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Interview    with  Kaeck   done  by   Patrick on 11-25-15

Kaeck   is  a  new  band  coming  out  of  The Netherlands  blackend war  metal  scene.Kaeck  has  just  released  their  debut  cd  "StormKult"  through  the  mighty  Folter  Rec. read  below  about  the  bands  present  and  future  plans   and  if  you   enjoy  blackend  war  metal  give this   band  a   listen today.

Interview    with  Kaeck   done  by   Patrick 

1.Hails  when  did you  all first  meet? Was   it  long  before  you  all  formed  Kaeck? How  did you  choose the  name  for the  band does  it  have  a  special  meaning? 

Agitator: we just met each other in person all together when the album was already out, just a few weeks ago. I know Chaos for years know and the same with Oovenmeester, but we did not met all three of us together.  

Oovenmeester: i met Chaos for the first time when began Kaeck. But i have known Agitator for years. Kaeck is a terrible god i invented as part of the lyrical theme of the band. It's kind of a red line through the lyrics. 

2.What  is  the  current  line up  for  Kaeck?For  the  readers  who  have  never  heard  Kaeck's   music  how  would  you  best   describe  it? 
Agitator: Black war metal. 

 Chaos:   Oovenmeester did the lyrics and voice. I've read some reviews stating we have 2 on vocals, because of his crazy style changes, but its only him. 
I think Kaeck sounds like Darkthrone, old Gehenna and Archgoat put in a blender.   

3.The  band  is   getting  ready  to  release  their  debut  cd   "Stormkult"   through  the  German  label  Folter  Rec.  how  did you  come  in  contact  with  this  great  label? 

 Chaos: I was signed to Folter with Sammath since 98. I left Folter Hammerheart two years ago. Since I have always had great contact with Joerg I was damn pleased he was interested to release Kaeck. Especially since the band was only 6 months old, and we only send him 2 tracks. Very proud of this, and glad to also be back with Folter.  

4.When  writing  a  new  song  does  the  whole  band take  part  in  the  writing  process  or  does  one  member  usually   write  everything? 

Agitator: I make the framework and Chaos writes the riffs. If one of us don’t think it’s good enough, we throw it away.  

 Chaos: We threw away at least 3 tracks and many riffs. If it wasn’t up to standard, delete and move on.  

5.Who  usually  writes  the  lyrics  for  the  band?What  are  some  subjects the  band  writes  about? 

Oovenmeester: I write all lyrics for Kaeck. The lyrical theme is about visiting and escaping dark crevasses of the mind. All from under the watchfull eye of Kaeck. Sometimes spoken from the first person as a traveller describing his voyage between sanity and madness. Sometimes tormented by his own former deeds or guided into misery by Kaeck. All lyrics within the album are hand written by G.T. Dringenberg.

 6.Does  Kaeck   ever  play  "live"   or  do you   prefer to  work  in the  studio? What  have  been  some  of your   most  memorable  shows to date? 

Agitator: We only do some exclusive gigs, because we are all very busy with our private live. Most memorable gigs are at under the black sun, playing with my other bands and saw many good gigs of others as well. 

 Chaos:  Not kaeck related, but the best show I have ever seen was Mysticum Baroeg in 96 or 98.  

7.Kaeck  comes  out   of the  Netherlands  black metal scene  what  is your   opinion's   of  The  Netherlands  metal  scene? 
Agitator: There are some great bands from the Netherlands, Israthoum for example. These guys are really into the music and are getting better every record! Besides we know some real dedicated people form the scene, we don’t really feel like being a part of the scene.

Chaos: The Dutch scene is terrible, its been overun by gays and people without legs and down syndrome.

Oovenmeester: It's getting better. I think there are some cool projects and releases coming out every now and then. But there are also some downers here and there, that's true.  

8.Who   are  your  all-time  favorite  bands  coming  out of  The  Netherland's  scene?  Are their  any  new  bands  you  feel  the  readers  should  check  out?  

Agitator: All time favorite bands from the Netherlands? Actually I talked about this yesterday with Hrodulfr (Standvast / Tarnkappe). We concluded  there aren’t really cult bands like for instand Belgius does have (Enthroned, Ancient Rites) in the Netherlands. We have some great death metal bands, but those are not really my favo’s, while I’m mostly pure black metal orientated. If I should name a Dutch act with lots of agression, it would be Shikari Actually. Saw them a few time live and I was intens, although they were more part of the hardcore scene.  

 Chaos: Newer bands one should check out are: Wederganger, Tanr 

9.Besides  Kaeck  are  any  of the  members  currently  working  with  any  other  bands  or  solo  projects? 
Agitator: Lots of, that’s one of the resons why Kaeck can’t play live that often.  

Oovenmeester: None, i have lots of other non-music projects i;m working on though.

10.What  does  Black metal  mean to you ? 

Chaos: Besides family and work to provide for them, everything.  

Agitator: pride, aggression, power, spiritualism and in a way a form of freedom. 

Oovenmeester: War

11.When  not  working  on  band  music  or  business  what  do you  enjoy  doing  in your  free  time?

Agitator: making photo’s and video’s, but a lot off ‘free time’ there isn’t.  

 Chaos: Read a lot of history books, walking in the forest.  Drinking beer, visiting concerts and being an all   

Oovenmeester: I delve a lot into military history, history of mankind and history in general. Beside drinking beer, experiencing good music and having good company around, those are the best things around.

  12.Thank you  for  taking  the  time  to  fill this   interview   out. Do you   have  any  final  words  for  the  readers? 
 Chaos:  Support your local black metal merchant! 

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