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Interview with Dan vocalist for Striker done by Patrick

Metal  Hails 
Here  is  a  new  interview   with  Striker  out  of  the  mighty  Canadian  metal  scene.Striker  has  signed  with  Napalm  records   and  released   their  third  full-length  "City Of  Gold"  if  you  are  a  heavy  metal fan  with  touches  of  thrashing  mayhem  defintly  check  out   Striker  today!!
enjoy  the  interview  and  keep  watching  for  new  Reviews  and  Interviews   soon.
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Interview   with  Dan  Cleary   vocalist  for  Striker   done  by  Patrick  

1. Metal hails  Dan!  When  did you  first  discover  metal  music?Who  were some  of  the  first  bands you  listened  to?Who  are  some  of your  favorite  bands?

I think I first discovered metal in around the 7th or 8th grade, so when I was around 13 or something. The first stuff I listened to was The Scorpions, Iron Maiden, Guns and Roses and Slayer. Nowadays some of my favourites are Vicious Rumors, Helloween and like an endless list that goes on and on haha
2.When  did you  all get  the  idea  to  form  "Striker"? What  is the  current  line up?How  did you  all come up with  the  name  for  the  band?

Originally it was orginial guitar player Ian and myself wanting to be in a band that was like Racer X, we just wanted to shred so bad haha. Eventually we needed a singer and I took over that role and we got Chris in the band playing guitar. The current line up is Me (Dan) on vocals, Tim Brown and Chris Segger on guitar, William Wallace on Bass, and Adam Brown on Drums. As far as the name goes, Ian and I were just driving around and he thought of the name and we went with it haha nothing to special. 
3.For  the  readers  who have never  had the  chance to  hear  Striker how  would  you  describe  the  music of  the  band?

 Like Iron Maiden but not as good haha. I'm not entirely sure how to describe us, usually people can't put a finger on it really
4.Striker  is getting  ready  to  release their  third  cd  "City Of Gold"  through  Napalm Records. how  did you  all  come  in  contact  with  this  label? 

After we recorded "Armed to the Teeth" we were looking for a label to release it and our buddy Eric Grief sent it Napalms way. They contacted us and seemed like the right fit and it went from there.
5.How  long  did  it  take to  write  and  record  "City Of Gold" ? Does the  whole  band  work  on  the  music or does  one member  usually  write  everything?

 I write the majority of the music, and am kind of writing all the time, so by the time we are ready to record the album we just choose the songs we like the most and work on them together. We spent 4 weeks in Sweden at Studio Fredman recording the album, and did a little bit of extra vocal stuff at home as well. 

6.Who  usually  writes  the   lyrics  for  the  band? Where do you  all draw  inspiration  for  the  lyrics? 
I write most if not all of the lyrics. The inspiration is from all over the place. This time around there are some more personal songs, and some songs about things I believe in. Revolution and the world changing, stuff like that. Also of course the title track is about the mayan religion which is pretty fucking cool.
7.Striker  comes  out  of  the Canadian metal  scene,what is  your  opinion  of  Canada's  metal  scene? 

 It's pretty awesome, and has been growing ever since we started. Every big metal show that comes through is sold out for the most part. Not all those people come to the smaller shows but they are starting to.

8.Who  are  your  some  of your  favorite  Canadian  bands?  Are  their  any  new  bands  you feel  the  readers  should  watch  out  for? 

Our buddies in Skull Fist and Unleash The Archers, watch out for them! Also Cauldron and Mortillery. There are a lot to choose from!!
9.I  read  that the  band  has a  U.S  tour coming  up  with  Onslaught  and  Artillery  where  will the  tour  be  playing?

That tour is going all over the US, from New York to L.A!


10.Does  Striker  have  any  European  tours  coming up  soon? Where  are  some  countries  you  will be  playing?

We are touring with Bullet and Stallion in Europe right away. We will be all over Germany and in Spain, Italy, France to name a few.
11.Who  are  some  bands you  all will  be  touring  with? If you  could  set  up  a  dream tour with any  bands {past  or  present}  who are some bands you would  love to share the  stage  with?

Well, Bullet and Stallion, and Onslaught and Artillery. We would love to play with Iron Maiden (obviously) and Metallica. Or maybe open for Justin Beiber and play at Motorhead levels and melt some brains!


12.In  your  opinion  what  is  the  best  and  worst  thing  about  the  underground  scene today? And  what  does the  term  "underground  metal"  mean to  you?

To me "Underground Metal" is anything that isn't getting radio play, or doesn't fit the current trends in the genre. It's great because there is a true passion to it. No one is playing in an underground metal band trying to get rich haha. At the same time it is hard to keep going as an underground band, sometimes success can be fleeting, but if you really love to play and make music it's all that matters.
13.Dan  you   handle  the  vocals  for Striker  when  did you become  interested  in  singing/screaming? Do  you  do  anything  special  to  keep  your  throat/voice  healthy?

I started in 2007, pretty much because we needed someone to sing. I had a bit of a nack for it so I was the one haha. I warm up my voice and stuff, the main thing is to not get sick, that really fucks everything up. Looking back I have so much respect for any singer who can get on stage while sick or with a cold and still preform, because it's hard and it can hurt and be really shitty. 

14.Who  are  some  of  your  favorite  singers? Do  you  currently   play any  other  instruments?

Big fan of Carl Albert from Vicious Rumors and have recently been listening to a lot of Mark Free from King Kobra and Signal. I also play the guitar, even did a couple solos on the new album!  
15.Dan   are  you  or  any  members  of  Striker  currently  playing  with  any  other   bands? if  yes  please  tell  the  readers  about  them?

Tim used to be in Kobra and the Lotus but not anymore. No one else is in any other bands.

16.Thank  you  Dan  for  taking  the  time to  fill  out  this  interview.Do you  have  any final   comments for  the  readers?

Thanks for reading and check out our new album "City of Gold" you won't be disappointed!


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