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Interview with Germany's Speedwhore done by Patrick done on 8-29-15

Germany's   Speedwhore   are  a  new  band to  my  ears  and  with  their  new release  "The  Future  Is  Now"  released  by the  mighty  Witches  Brew  Rec. If  you   are  a  maniac  for  heavy metal  and thrash  metal  you  defintly  need to  give this  band  a  listen today  and  but  a  copy  as soon as you  can.

Interview  wit Tim K. singer  and  guitarist  for  Speedwhore   done  by   Patrick

1. Hello   how  are things  going  in  Germany  these  days? Please  introduce yourselfs to  the  readers?

First of all thanks for the interview! Personally we're doing fine, but living in Germany is as always: The German Angst is going round on quite a few topics and for many folks doomsday is only a question of time, but the weather is fine though, at least at the moment.

2. When   did you  all get  idea  to  start   the  band   Speedwhore? What  is  the  current  line-up?

It was just a crazy idea from Joker (our bass player) and me after we had few too many beers on some metal festival in 2006. As we had no experience or anything that comes close to be called a “musical skill” it was clear that we’d do something primitive. So, we gave up the idea of being the next Rush or Watchtower very soon – at least since the first rehearsal.

3. For  the  readers  who  have  never  heard   Speedwhore's  music  how  would  you  best  describe  it?

This depends on who asks. To my mother I would say very fast Rock music with shrieking vocals (mother: “You mean like Deep Purple?” me: “Hmmmm. Almost!”), but to someone who’s into the topic I would say aggressive 80’s Thrash with some other elements from Black- to Doom-Metal. And when playing live there’s another big element that comes in too: Punk.

4. Speedwhore  is  getting ready to  release  the  debut  cd   "The Future  Is Now"  through  Witches  Brew  Rec.  how  did you  come  in contact  with  this  great  label?

It was already released in April 2015. It’s a great label indeed. We came in contact with Cheryl when our guitarist Basti met Cheryl at some concert in the end of 2014. We then sent over our album, she liked it a lot and they had a free spot on their roster. That’s the whole story of how we became part of the Witches Brew family.

5. Does  the  whole  band take  part  in the  writing  or  does  one  member   usually  write  everything? Who  usually  writes  the  lyrics for the  band what  are  some  topics/subjects  you  all cover?

I’m the main songwriter and lyricist, but when I come up with a new song it isn’t already cast in stone. We rehearse them and we all put in new ideas from that point on. So there are ideas, riffs and whatever from every band member in almost every song. Joker also wrote lyrics for a song called “Lions Gate” which will be on the next release. So this will be a small premiere too.

6. Besides the debut  cd  coming  out  does the   band  have  anyother  merchandise  available  for the  fans to  buy?

Besides the “The Future Is Now” CD that can be bought via the Witches Brew Shop or directly from us, there’s nothing to buy at the moment, but Witches Brew will do patches for us! The album will be released as tape too, but that’s not cut and dry by now. So the next thing will be the patches.

7. Does  Speedwhore   play  live  very  often?  What  have  been  some of your  most  memorable  shows to  date?

No, we don’t play live too often. In September we’ll have our first gig after 9 months…this says it all. Our most memorable shows were always the ones outside our hometown Munich and especially in foreign countries. My favorite gig so far was the Total Eclipse festival in Turin, Italy. It wasn’t too well-attended but the crowd was awesome.

8. Does the  band  have  any  tours  or  shows  coming  up  in the  near future?  If  yes where  are some  places  you  all  will  be  playing?

The only safe gig that’s planned at the moment is the one in September, where we’ll be playing in Ingolstadt, Bavaria at a gig called Thrash Injection. Some others are planned but nothing concrete, yet.

9. Speedwhore   comes  out  of   the  German   metal  scene  what  is your  opinion  of  Germany's   metal  scene?

I guess Germany has one, if not the most, active metal scenes in the world, but that also depends on the region. Metal is bigger in the rural areas than in the cities and Munich for example isn’t the best place to be if you’re into Metal. But I don’t know any place where there are as many concerts and festivals as in Germany, which is awesome.

10. Who  are your  all-time  favorite  German   bands?  Are their  any  new  bands  coming out  of  Germany you  feel  the  readers  should  check  out  soon?

