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Interview with Unaussprechlichen Kulten. Done by Patrick 8-7-14

Metal  Hails 
Here  is  a  treat  for  all you  old-school  maniacs   a interview   with     Joseph Curwen:for Unaussprechlichen Kulten. Comes  out  of  Chile's  death  metal  scene .The  new  LP  is  being  released  by  Iron  Bonehead  and the  cd version  is being  handled  by   Dark Descent Rec.  so  be  sure to  grab  a copy  today!!
Metal   Regards

Interview with Joseph Curwen: Vocalist,Guitarist for Unaussprechlichen Kulten. Done by Patrick

1.Metal hails Joseph. Please introduce yourself to the readers. When did you first discover Metal?

 Greetings Patrick!I’ll try to remember!...When I was a kid (10-11years old I think) the “curiosity” for Metal started, surely a visual attraction first for the cover arts. I remember that the first original “Cassette”I bought was “Ride the Lightning”. I really liked the sound of the guitars; the speed… but I didn’t understand the lyrics at all! Then with some schoolmates I got a “pirate” copy of the “Show No Mercy”! That was pure Satanism! Cover arts like those make music becoming an obsession for children and youngsters when they initiate, then in 1990 (I was 12 years old) the Incubus “God Died on his Knees” tape cover attracted my attention… a huge inverted cross on its cover. I think I listened to that tape everyday! ... After Incubus I wanted to get all the material from thatstyle; Death Metal was my thing! I tried copying everything I could; classics like “Mantas/Death”, “Carnage/Dismember” “Nihilist/Entombed”, the whole Tampa Florida American era and the New York Death Metal scene… It really was a huge discovery when you listened for the first time to records like “Altars of Madness. It sounded perfect, heavy and almost impossible to play by human beings!

 2.Who were some of the early bands you listened to? Who are some of your favorites today?

Like many from my generation Slayer represents a “before and after” in metal. For me, their first 5 records are the essential, each one with their own identity.Once that I already started with the most extreme metal I liked all the classic Death and Death-Thrashbands from the end of the 80’s and beginning of the 90’s …Funeral Nation, Aggressor, Infernal Majesty, Celtic Frost, Blood, Megaslaughter, Rottrevore, Cancer, Repulsion, Sacrifice, Assassin, Kreator, Necronomicon, Merciless, Whiplash,Sadus, Fatal… Vulcano, Mutilator,Necrodeath,you know… all those that are a must. Though, from the old bands, many have disappointed in their evolution, but there are many for which I still have a lot of respect for keeping active and worthy. For example, I still like, and they are within my favorites, everything from King Diamond / Mercyful Fate; closer to Death Metal always among my favorites are SADISTIC INTENT, MORTEM, AUTOPSY. They are active bands that don’t betray their roots (few can say that!). The same happens to me with monsters like Bolt Thrower, Immolation, Incantation. They are still alive reinventing the style. 

 3.When did you get the idea to form Unaussprechlichen Kulten? You started the band in 1999 what has kept you motivated to keep the band going for so many years? How did you come up with the name of the band?What does it mean?

  I suppose that the band’s name will be a mandatory question for a long time…. Although it is “grammatically incorrect”, it is “spiritually correct” for us. The name corresponds to a Lovecraftian apocryphal. It is the name of an alleged German originated witchcraft book. Lovecraft made a grammatical mistake while doing the translation, mistake that of course, we didn’t want to “correct”. However, when we started, the name I came up with was “Culto Innombrable” (“Nameless Cult”), just like that in Spanish; we even designed a logo with that name, until I realized about “the strange coincidence, full of sense” with “Unaussprechlichen Kulten”. It was the same name! It was perfect, diabolically whispered by “Azathot/Azazel” just for us!

4.What is the current line-up for the band? For the readerswho have never heard the band before how would you describe the sound?

 We are a completely unknown band for most of the Death fans on the planet. We come from the “Third World” (Chile – South America) and our records have been released under editions of very few copies and little promotion. Now, really, under Iron Bonehead and with the help of Dark Descent (USA) we expect the promotion to be done in a much better way.

A brief description of our sound: Death Metal with a strong influence of the American scene from the 90’s and some feeling from the Finish/Swedish bands from the same time, of course, with the South American (chaotic and rabid) style. Musically, it’s like putting something from Sadistic Intent / Demigod / Mortem in the blender, being very careful of doing good guitar arrangements, not just following the “Riffs” format, but something more atmospheric, sinister, chaotic and asymmetric between both guitars.

