taking  the   time   to  fill  out   this  interview.Do  you  all  have  any  final  words    for   the   readers?

Check our brand new MCD "Operation Werewolf". It is going to be available soon on LOWER SILESIAN STRONGHOLD (Poland); first copies will contain free patches as a bonus. 

Furious: Hell awaits bitches!... For all of you!

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