My all-time favorite German band…that’s a difficult one, but I guess it’s a tie between the Scorpions and Running Wild. There are quite a few young German bands that are playing traditional metal in all its forms. Check out Nucleaholic for example. I don’t know if they released anything except for rehearsals, yet, but they are a cool live band. Our lost drummer David (David, where are you? At least give a sign that you’re still alive, ok? haha) plays in this band.

11. In your   opinion  what   is  the  best  and  worst  thing  about  the  underground  scene today? And  what  does  underground  metal mean to you?

The best thing are the cool people of course. There are many nice and relaxed individuals. On the other hand there are also few stupid people, from racists to homophobes and 19 year old kids who think they are rock stars. But once you are able to distance yourself enough from the scene to look at it in a more objective way, it’s way more pleasant. I know what I like and I know what I dislike. Period. I was much more undifferentiated in former times. So, for me there is no overall metalheads unity, but nevertheless, I’m still part of the metal underground and I see no reason not to be part of it.

12. Are  any  members  of   Speedwhore   currently   working  with  other  bands? If  yes   please  tell  the  readers  about  them?

Basti plays guitar in the Thrash Metal Band Nuclear Warfare which was already formed 5 years prior to Speedwhore, our new drummer Daniel does swampy acoustic stuff and I sing in the Heavy- and Thrash-Metal band Discröyd. I also have a doom project called Lord Muck where all songs are finished and recorded since many years except for the lyrics and the vocals.

13. When not  working  on  band  stuff  what  do you  all enjoy  doing  in your  spare  time?

Most of the time it’s writing and recording music actually, but besides that I started to read books again, I eat out a lot and I like travelling (especially to the US).

14. Thank  you  for  taking  the time  to  fill  this   interview    out  do  you  all  have  any  final  words  for  the  readers?
Thanks to you and also thanks to all the readers of the interview. Check out our first album “The Future Is Now” (the whole album can be streamed via Bandcamp!) and feel free to contact us via! Cheers, Tim!

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Interview with Argentina's Vomit Of Doom done by Patrick on 8-29-15

Metal  Regards
Here  is  a  new  interview   with  Argentina's   Vomit Of  Doom  whe  will  be releasing their  debut cd  "Obey The Darkness" through  the  label   Satanath Rec.  If you  are  a fan  of  old-school  black  thrash then  you  defintly   will  want  to  give this  band  some  support  and  but  their  new  and  upcoming releases.

Interview  with   Venemous   Abominator  vocalist  and  drummer  for  Vomit Of Doom  done  by  Patrick

1.Hails!! when  did you  first  get  the  idea  to  form   Vomit Of Doom?How  did you  come  up  with the   name  of  the  band?
the first hints of VOD were at the beginning of 2008
We came from other bands like Insultor / Electrokution / Rictus Calices.
the name comes from the famous "spits and throws the word of the weak (Christians)" conviction vomiting, the last cry from the bottom, spitting anger, black vomit South America (Sarcofago)
2.What  is  the  current  line up  of the   band?For the  readers  who  have  never  heard   Vomit Of Doom's   music  how  would you  best  describe it?
Training in this moment is

venomous Abominator
Drums and Voice

Artillery Command


Bass Session

We define our music as a dark metal, with touches of thrash and death metal from the old era, we also believe that music round all our influences. Speed Black Magic Metal !!! 

3. Vomit Of Doom  is  getting  ready  to  release their  debut  cd  Obey The Darkness   through  the  Russian label  Satanath rec.  how  did the  band  come  in  contact  with this  label?
I always wanted our music to reach as much as possible lejo
because basically he deserves
since we are in a very small town where we were born how little had
in isolated places not reached many social shit
but you are the servant of loneliness and darkness that these valleys spit! .. Then comes in contact with Satanath.
4.How  long  did it take the band to  write  and record the  music  on  the  Obey The Darkness  release?Does  the  whole  band  work  on the  music  or  does  one  member  usually  write  everything?

this album took  six months to compose  then it burn was faster (1 month)
in the band's music is composed byArtillery Command / Venomous Abominator
and the concept and the band Idiology Venomous.
5.Besides  the   new  cd  coming  out  does the   band  have  any  other  releases or other merchandise  available  for the  fans? Iff  yes  please tell  what is  available  and  where  can the  fans  buy  it  from?

we have available
VOMIT OF DOOM "Southern Black Demon" first EP Cd
VOMIT OF DOOM "Southern Black Demon" Tape

