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Interview with Ripping Death done by Patrick on 2-29-16

Here   is  a  new  interview  with  Ripping  Death   who  consists  of  members  from  different  countries   around  Europe.The  band  released their debut  demo   "Tales  Of  The  Ripper"  through the   mighty  Iron  Bonehead  Rec.  so  anyone  who  wants to  get this  demo  or  enjoys  old-school  death  metal  should  defintly   pick  up  a  copy today  from the band  or  label.

Interview with Ripping Death done by Patrick

1. Metal Hails! When did you first discover metal music? Who were some of the first bands you listened to? Who are some of your current favorites?

Horns Fucking Up Patrick !!!! We discovered metal music during the teenage years !!! There was no internet at that time !!! Only tape trading and real underground support !!! Most of our current bands begin their career in the past !!! MOTÖRHEAD, early MASTER, AUTOPSY, BLASPHEMY, early SODOM or REPULSION are just few names to give you an idea of what we like !!!

2. When did you first get the idea to form Ripping Death? What is the current line-up of the band?

RIPPING DEATH is a power-fuckin-trio consisting of Rick Disgrace (guitars), Angel Ofensor (drums) and myself, RR BASTARD (vocals and bass guitar). The idea of the bands came from Angel and myself. Indeed, for years, we had in mind to do something together and, considering our obsession for “Chicago 80s Death Metal” (DEVASTATION, FUNERAL NATION, early MASTER, SINDROME, early ABOMINATION and so on…), about one year ago we decided that it was the right time to start the project. So, I asked Rick to join our forces because I knew his passion for this kind of Death Metal and his guitar skills. He was really enthusiastic and joined immediately the band. 

3. For the readers who have never heard Ripping Death's music how would you best describe it?

Pure fucking ripping death metal in the old-school-Chicago way !!!!! AARRGGHHH!!!!!

4. Ripping Death is getting ready to release their debut demo "Tales Of The Ripper" through Iron Bonehead Rec. How did the band come in contact with this great label?

Patrick is our friend since years so he was the first one that came in our mind for the demotape release !!! IRON BONEHEAD rec is the best Metal label in Europe !!!!

5. How long did it take the band to write the music for the debut demo? Does the whole band work on the music or does one member write everything?

Along 2015, Rick and me created the riffing and then we arranged everything together. Then in September 2015 we gathered in Italy at the infamous Mara’s Cave and in 2 days, the fucking demo was recorded! Everything went smooth and we were fucking surprised about it! It was like we had been playing together for years! What you can listen on the demo it’ s just pure and spontaneous Death Metal far from any kind of trend!

6. Who usually writes the lyrics for the band? What are some topics/subjects you all write about?

I write all the lyrics !!! The central topic is obsession for evil and madness !!!!

7. Ripping Death has a cover of Cianide's Rage War on the debut demo what gave you all the idea to cover this great band's song? Are there any plans to do more cover-songs on future releases?

We just choose all together to pay the right tribute to one of the most underrated US death metal band !!! They were prime mover and we are fucking proud to honour them with our cover song !!! Surely other covers will come in the future but nothing planned!!!

8.Speaking of future releases has Ripping Death started working on the next demo or full length?

We want to record new songs as soon as possible but considering that each band member lives in different European countries (Angel-Spain, Rick-Italy, Me-Germany) it is not so easy to arrange everything. However, soon we will start to working hard on new songs and hope to release something new in 2016 or 2017…Hopefully a full LP!

9. Besides the debut demo "Tales Of The Ripper" does the band have any other merchandise available for the fans? If yes where can the fans buy your merchandise?

Not yet !!! Hope to have some TS or something else out during this year !!!

10. In your opinion what is the best and worst thing about the underground scene today? And what does underground metal mean to you?

The best thing is that some bands (such as BLASPHERIAN or GEHENNAH just to give you few names) still play having the real underground feeling…the worst thing is that some other underground bands betraying their past to be more commercial as possible (as TRIBULATION or GHOST). Underground in the nowadays metal means everything !!!! Fuck off posers !!!

11. Are any of the members of Ripping Death currently working with other bands or solo projects?

Rick Disgrace plays guitar in IN LEAGUE WITH SATAN. Angel Ofensor plays in SACRIFICIO (and was also involved in other killer bands such as PROCLAMATION and DEATH SQUADRON). I played also in BESTIAL EVIL and BLASPHEMOPHAGHER.

12. Thank you for taking the time to fill out this interview. Do you have any final comments for the readers?

Bang your head in the name of the Ripper !!! AARRGGHHHHH !!!

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