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Epidemia interview posted on 5-31-16 done by Patrick

Hello hope  everyone  is  having  a  great  week  so  far?  Here  is  a   new  interview with  Epidemia  who  play  a   mix  of  old-school death  metal.The  band  recently released their  new  cd  "Leprocomio"  through  Satanath  Rec.

Interview  with   Epidemia   done  by   Patrick

1. When was the first time that you met?

Once Daniel Villareal and Christian Naranjo were introduced, who with Jean Paul Sanafria had the idea to forming a band in the end of 2002, Jean Paul And Christian were the last two neighbors who played guitar, then other friend was joined to the band, Edison Avellaneda on bass, the band remained with that lineup without a clear idea of how they really wanted to sound due to everyone had different influences, many vocalists were tested but no one convinced them, in mid of 2003 Adrian found a sheet pasted in a music store, in that sheet was wrote "death metal band needs vocalist". Adrian waited some time to encourage himself and call to the band, finally in September 2003 he was added and consolidated as the new vocalist.

2. When you met , Did you take a lot time to start?

The truth not because they had made about four songs when epidemia was complet.

3. How did you choose the band's name?

Initially I didn't like it and I think to no one, but among several names proposed, Epidemia was the best and the band adopted this name

4. What is the current line up of Epidemia?

Adrián Salazar (vocals) 
Daniel Villareal (drums) 
Juan Carlos Cahuasqui (guitar)
Roberto Amores (guitar)
Daniel Murillo (bass)

5. How would you describe the band to the readers that don't know it?

It is a death metal band without any strange or scenic additive, It is just pure death metal direct to the skull

6. Epidemic is releasing its second cd leprocomio, How did you contact to satanath records?

Luis our Manager, had references from several international labels that could be interested in producing the disc. He contacted several of these and after an analysis of the proposals, he chose the proposal that would suit the group, due to the representation of the label worldwide and to spread the band, we were proud signing with Satanath Recs From Russia.

7. The whole band writes the music? or a particular member writes everything?

The lyrics are written entirely by Adrian and the music is composed by the band.

8. How do you usually write the topics for the band? About what topics you usually write?

In this, the band shows an evolutive process, first we start with zombies, killer machines and gore, it was the theme of the first album, now covers many more topics like interpersonal issues, metaphysics and supernatural things

9. Does Epidemia often play live or prefer to work at study?

The band plays regularly at live concerts.

10. What were the band's concerts that you remember more?

Lot of shows we participated in, the most important are: Cannibal Corpse, Monstrosity (Lima Peru), Mortal Sin, Devourment, the suspended show of Obituary due to permission problems and some very remembered with national bands.

11. A part of the cd Leprocomio, Does epidemia has other records or merchandise available to the readers? If you have where they can purchase?

By the moment only the cd leprocomio and merchandise. you can buy direct to the band or Satanath  Records store . (Attached links at the end).

12. In your opinion. What is the worst thing, and what is the best thing of the underground scene today?

Best of all is that nothing is a mystery, now people have direct access to all thanks to the internet, but the negative is that it killed the magic that used to have the metal worldwide especially the significant decline in record sales, it is inevitable development of technology

13. What does metal mean for you as a band?

The death metal is the music that marked the years of our youth in the case of most of the band, because somehow we are contemporaries, metal was the face of the heaviest generation of the 90s, so we continue faithful to the music that marked us for the whole life.

14. Apart from Epidemia, Does any of you are playing in another band? If so, tell our readers in which ones

Daniel Villarreal plays on a project called MENTOR, they make death metal too, Daniel Murillo plays in IMPERIO NEGRO a black metal band

15. When you don't work in regards to music, what do you do each one in their spare time?

Our vocalist is a MMA's instructor, Roberto the guitarist just finish his studies of sound engineering, Juan the other guitarist is studding mechanical engineering and is a powerlifting referee, Daniel M. the bassist is a communicator in the Ministry of National Defense and Daniel V. the drummer works as percussionist of the National Symphony of Ecuador.

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