6. Vomit Of Doom  comes  out  of    Argentina's  metal  scene what  is your   opinion  of   Argentina's metal  scene? And  what  about the  rest  of the  South  American  scene?

we have good friends in what is outside the country, we went to play out of our house because we think a faster way to move our music Argentina has its scene  but it is only now making culture national support underground bands
where are we southern Argentina  There is a new breed of good dark bands
where his music goes beyond copying "legendary" bands  but we also have many fashion trash and stuff that everyone there!
but actually we support some bands around here that are really good.
abyss Angel / Altar of gouls / impure sacrament ....
7.Who  are  some  of your  all-time  favorite   South American  bands? Are their  any  new  bands you  feel  the readers   should  know  about?



8.Besides  the  bands  are their  any  labels  or  distro's  you  feel  the  readers  should  check  out?What  about  good  fan or  web-zines?

everything that is good for spreading the Black Death  this very well .. we are in difficult times in the global economy
so any advertising or difucion is welcome.
9.Are  their   any  upcoming  shows or  small tours  for  Vomit Of Doom?If  so  where  are some  places  the  band  will  be  playing?
we are about to realize our new tour to Peru / Colombia / Ecuador   We took a while for the same thing I said earlier
(the problem of the economy).
10.What   have  been  some  of your  most   memorable  shows  to  date?Who  are  some  bands you  all  have  shared  the  stage  with?
one of our best show was with people DEATH YELL in 2014    that was really good for us
now let's opening for REVENGE (can)   and year-end also will touch on a great show with a legendary band of all time!
Pay attention!
11.Venemous   Abominator  you   handle  the  vocals  for the   band  when  did you  first  start  screaming/singing?Do  you  do  anything  special  to  keep your  throat  healthy?

I eat more or less singing the year 98  always hanging style    black metal and death metal
a little more dirty thrash metal!  I just try not to talk much before touching live
Because I'm the battery and voice    Then I'd rather focus my energy on my goal
I do not care much what we can flaunt to live Longer

12.Who  are  some  of your  favorite  vocalists and  singers?

13.Besides  the  vocalist you   also  play  the  drums  for  the  band.When  did  you  start  playing  the drums? Are you  self taught  or  did you take  lessons  when  first  starting  out?
they taught me all that.
14.Who  are  some  of your   influences/favorite  drummers?Do  you  currently  play  any  other   instruments?
I also play guitar in other projects.
15.What  does  underground  metal  mean  to you?

where real can express their anger against this Zionist system!

16.besides  writing  and  playing  music  what  are  some  of your  other  interests and  hobbies?

Our interest is to get as big as possible with this new album and that also comes a new Ep
but it would be great to get those sides
it all depends on contacts and q real friends do in the new era!

17.Thank  you  for   taking  the  time to  fill  this   interview   out.Do  you   have  any  final   comments  for the readers?

thank you for this interview! interest in our music! ..
Readers only say that in these times where fashion and shit in his maxima expresion are intruding on our roads!
destroy the weak! Christians who let their ignorance not feed some minds this to be rescued ..
for false that are within our scene Must Die! no more waste in our ways!
follow the correct line or dies forever! BLESS YOU!

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Interview with Greece's Nightbreed done by Patrick done on 8-22-15

Metal  Hails!!
Here  is  a   new  interview  with  Greece's  Nightbreed  who  has  just released their  Self-titled debut cd  through  the  mighty  Witches Brew.Anyone  who  is  into  thrash  metal with  some  traditional  heavy  metal  influences  should  defintly   give this  band  a  shot  today

Interview  with  Nightbreed  done  by   Patrick

1.Hello  when  did  you  all meet  each  other? Was  it  long  before  you  all  formed  Nightbreed? How  did  you  all  come  up  with the  name  of  the  band?

Hi there, we all somehow knew each other a long way back when most of us played in other bands, at first the band was formed by George Nyalathotep on drums and Alex G on the bass alongside with sofia on guitars and Ntinos from Released Anger on vocals. After a while George carahito came on to complete the first line up. We all ended up with that name because of our common taste in films and the same thematology of violence and gore in our lyrics.

2.What  is  the  current  line up  of  Nightbreed ?For  the  readers  who  have  never  heard  the  bands  music  how  would you  best  describe  it?