5. Unaussprechlichen Kulten is getting ready to release its new LP. BaphometPanshub-Niggurath through the mighty Iron Bonehead Records.How long did it take to write the songs for the new release?

The whole process takes around one year (Lyrics and Metal). From “People of the Monolith” onwards, it has been the same. I write the lyrics, then me and Butcher of Christ build the structure and cuts; I bring the riffs, the arrangements and disharmonies of both guitars (I bring everything done and ready from before and according to what the lyrics need, fast parts, slower and heavier, strange arrangements, etc.). Once I show the guitars to Butcher, the drums is 100% his responsibility, then we adjust the structure and cuts in the rehearsal room. After that base is composed the bass is done (based on the drums). On this last record NAMRU IMPETRADORUM MORTEM joined into the bass creation process. All the bass are 100% created by him in the Chapter VIII.

 The album was recorded at DM6 (that is, home!) this year, 2014. Not only have we recorded all our albums there but our rehearsal room is there as well. It’s more than 10 years in that place. Pablo Clares has been a great friend and ally of the band during all this time!

Our current line-up is:
L.P.L.C: Spiritual Member

6.Who usually handles the lyrics for the songs?What are some subjects you all write about?

The lyrics correspond to the “free interpretation” of the Lovecraft work and how it is present in different cultures and mythologies. In occasions I use textual quotes from H.P.L. or other authors, combined in some cases with personal research and experiments. For example, “Lucifer Poseidon Cthulhu” is a consolidation of Demonic/Sea concepts. The Kali-Yuga animal-man on its infinite arrogance intends to locate at the center of the universe, imagining boring gods that observe him eager to judge his behavior. The Laws, Morality, Religions and Science involuted from the Iron Age lack validity and meaning in the cosmic plane.Being mankind no more than an accident in time and space, the lamb-man is not even the first nor shall be the last inhabitant on Earth.
Only in incapacity or relating its ephemeral knowledge allows him to live ina placid island of ignorance, surrounded by the black seas of “the infinite”. In case of being able to “know or raise” the veil of “beyond” he would go mad or immediately self-destruct before the revelation. Perhaps only the Bearer of Light “gnosis” (Lucifer), to what H.P Lovecraft called “the call of Cthulhu” allows him to suspect on “strange survival” and the terrible vision of “the truth”.(Poseidon’s trident)

 7.How has the response been from the fans who have heard it? What about the press?

 To be 100% honest, there isn’t much “press” or specialized media talking about our work, but just many friends and coreligionaries (from zines, labels, distros, Blogs, Webzines, etc.), that during much time have supported us (like Crypts of Eternity or Necromaniac among others). We don’t attract the attention of the “big media” of metal.
But until now it’s been very good critics. Actually, the first thing I care about is that they realize that the work is honest, that has a lot of effort and no pretenses. After that, each one can interpret or give an opinion on the music or lyrics as they please! 

8.Does Unaussprechlichen Kulten have any tours/shows planned? Where are some places you will be playing? If you could set up a dream tour who are some bands{past or present} you would love to share the stage with?

Of course, this 2014 we’ll be on tour with ZOMBIFICATION and INCARCERATION at the beginning of September, through Italy, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Czech Republic, we’ll be in Denmark in the last KILL TOWN DEATH FEST. We are very eager to be there. Afterwards, by finishing September, we’ll have some shows in Spain, France together with Decapitated Christ! We really want to be there soon!
IN the past, we have already had the chance to share with Immolation, Grave, After Death, Mortem… one of our favorite bands is SADISTIC INTENT; it’d be really great to share a show. Another band I’d like to share stage with is PENTACLE… both are alive! So there is a chance!

9.In your opinion what does the term Underground Metal mean to you?

I consider “Underground Metal” all the movement (Bands, labels, magazines, etc.),which turns only around one passion, to the enthusiasm for “Metal” that has no hidden “pretense” or commercial purpose. I don’t care if the bands are completely unknown or if they are very popular, if a band is more “popular” it doesn’t mean that it stops being “underground”.Extreme Metal may never be massive, due to its own nature. Bands need not “hiding” or stop doing “promotion”, or releasing “very limited copies” to be “more underground”. Extreme Metal is normalized on its own; the “industry” or the masses will never like or be interested in a noisy anti-cultural movement and of explicit lyrics and attached to things which are unpleasant to most people.  Being “Underground” is typical to all anti-cultural movements or protester from the established “ canon”. 

