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Interview with Vorzug done by Patrick

 Here  is  a  new  Interview  with  the  Arizona's    Vorzug  if  you  are  a  fan  of  old-school  blackend thrash  with  some  elements  of  old-school  death metal.The  band  has  digitally  released  their debut  single  pretty  much  where   digital  music  is  sold.  So  get  it  today  and  keep  a  watch  out for  the  bands  debut. 

Interview with Vorzug done by Patrick

1.Metal Hails how long has Vorzug been a active band?

 Well Howdy-doo buckaroo! Vorzug had its official start in June 2014, though we were together with our current line-up for years under a different name.

2.What is the current line-up for Vorzug? For the readers who have never heard the band how would you describe the music of Vorzug?

 We have Daniel Beck on drums, Rock Rollain on bass, Ivan "Graven" Schone on guitar, and Anthony Hoyes for vocals. We play a hybrid of Old-School Death Metal mixed with black, thrash, and gore. 
For quick conversation we say were Old-School Blackened Death Metal.

3.Vorzug recently released their first single "I Am In Hell" how long did it take to write the music for the song? Does the whole band work on the music or does one member usually handle everything?

 I don't remember exactly, but it was fairly short. We got everything pretty much done over the course of a week. Everyone in the band has input on the song, we start off with just a basic drum beat or guitar riff and we build on it.

4.If the fans want to get a copy of  the song where  can they hear/purchase it? How has the reaction been from the fans s far? What about the press?

VORZUG: I AM IN HELL is available at hundreds of online storefronts. Xbox music, Sony Music Entertainment, 7 Digital, HMV digital, ITunes, Amazon, Spotify, are some of the bigger places, some of those offer free streams. We just ask people to buy from that is from amazon but we put an official link to it for branding and simplicity. So far fans have really gotten behind it and enjoyed it from what they've told us, as have the media, we haven't had any bad reviews thus far.

5.I Believe I read the band is hard at work on the debut release will this be a digital only release or would you like to release it on cd or cassette?

VORZUG: We're going to release on digital and physical formats. So we're doing a CD and there is some talk of doing a Vinyl in limited amounts. Cassette tapes, I don't know about but if 20 or more people want them we will make a limited run for them. So fans make sure to let us know what you want and we will try to make it possible for you.

6.How many songs are you all planning on having on the release? Does the band plan to self- release it or have you searched for a label?

 I think we're doing 8 songs. Could be a hidden track or two if we have the proper time to get it done but 8 for sure. The release will be put out on Apollyon Entertainment which has distribution through Universal Music Group, so as it stands now we have no real interest in any other labels unless they are offering all expenses paid touring.

7.Any idea's when it might be released for the masses to buy? Where do you all draw inspiration for the lyrics?

Our planned release date is Jan 23rd 2015. Lyrics are inspired from occult ideas, horror films, and everyday life in terms of my own experiences/feelings on things.

8.Does Vorzug play live very often or do you prefer to work in the studio? Who are some bands you have shared the stage with?

 So far Vorzug hasn't performed live yet, the last show we did we performed under our previous name but that was back to back festival shows. We love performing live, but we wanted to focus on getting new material out as quickly as possible with the new name and establish ourselves as a force. Which I think we've done so far, so now we have a few dates confirmed for the first couple months of 2015 and we have 2 major bands we're talking with about doing west coast dates on their tours so we will be getting out there pretty soon.

9.Does the band have any tours/shows  planned for the near future? If yes where are some places you all will be playing? If you could set up a dream tour or show who are some bands {past  or  present} you would love to share the stage with?

 We have dates booked for late Jan-march of 2015. We have dates confirmed in Arizona, and California so far. Our dream tour would be with an combo of Motorhead, Six Feet Under, Amon, Cannibal Corpse, Obituary and us.

10.In your opinion's what is the  best and worst thing about the current metal underground scene? And what does  underground metal mean to you all?

 I have no idea. I don't feel we're apart of any scene. So to be honest with you I have no idea about it.  I don't believe in the term "Scene." That being said I also don't feel there is underground music. It was a way of connecting to something that went against the mainstream.
But all music is mainstream now. Cannibal Corpse is on billboard. People know what death metal is, there's a death metal themed cartoon, you can't get more mainstream than that. So I know people like to include themselves into elite groups in the metal world but in todays information age there are few things on the fringe of pop culture.

11.Are any of  the members of Vorzug currently working with any other bands or solo projects?

 Ivan is a member of an industrial metal band Element A440. Rock is in a blues/rock cover band with a 16 year old guitarist called Sneaky Pete. Daniel is in a traditional metal band called Crimson Reign. And Anthony plays video games and produces porno in his spare time.

12.What is the metal scene like in Arizona?

 Similar to my other answer. We're not part of any scene so I cant really answer this. If you're asking how shows do here, it's the same as anywhere else. Music in general is a popularity contest, so if you play the game and hang out with the fans at shows and so forth they will do the same for your band inspite of whatever talent you may have or may lack. So it's the same everywhere. There are a lot of good bands in AZ, but some will only do well in the state, while other thrive outside of it.

13.Who are some of your all-time favorite Arizona bands? Are their any new bands you feel the readers should  watch out for?

 Well the members side projects make sure to look into those. Crimson Reign, Element A440. But some other bands that we enjoy are Hypatia, Exiled (John Cason is one cool customer) Unholy Monarch, and Magguts. There are other bands like Lago, Genocaust, Epyon and so forth that are very worth checking into.

14.Thank you for taking the time to fill this interview out do you have any final words for the readers?

 You're very welcome. Always glad to take time for interviews and general music conversations. To the readers, if you haven't heard Vorzug yet, we invite you to take a listen. You can find us all over but lets keep it simple.
If you're into it like our pages, share our pages, tell your friends and buy our track. It's .99 cents, we also have a song available for free on our facebook page so you can try before you buy.
We're not going to be one of those kickstarter or indiegogo bands begging people to give them money. We released a product, if you're in the market for a death metal track give it a try, if you like it we have more coming, shirts also on the way. So keep checking back if you don't like it, leave us feedback we like to hear from everyone, so good and bad comments are welcomed.

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