The current line up was formed a little while after sofia left the guitars and Stelios came. After we finished the recordings for our "From Yuggoth" EP Ntinos left the band for personal reasons so Nir took up his place on the hellish vocals. So our current line up is: George nyalathotep on drums, Alex G on bass, Stelios and George carahito on the guitars and Nir on growling/spit on your grave vocals. Our music is pure thrash nothing more nothing less.

3.Nightbreed   has  just  released  their  self-titled  debut  cd  through  the  mighty  Witches  Brew  rec.  how  did  the  band  come  in  contact  with  this  great  label?

After we where finished with the recordings of our first album we began to search for a label to distribute it. We contacted with Witches Brew cause we heard only good words about them and we can also confirm that because we were treated with respect.
They truly are big supporters of the underground scene!

4.How  long  did  it  take to  write  and  record  the  songs  on the  debut?Does  the  whole  band  work  on  the  music  or  does  one  member   usually  write  everything?

The songwriting didn't take a long time but the recordings took a while to finish, as long as we had some changes in the line up. We all contribute in songwriting.

5.Who   usually  takes  care  of the  lyrics  for the  band? What  are some  topics/subjects  you  all  write  about?

Usually the lyrics are taken care of by George carahito as we all feel the we can't express the sickness of the human mind better than him!

6.Besides  the  self-titled  debut  does  Nightbreed   have  any  other  merchandise  available  for the  fans?

We have also self distributed the EP "From Yuggoth".

7.Does   Nightbreed    play  "live"  very  often?Where  have  been  some  of your  most  memorable  shows  played?

For sure we haven't played live as often as we have wanted to but we take any chance to play. We think the most memorable shows have been in Kuttaro in athens alongside with many friends and bands.

8.Who  are  some  bands  Nightbreed has  had the  pleasure  to  share the  stage  with?Are  their  any  upcoming  shows  or  small tours  that  the  fans  should  watch  out  for?

Bands that we have shared the stage with are mainly from the greek scene and some of them are Convixion, Steamroller assault, Demolition train and many other great bands.
We are truly happy to announce that we are already booked for a show with Enforcer in December here in athens and in April 2016 in Taunus Festival in Germany alongside the speedgods Iron fucking angel.

9.Nightbreed   comes  out  of the  mighty  greek  metal scene   what  is  your  opinion  of  the  scene  in  Greece?

The scene here in Greece is sick, in a good way and is getting sicker and sicker. And that's because we all are truly metal fans.

10.Who  are  some  of your  all-time  favorite  greek  bands? Are their  any  new  bands  you  feel  the  readers  should  watch  out  for?

Everyone from the band could respond a little bit different. I think Flames, Rotting christ, thou art lord, released anger. New bands that anyone should hear are Sacral rage, Convixion, Demolition train and many others.

11.In  your  opinion  what  is the  best  and  worst  thing  about  the  metal  scene  today?And  what  does  the  term  underground  metal  mean  to  you?

The best thing is that new bands keep popping up and they keep the underground alive. As always the worst thing that happens is the rumors, the backstabbing and all the shit some bands pull to show off. These posers don't deserve to live. Underground is the birthplace for any band today from the great bands of the past to the newcomers in the future. This is where it  all begins!

12.Thank  you   for   taking  the time  to  fill  this   interview   out.Do  you  have  any   final  comments  for  the  readers?

Support the bands you like so they can keep recording, touring and do what they do best: THRASH TILL DEATH!

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New Reviews done on 8-17-15

Metal  Regards
Here  are  a few  new  reviews  for your  reading  pleasure  we  have  some  new  interviews  and  more  reviews coming  up  very  soon

