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Interview with Cardiac Arrest from the U.S done by Patrick on 12-20-14

Metal Hails 
Here  is  a  new   interview  done  with  one  of  the  best  bands to  come  out  of  the  Illinois   Metal  scenes.Cardiac Arrest  blend  old-school  death  metal   and  elements   of the  newer  scene  to  make  a  very  unique  and  aggressive  band.  If you  have  never  heard  the  band  before  this  is  a  great  band to   check  out  if you  are  a  old-school  Metal  maniac.
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Interview  with  Adam Scott  Vocalist and  Guitarist  for  Cardiac  Arrest    done  by  Patrick
1.Metal  Hails  Adam   when  did  you  first  meet  the  other  members  of  Cardiac  Arrest? What  gave  you  all the  idea to  form    Cardiac  Arrest?How  did  you  all come  up  with  the  name  for  the  band?
A: Greetings Patrick!!! Well, we've gone through a lot of different changes through the years but the original lineup years ago, we went to high school and all. I just wanted play Death Metal and have an outlet. As far as names are concerned, we had a name but had second thoughts on it, then one day my friend/bandmate came asked me what I thought of Cardiac Arrest? Well, I guess that was that.
2.What  is  the  current  line up  of    Cardiac  Arrest? How  would  you  say    Cardiac  Arrest's   music  has  changed  over  the  years?
A: Other than myself, we have David Holland on Bass/vocals, Tom Knizner on Guitar/Vocals and Nick Gallichio on Drums. I can honestly say the influence still remains, of course when you have different guys there's going to be certain things that maybe a little different when they put their input in. They've been in the band for a long time now so there's a good chemistry.
3.  Cardiac  Arrest   is  getting  ready  to  release  their  new  cd   "And  Death Shall  Set You Free" through  Razorback Rec. how  did you  all come  in  contact  with this  great  label?
A: Yes, as a matter of fact, And Death Shall Set You Free just came out about two weeks ago. We've been friends w/ Billy at Razorback Records for a long time, we've always shared an interest in Horror Films, one of the common interests we've mainly shared. I guess you can say maybe the stars aligned themselves just right this time around when it came down to being on the mighty "Horror Hive"!!!
4.How  long  did  it  take the  band to  write  the  music  on    "And  Death Shall  Set You Free"? Does  the  whole  band  work  on  the  music  or  does  one member  usually  write  everything?
A: Hard to say, the songs came out of ideas we've had since our previous album Vortex of Violence or before that even. We always write, it will never end. There are times I do come up with a lot of stuff, but everyone has their say in what we do on the songwriting end. There's no dictatorship here on that front.  
5.How  has  the  response  been  from  the  fans  so far? What  about  the   press?
A: The fans love it for sure, I think. Now the press? Hard to say at this point since "And Death.." is still pretty fresh. I can't wait to see what kind of shit will fly. BAHAHAHA!!!!
6.I have  seen  on  the  Cardiac  Arrest  facebook  page  that  the  band  will be  heading to  Europe  in  early  2015  what gave you  all the  idea to  head to Europe?
A: Indeed, this will be our first time over there. Of course that has been a long term goal of ours for a long time to do something like this overseas. It was just a matter of when.
7.Who  are  some  bands you  will  be touring  with? What  are  the  countries you   will  be  playing  in?
A: We will be on tour with NOMINON from Sweden. Quite honored to be doing it with them! Thus far at the time I'm doing this interview, the countries I know we WILL be doing are doing Sweden, Germany (4 dates at least), The Czech Republic, Poland, Belgium, The Netherlands. The tour will end at The Neurotic Deathfest in Tilburg, NL.
8. I  know  it  is  a  little  ways  off but  have you  all  decided  on  any  U.S  tours for  2015?
A: Not really, just a show here and there. We've toured North America before. We just don't have the time to do such endeavors for such a long period of time when holding down jobs and shit like that.
9.I  know  Cardiac  Arrest    have  played  a lot of  shows  over the  last  few  years  what  have  been  some  of your   most  memorable  shows?
A: For starters playing the Canadian dates on tour w/ Destroyer 666 and Enthroned was just plain mind blowing. Of course I can't neglect opening for Autopsy a couple years ago in Chicago. What a huge honor especially playing to such a huge crowd in our home town. Those are at least 3 of the top ones. I'd have to think long and hard about other ones. HAHA!!!
10.Besides  the  new  cd  coming  out  on  Razorback  Rec.  I  believe the  band  also  released  a split  7inch  with  Radiation Sickness  How  many  songs  are  on the  new  7inch?  Where  can  the  fans  pick  up  a  copy  of the  7inch?
A: The split w/ Radiation Sickness isn't out yet, it should be coming out in the spring of 2015 on Fat Ass Records out of Poland. I'm sure some distros out there will be able to carry it for sure, of course both Radiation Sickness and us will have copies for sale.
11.Besides  the   new  cd  and  7inch   does   Cardiac  Arrest    have  any  new  merchandise  coming  out  soon? Where can  the  fans  get  the  merchandise?
A: At the moment we have shirts for the new album out. Working on some other cool little things for merch. You never know what we'll come up with. You can go to for merch.
12.Adam  besides  the  band  you  also  run  Death Dealer  distro  when did you  first  start  the  distro? Where  can  the  fans  see your  full distro  list?
I first started Death Dealer Distro almost ten years ago. I have a facebook page for it, my full list is up. Plenty of CDs, Vinyl, as well as Zines and other cool goodies!!
13.Do  you  usually  trade  or  buy  wholesale  with  other  bands and  labels? Are  you  currently  looking  for  new  bands and  labels to  work  with?  What  styles  of  metal  do you  carry  in  the  distro?
A: I am always looking for cool stuff to carry in the distro, from any labels from around the world. I predominantly carry Death Metal, but also some Black, Thrash or even the traditional Heavy Metal stuff too.
14.Cardiac  Arrest  comes  out  of  the  mighty   Illinois  metal  scene what  is  your   opinion  on the  scene  in  Illinois? 
A: I can't really speak for Illinois as a whole. Mainly cause a lot of it comes out of Chicago, not that say any other town has killer bands or anything. The scene is I guess you can say good. Saturated at times, due to being a lot of bands, and a lot of shows, which at times can be bad with dividing crowds and what have you. But I guess you can say it's better to have a couple options, when some other 'major markets' options are either Black Label Society or nothing at all.  
15.Who  are  some  of your  all-time  favorite  bands  from  Illinois? Are  their  any  new  bands  you  feel  the  readers  should  check  out?
A: Cianide, Macabre and Impetigo are for sure all time. As far as newer bands? Some that are worth the time are Nucleus who are very unique and great. They Die Screaming is a very cool horror inspired Death Metal band too. I'd like to see both bands keep going for sure.
16.Adam  are  you  or  any  of   the  members  of  Cardiac  Arrest  currently  working  with  side-bands?If  yes  please tell the  readers  about  them?
A: Well, Tom has a band called Severed which he's had since 1995. Grindy sleazy punk driven Death Metal. Very fun listen and fun to watch as well!!! Nick also has a project which is Grind/Black Metal (I think, hehe)
17.Well  Adam  we  have  come  to  the  end  of  the  interview.Thank  you  for taking  the  time to  fill out this  interview   do  you   have  any  final   comments  for  the  readers?

A: Thanks a ton for the interview, thanks to those who read, get the new album as well as I hope to see some of you on tour in Europe!!!! ROT FOREVER!!!!
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