10.Joseph you handle the vocals for the band. When did you first start  singing/growling? Is there anything you do special to keep your voice/throat healthy?

I started with the voices in U. Kulten. Actually, it was a need. At first, I just wanted to play guitar, but I didn’t like the idea of having a “vocalist”, so I just tried; only worked in focusing on the lyrics, giving the emphasis, brutality or darkness words need, nothing more.Is there any secret in order to take care of your throat? Absolutely nothing, probably in some years I may not even be able to talk! Hahaha, but it doesn’t matter. For now, I’m willing to tear my throat if I have to!

 11.Who are some of your favorite singers?

  There are several. In feeling and darkness I believe that Enrique Chávez y Bay Cortez! Each one in their style! If we talk about brutality, the one is Frank Mullen, and for my taste the “deepest” voice is Ross Dolan’s of course, mi respect of course to the best of all (even though he is not related to Death Metal at all): King Diamond.

12.You also handle the guitars for the band. Are you self-taught or did you take lessons when first starting out? 

I only play guitar. I don’t consider myself a “musician” either. I only know how to play Metal; a musician is capable of playing any style. Mine is totally self-taught. It’s not that I feel “proud” of that, I’m aware that I must made many mistakes for not having a musical education in my instrument. For now, the level I handle is enough to express what our music needs: darkness and devotion!

13.Who are some of your influences/favorite guitarist? Do you play any other instruments?

I only play guitar. In the past I embarked myself with the bass guitar (in Magnanimvs), but my thing is the guitar. Among guitar players, I take influence from several, like for example, Rick Rozz; he is, to my taste, the best one using the tremolo; Trey Azagthoth is very good with effects (doing bizarre solos); of course, Hank Shermann and Andy La Rocque, and more in Death Metal closer to our line, Robert Vigna, not only due to the solos (which are very good), but also for the way of composing!

14. Unaussprechlichen Kulten comes out of Chile's metal scene.What is your opinion of Chile and South America’s metal scene as a whole?

At the South American level there are positive and negative things. Negative things, for example, are that there are many copycat bands. It’s pointless to have copycat bands of the “90’s Norwegian” type black metal, talking about winter and snow, in a continent where there’s no snow, neither Nordic gods. Generally, I believe that one negative thing is that with so much information (and so easy to acquire), the South American scene has been losing its identity; before it used to be particular to have a rabid riffing guitar, ripped voices full of energy. The music really transmitted all that rage; now there are many “clones” and a lot of “old school”. We are in 2014, there’s no need to be nostalgic.

On the other hand, the “professionalization” of the bands/labels/zines in South America has allowed many bands to grow; the bands do a much more serious work and with promotion. Among them I’d highlight EKRONKULT, INCRUST, HEADHUNTER DC, DIABOLICAL MESSIAH, EMBALMED SOULand several others that I’m not remembering right now.

Chile has a very potent current scene. There are many good bands, good labels and good zines; we have underground metal shows of excellent quality. Sometimes I think that there are more bands than public, there are more magazines than readers, more labels than metal buyers. I hope that soon we can become a great scene as the Brazilian was at some point, and why not, as the Tampa Florida or the Swedish scene was. 

As in any order of things, there are unwanted people, posers and rip offs,copycat or clone bands, but they don’t deserve to be named nor spending time in being named.

15.Who are some of your all-time favorite South American bands? Are there any new ones you feel the readers should check out?

 I believe that my favorite bands would be Pentagram,Sepultura (old), Mortem, Mutilator, Masacre (Col), ShubNiggurath, Hades (Peru), Chakal, Vulcano,Sarcogafo, Necrosis; basically, the scene from the end of the 80’s and beginning of the 90’s from Chile, Brazil and Colombia.
Currently, there are tons of good bands, for example, from Chile: Godless, Ancient Crypts, Magnanimvs, Demonic Rage, Force of Darkness! From Brazil: Poisonus; from Perú: Profaner and Evoked terror.

16.Well Joseph thank you for taking the time to do this interview.Do you have any final words you would like to add? 

Thanks to you for your interest and support to the band and to the people that took the time to read this interview. 

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