Daemoniac--Lord  Of   Immolation  Mcd  {Xtreem Music}
Daemoniac  are  the  brand  new  death  metal  band  created  by  Max  who  was  also  in  the  long-running  Italian  band  Horrid.Lord  Of   Immolation  is  the  bands  debut  Mc  featuring  six  songs  of  old-school  death metal  with  a lot  of  influences from the  Swedish  and U.S death  metal scenes.The  guitars  are  done  with  a lot  of  great riffs  and  patterns  going from  mid-paced  riffs to  a  more  heavier and  semi fast  riffs.The drumming  is  done  with  a lot  of  skill  and  expierence.The  vocals  are  old school death  metal  growls that  fit the  bands  music  extremely  well.If your  a fan  of  old-school death metal{espically the Swedish and  U.S scenes} then  do yourself  a favor  and  pick this  up today!
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Disorder--En  El  Rio Del Olvido  cd   {Morbid   Skull Rec.}
Coming  out  of  El Salvador's  metal  scene  are   Disorder  who  play  a very  old-school  style  of  fast thrashing black  metal.The  vocals  are  a  mix  of  gruff growls  mixed  with some  high pitched screams.The  guitarist  are  really  good at creating  and  playing  mid paced to  all out  assults  of faster thrashing  guitar  sections.The drums  are done  in top form  with  a  mix  of  high energy  drum  patterns  and  some  well  played  mid sections.Anyone  into  old-school  thrash with touches  of  black and  death metal  influence  should  give  this  band  a  listen.
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 One  Master--Reclusive   Blasphemy  cd  {Eternal  Death}
 One  Master  who  comes   out  of the  U.S  black  metal scene  returns  with their  new cd  "Reclusive   Blasphemy"The  music  is  very  chaotic  and  well  played  early  black  metal.The  guitars  are  mid paced raw  guitar riffs  with  some  faster  guitar  patterns  and  done  with  a lot  of  talent  and  expierence.The  drums  are  done  with  some  fast,crazed  drum  beats  then  change  and go to  a  more  heavier,mid  paced  drum  patterns.The  vocals  are  harsh black metal  screams.If  you  have  heard  One Master's  previous  releases  I  would  highly recommend  checking  out  the  new release today     "Reclusive   Blasphemy".
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New Metal Reviews done on 8-1-15

Metal   Regards
Here  is  a  batch  of  new  reviews   this time  around  we  have  some  old-school  thrash and  black and  old-school  death  reviews  for  your  enjoyment.Hope  everyone  who  reads this  zine  will find some  metal to  their  liking.As  well  be  sure to  check  out  some  of our  past review  and  Interviews  with  bands  and  labels  from  around  the  world

Aversion--Aversion  cd/digital {Self-Released}
Aversion  comes  out  of the Canadian  black  metal  scene.Combing  early raw  aggressive  black metal  and  even  a  little  bit  of  atmosphere  in a  few  of the songs.Semi  fast  guitar  played  with  a lot  of  experience  and  structures.Drumming  is  in top  form  with  mainly  mid tempo  drums  but  the drummer  is  not  afraid  to  play  fast  and even  blasts  in a few  tracks  before  going  back to  a  mid-paced beat.The  vocals  are  old-school  raw black metal screams  and  some  whispering style  vocals  are  also  in a few  songs.Aversion are  a  band  to  watch  out  for  if your  into  the  early  days  of the  black metal  scene.
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Shrapnel    Storm--Mother  War  cd  {Witches  Brew Rec.}
Finland's  Shrapnel    Storm  release their  debut  cd  "Mother  War"  through  the  mighty  german  label  Witches  brew Rec.combing  the  power  of  early  U.S and  German   thrash  with  some  early  90's  death  metal  influences  mixed  into  the  sound.The  guitars  are  done  with  a lot  of  crazed  and  fast  riffs that  besides being fast  as  any thrash  band  are  played  with  a lot  of  skill and  experience.The  drums  are  heavy  and  range  between  fast  and  a  more  controlled  mid-paced  range.The  vocals  are  death  growls  with  some  screams  and  gruff  style  vocals   in  a few  sections.If your  a  fan  of the early to  mid  90's  death/thrash  scene then  defintly  give  Shrapnel    Storm  some  support.
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Vorzug--Call  Of  The  Vultures   cd/digital release  {Apollyon   Entertainment}
Arizona's  Vorzug have  released their  debut  cd  titled  "Call  Of  The  Vultures"   is  a  great  mix  of  death  and  black  metal  with  touches  of  thrashy  guitars.The  guitars  start  off  in the  mid-paced range  that  are  played  with  a lot  of  creativity  and skill. each  song  is   played  with  a lot  of  variety  without  loosing  any  of  the  metal  influences and  each  song  sounds  completely  different  then  the  one  before  it.The  vocalist  knows  how  to  keep  his  voice  in shape  going  from  traditional  death  growls  to  a  more  black thrashy  screams.This  is  a  good  debut  and  anyone  into  early  blackend  death  metal  should  defintly  give  this  band  a  listen  today.
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